Ooh that Wascally Wolf

Today’s movie is about the sequel to the 2005 film about the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood titled Hoodwinked.  Hoodwinked opened up with the classic ending we all know to the classic bedtime story where the wolf, little red riding hood, granny and the woodsmith are all placed in the same bedroom and about to duke it out.  However, the movie quickly turns into a detective story, with a little Law and Order/X files police spin, that involves analyzing just all that was involved in the story leading up to fated clash.  The crew responsible for this film did a decent job with putting comedy in the movie that most ages could enjoy and understand, especially with the chittering squirrel Twitchy.  Throw in a few action sequences with Granny and Red and a demented bunny to tie the story together and you get a fun comedy that’s good to kill some time.

So what about the sequel then?  Well to start off with this review the movie starts out with a bang and a quick introduction into what the characters have been up to in the past few years.  Twitchy, Granny, and Wolf are involved with the first scene, which involves them rescuing two fat kids from a demented witch in a sugar house.  A quick couple of references to James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Swat get thrown in and the scene quickly escalates into a high speed chase that has the kick butt granny chasing down things on a hog.  Once the fun, adrenaline pumping scene is over we take a side trip to Red and see her karate moves thrown out on a sassy, fat ogre that’s more comedic then exciting.

Once the action antics are over, the story is laid out for you in the next twenty minutes or so allowing you to predict what is going to happen.  As a result, people who don’t like predictable plots may not enjoy this movie at all.  But without ruining too much lets look at the positive points of this movie:


  • Twitchy the squirrel:  This squirrel has a lot of screen time and dialogue time that will make young audience members, especially 3-7 years old laugh their heads off.  If you’re not a fan of alvin and the chipmunks you will not like him.
  • Catchy One liners:  The wolf in particular has a lot of funny, random lines that is similar, though not as good, as the dialog in Shrek!
  • Fast Pace:  This movie is not slow at all, and the plot keeps the movie going.  You will not get bored, or lost, in the details as this movie is designed to keep the attention of most attention deficit viewers.  It will definitely keep kids attention!
  • Positive atmosphere and fun: The movie is colorful and upbeat with a little drama thrown in there to teach you some valuable lessons, such as teamwork and dedication.
  • Good voice cast: The voice work for this movie is again very well done.  Joan Cusack has that mocking, evil witch tone.  Amy Poehler’s voice hits the mark for playing Greta.  And Hayden Panitierre is a nice substitute for Anne Hathaway, though not the same.

However like all movies there are some weak aspects to it as well

  • Granny is demoted!  Fans of the snow boarding, action chopping, snow ball throwing granny will be disappointed by her low key role in this movie.  Granny is more of a moral teacher and background information provider.  Her character is very diluted compared to her previous role.
  • Disguise jokes galore:  Although they are funny and cute at the beginning, the wolf’s constant jokes about disguises gets a little old for my taste.  You may find yourself bored by the redundant comedy escaping from this Wolf’s mouth.
  • Predictable:  As I mentioned before, this movie is predictable out of the wazoo and can make the movie a little less enjoyable, especially when it comes to the comedy.  I found myself predicting lines and the real villains of the movie before a third of it had passed.
  • Plot not as creative:  Unfortunately this movie is just not as original or creative as the first.  Yes there are some great modern references integrated into fairy tail land, but it’s not the spin the first one had.  This movie was too much like James Bond and Mission Impossible, which led to the predictable story line.  The connections were not as strong amongst the characters as the first one was, and I wasn’t as entertained as i had been in the past.

So what do I think of the movie overall?  Well to sum it up this movie is cute, fun and entertaining to a variety of ages.  The fast plot helps you stay in the movie and the gentle comedy that is thrown in makes you chuckle at points.  However, the predictability of the plot can turn many fans away as well as the high pitched voice of Twitchy.   Although the movie attempted to come out of a six year slump, it just didn’t have the gusto it took to get it to equal the first one.  Thus my rating for this movie after factoring in the target audience and the plot is about a 6.5- 7 at best.

Targeted audience members:  Anyone with Kids or is leading an early age youth group will enjoy this movie.  Fans of CGI animated films and people looking for a quick way to kill time will also like this movie.


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