Is the Hammer mightier than the rest of the crew?

Sorry for the delay but it’s been a busy weekend and I’ve been doing more movies on top of celebrating graduation with friends.  After watching three movies this weekend, I have decided to do my next review on the movie about the mighty Marvel hero Thor!

To star this review off Thor starts with a casual introduction to the star storm chasers Natalie Portman and company.  They race toward a twister cause by an aurora borealis and run into a mysterious man.  Cue Anthony Hopkins smooth voice, which narrates and introduces the two main forces: The Ice Giants and the Asgard forces, and their mighty battle on guess where, Earth.  The first victims of the movie are the vikings, seeing as it’s Nordic mythology this shouldn’t be a surprise, and quickly the mighty god Odin and his forces arrive to save the day.  What looks to be the start of an amazing, heroic, Lord of the Rings like Battle quickly turns into a glitchy, rapid, low key fight that looks more like ants swarming over one another.  We get a few glimpses of the might Odin wielding his spear, a few smashes, screams, and a quick conquering later the war is over.  Although some may be disappointed by this quick battle I assure you there is more to come.

After this battle, jump ahead a few years and we meet two of the main characters in the movie: Thor and Loki.  Time jumps yet again after this scene and now the brothers are mighty warriors and up for ruling the kingdom, with Thor being the favorite of the two.  A small interruption of the ceremony leads to Thor’s hormones reaching sky high levels and we jump into another action scene centering on Thor, and his band of five friends.  Unlike the previous scene, this scene provides a lot of fast paced, mythical weapon wielding action that we can actually follow and see.  Although we see a few moves performed by the other teammates, the action mainly centers on Thor and his ultra powered hammer Mjolnir.  Still no shocker.

Once the fight scene ends, the rest of the story unfolds as we fall back to where the first scene ended.  from here on out the story begins to take a character development role, sprinkled with some comedy and action at certain parts.  Now if you had asked me a while ago if I liked a movie without action, I would have probably gave it low rankings.  However, this movie instead impressed me for the following reasons.


  • Character development: Like in the first Iron Man, the character development of Thor is well done.  The movie has done a great job in turning him from his one role into a completely different character that involves fostering deep relationships with Natalie Portman and her crew.
  • Comedy: Just as Rober Downey Jr. did throughout Iron man, the cast of Thor brings out witty jokes and great comedic timing that makes you laugh throughout the movie.
  • Action:  As mentioned before, the action at the beginning is fast and exciting and has some cool moves.  Another scene brings a little more realism to the fighting focusing more on martial arts, then twirling hammers, and the end is more about pretty looking magic.
  • Easy to follow story:  This movie is not like Inception or the Matrix and requires no previous knowledge of comics to understand.  This movie acts like the first twenty issues of Thor and will allow even the coolest person to understand the geek lore.
  • Decent acting:  The acting in this movie is pretty good, with most of the characters diving right into their roles.  Hemsworth has the hearty, arrogant, loud nature down pat.  Natalie Portman shows more of her chameleon talents as she hits the role of a smart astro physicist, with witty sarcastic humor. Hopkins smooth voice and wise eyes bring the head honcho Odin to life.  And Tom Hiddleston has the quiet, mischievous, and witty nature that is famous for the legnedary Loki.  The rest of the cast also lands their roles well and one will not be disappointed or annoyed by the acting.
  • Graphics are beautiful: The magic, mayhem, and lightning are smoothly animated and colorful, providing some exciting elements to the movie.  Combine that with the sound effects that are loud and booming and you’ve got a storm of exciting CGI scenes that will make you wow in awe.

Yet like all movies there are still some weaknesses to this film that bring the score of this movie down

  • Slow at some points:  Unlike Iron Man or Fast Five, Thor is not as fast paced as some of the other Marvel movies.  The pace can be slow at some points and the movie can seem to drag on, a few more action scenes or a chase scene could have made it better
  • Okay Camera work: Their are a few scenes where the camera work is not as smooth as it could have been.  The glitchiness in the camera work can really rob the scene of its true masterpiece.
  • Sidekicks need more screen time: I know the movie is centered on Thor, but a little more teamwork in the action shots could have made for a few more exciting scenes.  Maybe in the next movie this can be accomplished.
  • Bad guys need work: I don’t want to ruin anything, but the bad guys are nowhere near as menacing or scary as we’ve seen in the Dark Knight, Spiderman, or the Fantastic Four.

So let’s wrap this up:  Thor is well designed for a Marvel movie and really focuses on the art of acting, character development, and making a story.  Everyone should be able to find a character, no matter how small their role, to relate to and should enjoy a lot of the well timed jokes.  Although the scenes are not as detailed, the action in Thor is well done and supports the story, but still needs a little more work before we get another Iron Man movie.  A few corrections to the pace, camera work, and bad guys and perhaps Thor 2, if they make it, can be the movie Iron Man was. The Robbie Rating for this movie is:  8.4-8.5

Recommended audience members:  Fans of the Marvel series, Natalie Portman fans, people who like great story and character development roles.

Not recommended for: Action Lovers or people who don’t like loud sounds and bright lightning flashes.

So until tomorrow my friends I leave you to enjoy the movies.  Tomorrow’s review will be Something Borrowed.  Enjoy, oh and like every Marvel movie, you’re going to want to stick around after the credits…. you won’t be disappointed.


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