When will this series die? Final Destination 5


                In 2000, we got our first glimpse at how a prophecy was able to save a handful of people from a giant tragedy, only to have them die by gruesome, albeit cheesy, deaths.   One decade and three sequels later, the world is now being introduced to the fifth installment of the movie series about attempting to cheat death known as Final Destination.  Now I’ll admit the first two Final Destination movies were somewhat intriguing and kept me in suspense with trying to figure out who would survive.   However I feel that the series, much like Saw, has become nothing more than an overdone, overplayed, and incredibly cheesy series that provides nothing more than cheap entertainment.  If you wish to know why keep on reading my review as we take a look Final Destination 5 or FD5.

                In case you haven’t seen the trailer, FD5 starts out with one random man named Sam Lawton (Nicholas D’Agosto) having a vision about a deadly accident that will kill him and his friends, in a very gore filled sequence.  When the vision starts to become true, Sam and the gang escape the disaster and cheat death thinking they are lucky to be alive.  However, Death does not like to be cheated and once again we follow the quest to survive supernatural killing force, but this time in 3-D.

                As we have seen four times in the past, we know that this quest is pretty much futile for most of the cast and FD5 is no different.  The film once again focuses on a bunch of cheesy, underdeveloped, cardboard characters that die in some of the most ridiculous ways yet.  Although the group tried to put a twist on the film, you can kill another person and swap their lives with them, Quale et al. still refuse to deviate from the predictable death formula that is famous in the series and have added more gore to formula.  From the very beginning of the film the gore is intense, the 3-D painting the audiences vision with a disgusting red mess.  As the movie progresses, the deaths get more ridiculous, and the characters get stupider, as one by one they are eliminated, typically with some object flying towards the screen.  Unfortunately the camera work manages to capture all of the gruesome deaths and finds the maximum way to show off the death and destruction.  Accompanying the shots are tons of wet, squishy, and gushing sounds that horror films seem to thrive on, which are often times barely audible over the constant high pitched screaming.

                Despite all the bad things this movie has to offer, there was one thing that impressed me with this film.  Although the majority of the shallow plot is predictable and the twists they tried to throw in were not that surprising, there was one twist in this movie I didn’t see coming.  There were no hints, giveaways, or any obvious clues in the movie to spoil what they had in store for the ending.  When the ending finally arrived, I applauded what they had worked so hard to conceal.  Unfortunately this twist was not enough to justify the hour and half of boring killing that I subjected myself too.

                There is really nothing more I can say about this film so let’s wrap this up.  FD5 is a 3-D watered down version of the previous installments.  Fans of intense gore and senseless killing will be thoroughly entertained throughout the movie and even laugh at the ridiculous antics this film has to offer.  Those looking for surprise, suspense, or an actual plot should definitely avoid this movie.  Overall I’ll give this movie a 4.0, mainly for that twist ending and some cute ladies to crush on.  However, I would recommend everyone save their money and wait for the movie to come out on Red Box or Netflix, you don’t need the surround sound.  So until next time this is Robbie K signing out.

Oh and fans who want more death should stay and watch the end credits for a nostalgic visit to the past. 


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