Is this movie worth jumping for? Jumping the Broom

About a week ago I saw a triple feature of movies that started with Jumping the Broom.  This movie was an African American comedy that brought together two families from two different social classes and mixed them together in one household.  Although this idea sounds cute, the question to ask is whether or not its worth two hours of your life to see this comedy.  Read below to find out.

The start of this movie starts out with a romantic night out between the two main characters Jason and Sabrina, as we get a rapid intro into their busy lives and how much they love each other.  What turns into a casual walk quickly transforms into a wedding proposal and the amount of time they have for them to get married, which is about a month.  However, my fellow movie goers this movie instead takes place over the course of a weekend, which is packed with so much drama and comedy it makes one wonder how they came up with the dialogue and situations.  A quick walk through of this movie involves the introduction of the two families, of Sabrina and Jason.  Sabrina’s family is a rich and powerful family full of high society, well dressed, and stuck up aristocrats who think lowly of everyone who doesn’t fit into their high society.  The second family is Jason’s who live deep in the heart of the rough city, and have standard working class jobs and the attitude to follow.  The mother, Mrs. Taylor, has an attitude problem with Sabrina who she hasn’t met yet and her family who is taking her baby away.  Despite the disagreements these family already face,  they wind up being forced together on the island home.  Over the course of the next half hour, you get to meet the supporting cast of the movie, which have a variety of traits, and the plot speeds up.

Soon the wedding movie becomes a soap opera with lots of deception, secrets, mistrust, and yes lots of crying.  As one secret build upon another, many hurtful things are said and many lives that seemed together, or in some cases not together, are changed and we are thrown into a state of sorrow.  However, this movie is not all depressing and the directors of the movie have done a good job injecting humor that breaks that tension.  Much of the comedy I found funny came from Mr. Willie Earl, whose comedic timing, funny manner of speaking, and tough but mature attitude brought me to tears a couple of times.  The rest of the cast had some funny moments and a majority of the audience thought the humor was rather clever and enjoyable. Eventually the rest of the drama is revealed, and the predictable plot finally concludes with the ending we all know was coming, which I will not reveal.

So is this worth watching?  Let’s sum up the goods and the bads below:


Fast pace:  No slow parts here ladies and gentleman.  The pace of the movie is fast enough to keep most audiences awake, despite the occasional low key moment.

Diverse characters:  Both sides of the family have their unique cast.  The rich side has a stuck up mother, a wacky irresponsible aunt, the quiet debonair mother, the clever maid, the preppy cousin, the cougar friend, the slutty maid of honor, and the enchanting bride.  Jason’ family has the tough love mother, the hard working groom, the mom’s best friend who is like an aunt, and yes the wild Willie Earl who breaks the tension.  I’m sure you will find a character that you will find hilarious in this movie

Comedy balance:  This movie is full of diverse comedy from situational comedy to catchy one liners that will make you giggle.  However, most of the comedy is geared towards a certain audience, it’s not a comedy geared towards everyone. thus, there are some mannerisms that one may not understand.

Fun Music:  Although you may not think about the music when you see a movie, the scenes are complemented well with the music and have you dancing in the scenes.  You may even laugh at a few of the musical selections they have prepared for you.


Predictable:  As expected of comedies, the plot is predictable and not very original.  You can see the ending/solutions a mile away and can predict some of the comedic lines that the writers have prepared and weakens the prepared dialog.

Soap Opera:  This comedy has a lot of elements that make it seem like a big budget soap opera.  The secrets in particular make you roll your eyes at the drama that unfolds and you quickly begin asking yourself, “Okay where is the evil twin?”

Those are basically the two big bads of the movie.  However, as you can see I found a lot more positives in this movie that seem to overshadow these two weaknesses.  Heck I still haven’t mentioned the great acting, the beautiful settings, the decent camera work, and yes the ‘unique’ dialogue.  Overall, I think a lot of people will enjoy this romantic comedy and will find a character they can relate to in the first thirty minutes.  If you’re like the audience I saw this movie with, then I have no doubt that most will get over the predictability of the story line and the overdramatic scenes.  The Robbie’s rating for this movie is:  7.5-8.

Intended audience:  Fans of cute comedies, soap opera fans, and people who like fast one liners or quirky comedy

Avoided audience:  People who are not fans of slapstick, people who hate soap operas, and anyone looking for a comedy that has a lot of drug or alcoholic humor.

Till next time enjoy and email me at to give me insight into my writing and help me improve.


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