Guess who’s back! Back Again!

For the past week I have been revisiting my childhood days by diving back into the fun filled world of Winnie the Pooh.  The lovable yellow bear that has a ravenous appetite for honey, or Hunny in the movie, and his band of fellow stuffed animals had made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time.  The reason for revisiting such a timeless classic was because of the new movie that was released this Friday produced by Walt Disney studios.  I’m here to tell you that Winnie the Pooh is back and has brought his simple humor to the table for another fun adventure.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer, the newest pooh adventure starts off as a simple quest to find Eeyore a new tail as his old one has once again gone missing.  At the suggestion of Christopher Robin (Jack Boulter), Pooh and the gang compete to find the perfect appendage for the donkey and begin to try an assortment of materials.  Eventually the quest is put on hold as Pooh and company misinterpret a note and believe that Christopher Robin has been taken by a monster called the Backsun and decide to save their friend.  That’s it. I know the story is not much, but then again Pooh is not really known for its complicated plots.

So what are the highlights of this revived classic?  In my opinion the simple humor is very entertaining and fun for the audience.  Now many of you should expect there to be no raunchy comedy, no sexual innuendos, and no references to alcohol in this movie.  Instead the jokes in this movie center on Pooh and company’s innocence and naivety of the truth.  Perhaps what had me laughing the most was Pooh whose simple mind and confused understanding were hysterical.  It wasn’t just what Pooh said, but how he said it as well.  Jim Cummings has managed to find the perfect way to express Pooh’s state of mind and have the audience at least giggle from the silliness.  Cummings also voices Tigger and that classic voice you remember from years ago has that same energy, enthusiasm, and vigor that fans of the bouncing tiger will still love.  However what also made the movie funny was the timing of the dialog and how smooth it flowed.  Like the dialog in Thor, Disney has managed to pick just the right moment to spring Pooh’s clueless babble, to have Tigger’s energy pick us up, Owl’s (Craig Ferguson) arrogance and pompous nature open up more lines, and have Eeyore’s (Bud Luckey) depressed one liners really just chuckle in pity.  On a side note an extra bonus to the humor was being able to once again relate my friends to the characters and envision them saying similar things during my time at school.

On top of the dialog, Pooh and company still perform their classic acts of clumsiness that were funny in the past.  Pooh’s various attempts to get Honey were incredibly funny and simple.  Tigger’s pouncing and bouncing as he moves through the forest were still as energetic as in the past, but unfortunately were not the major part of the movie.  The army maneuvers and trap setting motions of the animals were impressive and a little more complicated humor than what I remember from the past, but still simple enough to be entertaining to the key demographic.  And for fans of the animals interacting with the words of the book, there is still plenty of those interactions to fill your heart with content.

Okay the next positive thing is the music in the movie.  The toe tapping, upbeat, and bouncy music that is famous of the series has returned once more.  Songs about honey, monsters, and celebrations fill the air in this movie and typically have some humor built into them as well.  I must say the Backsun song and the world of Hunny song were probably my favorite of the soiree.  Fans of those classic Pooh song’s shouldn’t be disappointed, but again there simple tunes designed to keep the attention of kids and people with short attention spans.

As you can guess there are some aspects of this movie that may be an issue with some people.  A big issue that I’ve picked up from other fans is how short the movie is, which is just over an hour.  I was okay with the time and was felt I got my money’s worth of Pooh comedy and adventure.  Those who can’t stand a predictable movie will want to avoid this movie as well, as the simple story can be determined very early in the film.  I also felt that each animal did not get the same amount of time on screen.  Pooh of course got the most, which was expected, but Eeyore and Tigger’s roles were severely downsized from what we have seen in the past.  Fans of Piglet (Travis Oates) may be a bit disappointed as well, since the small fry is not as fear filled as the classic character was known to be.

Overall Winnie the Pooh is a cute, fun, and well animated film that will bring you back to your childhood days.  The gentle comedic dialog, clumsy actions, and classic traits that were made famous so long ago are back and provide a well needed break from today’s modern comedies.  Again the story is still very simple and the animal screen times are off balance, but there are a lot of good things to keep you laughing.  There are still a lot of things to mention about this movie, but then this review would be ten pages long so I’ll stop here.  My final score for Winnie the Pooh is a solid 9.0 for reigniting my memories of my childhood days.  So until next time my friends have fun and keep enjoying the movies.

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