Let’s start this off with Speed

My first review is on the recent Fast and the Furious movie titled Fast Five.  This movie, as many of you can guess, is a continuation from the famous car series that started back in 2001.  The movie actually begins right were number 4 left off and we have a quick recap of what was Dom’s fate at the end of the movie.  Those of you who have not seen number 4 will actually get caught up within the first five minutes of this movie, so that feel turned away by the fact it is number 5 in the series.  After the five minutes, the movie quickly dives to Rio and show that famous shot of the statue of Jesus that the trailers for this movie made famous and we dive into the slums.  A few exchanges of words, the idea of a job, and a quick twist to the story is introduced before we jump into the action.  Yes, as expected this movie has a lot of action and after about the first ten-fifteen minutes of this movie the flood of adrenaline pumping, heart racing, engine throttled, gun firing goodness floods the viewer promising an exciting time.  In this movie the action starts at a train robbery for three B-E-A-UTIFUL cars that quickly turns into a dilemma and more complicated job.

A quick round of punching and kicking leads to a quick, although narrow escape that results in raising tensions between Vin Diesel and company and the hispanic gang members they were working with.  As soon as this scene ends, the story quickly is laid out for you in a matter of minutes starting as we quickly discover the corruption that Rio faces at the hands of one man in particular.  At the same time another relationship is set up from the train robbery involving none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays the muscular, tough cop that always gets his man.  This elite criminal hunter and his band of soldiers quickly load their weapons and begin the hunt for Dom and the gang as they set out in their cool, Halo like car.

After the Rock and company are introduced, the paths of Dom, the Hispanic gang, and the Rock cross in an explosive actions sequence that begins the cascade of action to follow.  Eventually we get to the team being introduced and fans and nonfans alike will quickly be reintroduced to the back stories and roles of all the members involved with the rest of the movie.  This nice introduction not only reveals the roles that all the cast will play, but also is a nice portrayal of how the director has kept the connections made in the other films still as strong as ever.  Throw in some comedic dialogue and insults and you have a scene that almost every action seeker will love.  With the team introduced, the rest of the movie unfolds and the fast paced and predictable plot is laid out left and right.

Okay so lets discuss what are some good and bad things about the movie.  To start with the positives the action is AMAZING!  The ultimate thrill seeker will dive right into the movie from the start as we see some awesome, although unreal, uses of cars being put through the ultimate driving test.  Various jumps, turns, twists, and ramming action sequences throughout the movie provide plenty of digital engine rumbling sound that gets your blood pumping with each turn of the curve.  Combine this with the exhilarating gun sequences and fist fighting and you have action that every person can enjoy, especially with the sequence at the end.  A second positive is again this movie is fast, but not too fast that you get lost in the details.  The director did a nice job of keeping people awake, but also doing a phenomenal job of allowing character relationships and character development build.  This leads me into my third positive of the movie, which is how well the acting and pace of the movie combine to make believable characters that you can relate to.  It’s hard not to pick a favorite character, with girls most likely picking Vin Diesel, The Rock or Paul Walker for their macho look and attitude.  However, for me I enjoyed more of the side kick roles in Ludacris and Tyrese that I related to, as they talk less like a movie person and more like a real person.  A fourth strength would be the music and camera work that combine to really bring you more in the action scenes.  All the music has guitar and bass playing that adds to the adrenaline rush you get from the action.  Finally the dialogue was not the best, but it was fun and kept the movie going.  It’s simplicity also helps keep the plans for the movie easy to follow, which is what is expected for this kind of movie.

Now for the weaknesses of this movie:  Probably the biggest weakness for me is the predictability of the plot for this movie.  Although Fast and the Furious is not really about the story and more of the action, it should still not be that predictable for knowing what was going to happen.  I do have to applaud though a brilliantly shot and planned scene near the end that reveals about the money.  It’s quite fun.  The second weakness is that some of the camera shots are a little jumpy and sketchy, which can make following the chase sequences hard to do.  It is not as bad as say the work in Cloverfield and Battle LA, but there are still some shots that can make following the movie hard to do.  Finally there is an intense brawl between the Rock and Dom that is a little drawn out for my taste.  It’s like trying to be fight club without succeeding, but fans of fist fights will be impressed.  Fans of the series may also be disappointed at how little street racing there actually is in this movie, as it is more about the crime then the race.

Now its time for my final thoughts.  Fast Five is a fun, exciting, movie for pulling off the ultimate crime against a corrupt business man of Rio.  The fast pace of the movie promises no slow parts and at the same time no real development of plot, but that’s what an action movie is for right?  Combine this with a great cast of characters, a wide variety of beautiful cars, and some comedic dialogue and you have yourself a decent movie that’s entertaining.  Taking everything into account, I would give this movie an 8.8-9.0 on the Robbie Scale.

My recommended audience for this movie are action fans, car lovers, and any die hard fan of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and the Rock as they provide more than enough eye candy for these fans.    So until next time my friends enjoy the movies and look for my review of Hoodwinked Too coming tomorrow.

Your buddy,

Robbie K

P.S. Stay for a little bit longer after the credits you won’t be disappointed!


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