Horrible Bosses Has The New Three Stooges!

I’ve been seeing the trailer for this movie over the past two months, and once again I rolled my eyes at seeing another comedy centering on sex, scandals, and drugs.  It seems that a majority of the comedies are all about at least one of these things and too release so many in such a short amount of time I’m getting really annoyed with it.  Despite this annoyance, Horrible Bosses had a little more twist and surprise to it then what I had gotten from the trailers.  With a great cast, adequate pace, diverse comedy, and some well-timed dialog, I recommend this movie for most comedy fans.

As usual we will start with a small plot summary in case you haven’t seen the trailers for this movie.  Horrible Bosses is about a trio of middle aged men, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) who are working in very diverse fields and have very different feelings about their careers.  One thing they just happen to have in common though is that they all cannot stand there bosses, who make their lives a living nightmare.  After withstanding their torture for so long, the three of them decide that life would be much better if their bosses were dead, and hire a murder consultant (Jaime Fox) to help them with the deed.  The movie then portrays the trio’s adventure into murdering their bosses and the comedy that accompanies there journey.

You may ask, “How can such an idea be worthy of my time?”  Well one factor that makes this film worth the two hours is the wide cast brought into the project.  Bateman, who seems to be in just about every movie these days, plays his typical role of an uptight, geeky, and professional individual that manages to stay calm in every situation.  However this time we get a little more anger from the man, which unleashes some darkness not seen in his characters before.  Fans of his work will not be disappointed by his typical character and will laugh at his antics and new dark side.  Sudeikis’s role in the movie is the perverted, wise cracking, and sometimes clueless wing man whose primary strength is well timed, sometimes clever, and usually perverted one liners that had a lot of the audience laughing.  However the guy who had me laughing the most was Day’s character Dale.  Day’s portrayal of a naïve, spastic, and somewhat childlike adult had me laughing hysterically throughout the movie.  Of the three stars, his comedy was the most diverse focusing on a variety of topics from sex to peanuts.  What made the dialog even funnier was Day’s ability to sound shocked, excited, and bewildered which helps bring a little more spice to movie.  However, what really brought the comedy to life was all three of these actors working together and really keeping the comedy fresh.  Each of the character’s dialog was designed to set the other up for their next line, and each character kept the scene interesting and fun, instead of becoming stale like the comedy in Bad Teacher.

Now some of you may have seen that Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Colin Farrell are in this movie as well.  Of the three actors, Spacey has the biggest role as his sinister character drives a lot of the plot and indirectly the comedy of the movie.  Farrell and Aniston’s characters are mainly used as tools to provide momentum for some of the comedy and occasionally say a few funny lines or perform some funny actions.  Farrell’s dialog is mainly jerky, immature, and impatient and is the weakest of the three bosses.  Aniston’s character is the opening for a lot of sleazy, sexual innuendos and awkward raunchy comedy that is a step down from the Hangover.  Regardless they play their parts well and do the job they were supposed to do, they just don’t play as major a role as you’ve enjoyed in the past. On a side note, Jaime Foxx’s role as the murder consultant is funny as well.  Foxx’s ability to play many roles seen once again and he captures the shady and sneaky bar visitor well, providing some pretty funny quips himself.

Okay enough about the acting, was the movie what I expected?  The answer is the movie was even better than what I expected on some levels.  For one thing the comedy was a lot more diverse than I thought it would be.  However the biggest thing that made this movie better than expected was the twists and turns the movie took.  I’m not going to ruin anything, but there was a lot more plot development and “surprises” in this movie than I was expecting that helped with keeping the moving interesting.  These twists give this comedy more character and helps separate it from a majority of the comedies I have seen in the past.

This movie however does have some things that were not as enjoyable to me as they were for other people.  One major thing that made the movie a little less enjoyable for me was the constant use of the F word in just about every scene.  I know I shouldn’t be surprise that they use this word, but to overuse as much as they did made it more annoying than funny, with the exception of Jaime Foxx’s character. At the beginning of the movie the pace was also slightly slow and boring, but luckily the pace got faster and moved pretty quickly throughout most of the movie.  Another weakness for me, and another fellow movie goer, was some of the predictability in the movie.  Despite the twists, there were a lot of things that we easily predicted, and as a result made the movie a little boring and less funny.  However, there was still enough twist to keep the movie fun overall.  Occasionally some of the comedy did grow stale, but not nearly as stale as the comedy in Bad Teacher.

Overall Horrible Bosses is one of the more enjoyable comedies I have seen in a long time and is definitely worth seeing.  The great cast, decent pace, well timed comedy, and surprises keep the moving interesting and fun, while still helping set up a plot for the movie.  This comedy is actually one I would recommend seeing in theatres, but is definitely worth viewing on Netflix/ On Demand when you get a chance.  I give this movie somewhere between an 8.5-9.0 for being unique, but still enjoyed the movie Brides Maids more.  So until next time my friends keep enjoying the movies and having fun.  Check back tomorrow for my review on Zookeeper!


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