Bridesmaids is awesome, I DO Agree

So you may have heard a lot of hype about the new movie Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig.  Phrases like “Its Fantastic”, “Awesome”, “The Best Comedy of the Year”, and more have filled the headlines of every popular website, journal article, newspaper, and any popular press magazine that the general public reads.  But is this comedy really worth the praise, or is it just some generic comedy that is overdone and overplayed.  My answer is yes, this movie is worth the hype and a comedy that stands above a majority of the others I have seen in the past few years.

The movie starts off steamy as we see Wiig’s character, Annie, having an intense round of sex with a stud for about three minutes before she is asked to leave in the morning.  After leaving the dude’s house, she meets up with her best friend Lillian, (Maya Rudolph), and we get a quick intro into both of their lives and how pathetic their lives are.  Another couple of minutes into Annie’s life pass before Lillian gets engaged and is asked to be the maid of honor.

The next scene then introduces the rest of the bridesmaid party as well as introduces the joke styles that they provide throughout the rest of the movie.  First is Rita(Wendi McLendon-Covey), the blonde, country attitude, bridesmaid who is mother to three boys.  Her jokes typically center on the need for breaking free of her life and the disgusting habits her sons put her through.  Becca (Ellie Kemper)  is the second bridesmaid we meet and is the sweet, innocent redhead that is ignorant to a lot of the dirtier jokes and references, very similar to yours truly.  Her comedy is providing those innocent one liners that will make you laugh at her sweet demeanor and feel sorry.  Another bridesmaid is Helen (Rose Byrne) , the rival of Annie, who is incredibly beautiful, rich, nice, and perhaps Lillian’s new best friend.  Helen’s role is not necessarily funny, but more of fuel for Annie to use as a catalyst for her own comedic lines.  However, perhaps the most enjoyable bridesmaid and, perhaps the zest that makes this movie is Megan, Melissa McHarty, the bridesmaid.  This outspoken, random, tough, and on many levels kind character has so many catchy one liners and out of this world actions will make anybody laugh their heads off.  From the moment you meet Megan, you can’t help but laugh at the comedy she provides this movie.

Okay so after the bridesmaids are introduced, the movie plays out like the trailer shows you as they go to the restaurant, the fitting, a couple of parties, an airplane, a bus, a wedding shower, and finally the wedding.  The comedy in each of these scenes is unique from the next scene, allowing for diversity and continued interest in the movie.  Although most of this unique comedy is due to Megan’s brash and bold nature, Annie does a good job providing laugh, while the rest of the maids are there just to provide some random comedy that is linear.  Regardless the overall combination of these styles really keeps the laughs coming in a consistent manner.

Throughout this movie, scenes involving Annie’s new love interest, a cop named Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), that starts off rocky and humorous but explodes into a cute, flirting crush, that makes you chuckle at the dialog exchange between them.  Unfortunately these scenes have the same one liners and situations that eventually get boring, annoying, and overdone, but it does provide a little bit of relief from the intense comedy the other scenes provide.  A nice reset to keep you interested in the majority of the movie, and allows a little more character development for Annie.

Before I go into the list of pros and cons, I wanted to also say that there is some drama in this movie that you may or may not like.  The drama mainly falls into either rivalry or fear of a loss of a good friend, issues that many people face over the course of their lifetimes.  I’m happy to say that the drama in this movie was very well done and not overacted, or over dramatized.  I I could actually relate to the issues Annie and the gang were feeling instead of rolling my eyes in disgust or annoyance, like I did in Something Borrowed.  Thus this is yet another strength of this romantic comedy.


  • Meghan’s jokes are funny
  • Comedy is balanced, diverse, clever, and fresh for the most part
  • Dialog is fun and will please most audience members
  • Music is upbeat and fits the setting of the movie well, including the finale song that many will enjoy
  • Not too dramatic, relative issues, and believable acting to pull it off
  • Good pace for a film, doesn’t feel like 2 hours.


  • Very crude in some parts, especially from Annie and Rita’s perspectives
  • Rhodes comedy is cute, but very linear and repetitive and gets old quickly
  • Is the F word still the only vocabulary word in America, seems that way in this movie
  • Too silly during some scenes, and seems that the people tried too hard to be funny

Overall Bridesmaids is a movie worth taking a look at.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, and I have to applaud a movie that can get me to laugh as hard as I did.  So my friends the Robbie Rating for this movie is a 9.3, just short of what I gave the Hangover Part 1. 

Recommended Audience members:

  1. Fans of Knocked up and Superbad
  2. Fans of Clever comedy involving a variety of stuff like sex, vacationing, and other things.
  3. Fans of Wiig or McCarty

People who shouldn’t see it

  1. Action Lovers
  2. People offended by the f word, sex references, and romantic comedies
  3. People who don’t like the actresses mentioned in this review.

Until next time my friends, this is Robbie K signing out.  And remember keep on watching the movies!


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