Is This Film As Godly as The Title






Okay so let’s face it when we saw the trailer for Immortals back in mid summer most of us were thinking one thing, that this was going to be 300 part 2.  The various scenes of armor clad Greeks, slow motion sword slashing, dramatic leaps in the air, and other familiar shots filled the trailer and painted the picture that the next guy action movie has arrived.  Today on 11/11/11, it is time for Tarsem Singh to show off his take on the warrior slashing goodness.  So does this movie deliver or have the trailers once again blown the action movie out of proportion?  Read on to find out.


In case you haven’t seen the trailer, Immortals tells the tale of Theseus (Henry Cavill) a mortal in ancient Greece who lives in a cliff dwelling town.  Although Theseus has mad skills he is seen as an outcast only having friends in his mother and mentor.  However, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has decided to wage war on Zeus (Luke Evansa) and the other gods who dwell in the heavens by finding the oracle (Freida Pinto) who can lead him to the weapon of ultimate power.


Yes the trailer makes the adventure sound action packed and full of excitement, but sadly this movie did not deliver for me.  Instead of seeing Theseus and his band take down Hyperion forces left and right, this movie instead focused on more conversations, character development, and special effects.  From the very beginning the actions scenes come in bite sized portions and immediately followed by prolonged spurts of dialog that has some depth to it.  With the exception of the last scene, most of the big fights were hyped up, but ended within seconds usually in cheap manner that made the bad guys seem incredibly lame.  Unfortunately most of the dialog repetitive and beats the audience over the head with the issues that are present in the movie, only providing slight amounts of information that advance the story.  Cavil and Pinto do well n delivering their dialog and perhaps the best actors of the very diverse cast.  Rourke however, did not show much diversity in acting as his character was evidently designed to be monotone and have a lack of emotion behind his lines.  As a result, Hyperion’s scariness really is absent in the movie and I felt he was just a depressed mongrel with a bad sense of hygiene. The gods as well had some flair to their characters and for once actually did something in a movie other than complain or sit on their throne.  These heavenly immortals have got some moves, some emotional drive behind their dialog and of course some looks.

Here is where I will tell you that Immortals has decided to trade action for abs as this movie is filled with well-defined abdominal muscles.  Ladies will not be disappointed as most of the male characters strut around the barren landscape of Greece sporting their eight backs without a shiver or a sweat.  I can’t tell which of the abs is real and which are airbrushed, but regardless ladies will settle for these abs for a week until the next Twilight movie comes out.  Fellows however are not totally left out of this clip as both the oracle and Athena (Isabel Lucas) provide the guys with a lovely eye treat and some killer moves as well.

The actors aren’t the only easy things on the eyes though as the visual effects for this movie are quite impressive.  Whether its arrows of light flying through the air, waves crashing onto boats, or the warriors slashing and stabbing their enemies the graphics are decent.  A smooth camera work keeps the audience tuned into most of the action scenes, only becoming spastic during large crowd scenes.  Fans of the slow motion kills that 300 made famous will be happy as the prolonged hang time jumps, graphic decapitations, and over exaggerated ducks are crammed into the movie.  As for me though, seeing slow motion jumps and fake blood flying got a little stale and I was looking for the skills and moves that were seen in 300.  Luckily I got my wish in about the last twenty minutes of the film, where fast and slow was blended quite well to create an exciting blend of action involving all the characters. 


To wrap this up, Immortals is 1 part action and 2 parts conversational piece.  Fans looking for the constant battles and adrenaline pumping howls will be disappointed for most of the movie.  Yes the CGI is still decent, and the bodies of the Greeks are a nice distraction for boys and girls alike, but its just not enough to satisfy the action lover’s dreams.  If you really have to see this movie, then go for the final battle otherwise hold out for Netflix/Red Box and see something else instead.  Overall I’ll give this movie a 6.0-6.5.  So until next time my friends enjoy the movies and keep on checking back for more reviews.





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