Is the plot borrowed?

So last Saturday I took my weekly trip to the movie theater and caught a double feature.  One of the two flicks was Kate Hudson’s newest movie Something Borrowed, a movie that was all about secrets.

This movie essentially starts out just like the trailers have showed for the past two months with a party celebrating Goodwin’s character Rachel.  Here we see Darcy, Kate Hudson, in her typical role: a spoiled, energetic, silly drunk who is very outspoken.  After a very heartwarming, and by that I mean very cheesy and one liner filled dialog, we fall into a few flashbacks helping set the background story between Rachel and Darcy.  Throw in a few shots of Dex, Colin Egglesfield, and the cast is almost all set up for the movie.

It doesn’t take long for the party to end and the trouble to quickly start as we launch into that famous scene in the trailer where we see Rachel sleeping with Dex.  As soon as this happens, the movie’s plot quickly lays out in about five-ten minutes.  The plot not surprisingly is all about not telling Darcy about the two sleeping together and about Dex and Rachel determining there feelings for one another.

Over the next hour and a half, the movie becomes nothing more then one secret piling onto the others with constant interruptions by one liners and flashbacks.  Add a few predictable outcomes, some drunk scenes, a couple of twists, and some catchy music and bam the movie is over.  So the question is was it worth it?


  • Music goes well with movie: Do I really have to say more?  The music is very pop culture/mainstream and is adapted to the scenes well.  When a party is currently going on we have fun upbeat dance music, nice walks around the setting gets seasoned with that casual sunshine tone of music, and sad scenes take on a more somber tone with the ivory keys ringing in our ears
  • Camera work: As in most chick flicks, the camera work is very nicely done, though it’s really hard to screw up in these movies.  The sports scene on the beach captures the fun dives, dips, and returns.  Facial features, emotions, and setting are nicely captured and adds some emotional meaning to the scenes.  I would have to really applaud the effects they captured at the end of the movie, though I won’t ruin the scene.
  • Good acting: For the most part the acting was decent if not good.  Goodwin and Krasinski were perhaps the best two of the cast nailing their roles and making the dialog come to life.  The rest of the cast filled their roles okay, but I felt a little bored or disappointed with how they approached their roles with some of them acting a little bland at times.
  • Clever lines: Some of the comedy in this movie, which again there is a lot, had some zing to it.  Unlike Thor, the timing was not as well planned and the jokes that came seemed a little too distant for me to appreciate.  Half the lines had me thinking the writers were trying to be too funny with the dialog, while other times i thought they were trying to be too stupid.  Regardless there was some cleverness to the movie that I found to be fun, however I am rather picky with my comedy.

However this movie has a some serious weaknesses for me that I wish to share with you.

  • Thin storyline: Okay now I know we’re not expecting the best story lines from this movie, but surely you can do better than this.  I know these movies are supposed to be predictable, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely thin out the plot set in the book .  The directors needed to read the novel more and find ways to make the characters come to life and put a little pizazz into the movie, not just fill it with quirky one liners.  Oh well I guess they all can’t be Spielberg.
  • Slow Pace:  Perhaps the story wouldn’t have been as bad if the pace had been faster.  Yes, we know there is a big secret and that both of them have a thing for each other and they both want to act on it.  Does that mean we have to spend the next hour and half talking about it, constantly refreshing the idea that we have the secret, and deciding not to act on it.  NO, this movie could have had just as much comedy in it, delivered the plot, and finished in 1:15 minutes instead of nearly two hours.  There were times where I started to fall asleep because it was the same thing over and over again.
  • Kate’s character:  I love Kate Hudson and think she’s a great actress, but something about this role disappointed me.  Darcy was too much of a drunk, too airheaded, and too immature for Kate Hudson’s talent.  Half the cast from Glee would have been a much better choice to fill the role as they played a similar role not too far back.  If they wanted to use Kate Hudson, then they should have changed Darcy a little to be immature, but not as teenagerish as they had her play.  In this Movie however, I tried to ignore her character as much as possible.
  • Soap opera feel:  This chick flick was also a little too soap opera like for me, with a lot of the characters feeling too immature to be considered real.  There were times when I felt I was watching high schoolers argue about their relationships and I can take a little of that, but not that level no way.

The final judgement for Something Borrowed is… it’s cute but very diluted from what the book was.  The acting needs to be fine tuned for most everyone, the pace needs to be picked up, and the comedy needs to be dialed down a bit.  Keep in mind that there are some very sweet scenes and a few surprise twists that can make anyone’s heart melt.  Keeping everything in mind the Robbie’s Rating for this movie is a 6.0-6.5.

Recommended audiences:  Fans of slapstick, one liner comedy, fans of John Krasinski and Gennifer Goodwin, those looking for a cute comedy, or those looking for a fun date movie to cuddle too.

Until tomorrow my friends keep on watching the movies and let me know how I can improve in my writing.


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