Should you be singing for joy for the Third Chipmunks?



It seems like just yesterday we were jamming with Alvin and the Chipmunks when the Squeakquel came out.  However, two years later we the third movie of the Chipmunks series has reared its squeaky head.  Now when I saw the teaser for this film earlier this summer I admit I was excited especially after hearing their version of Vacation, however as more trailers came out I grew skeptical at what this movie had to offer, especially after hearing I whip my tail back and forth.  To find out whether this movie lives up to its predecessors keep reading on, but for those who hate the Chipmunks turn away now and read another review.


For those who have missed the countless commercials adverse is the summary of the trailer.  Alvin and the gang, including the Chipettes, embark on a cruise for a little relaxation and fun.  After the crew has some partying fun, a freak accident sends them overboard, eventually winding up on a deserted island.  Here the Chipmunks must dig into their inner strength and skills to survive the challenges the island has to offer, or lose their minds in the process.


The third adventure of the Chipmunks is like its predecessors a good feeling movie that is sure to entertain most of the younger ages, mainly 3-9 years old.  The animated chipmunks are still just as squeaky, rambunctious, and accident prone as we have seen time and time again.  Playing backup to the little fuzz balls is Jason Lee as Dave Seville who again seems to have trouble performing the classic Alvin yell and playing only a slightly bigger role than in the previous installment.  Backing up Lee is David Cross playing Ian who has been demoted from a corrupt manager to a vengeful chicken mascot that is essentially attempting to make Dave’s life miserable.  The two stars are complements to one another setting each other up for their limited jokes in the scenes that don’t involve Chipmunks.  Also joining the cast is Jenny Slate playing Zoe a crazed explorer who has spent one too many years on the island. Slate’s acting in this movie is not the greatest with many of her attempts at showing emotion coming up short.  Her comedy is also quite annoying, and grows stale within the first couple of minutes.


Despite the mediocre acting, this movie did have some features that I quite enjoyed.  Fans of the Chipmunks song style will be happy to hear that this is one of the best soundtracks they’ve had to offer.  Many of the numbers are upbeat and fun, which will have your feet dancing to the beat.  My favorite songs in particular include The Gogo’s Vacation and the final number mash up.  These numbers also had some impressive dance moves that were well animated and smoothly executed.   When they weren’t singing, the gang had a few jokes that were humorous and made me giggle; however most of the comedy is geared for younger audience members.  This movie was also cute and had some heartwarming emotions that centered on a few morals such as the importance of family, the need for balance, and learning to place trust in the people you love.


This movie is also loaded with weaknesses, as I’m sure many expected, that could make this movie less enjoyable.  One big weakness is that the plot is much thinner than expected, really being nothing more than a glorified island adventure.  A majority of the “surprises” were predictable and one can easily figure out the whole movie within about 25 minutes at most.  Many times I wondered what the point of some of the scenes were, especially a few of the Dave/Ian scenes.  Although some of the humor was funny, this movie does not have too many jokes geared to the older audiences, which can be boring.  Most of the comedy also grows stale over time, which further adds to the boredom of this movie.   A couple of the songs were also more annoying than fun, especially “I Whip My Tail Back and Forth”, which let’s face won’t win song of the year.


Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is perhaps the weakest of the three Chipmunk movies.  Despite the catchy musical numbers and smooth animation, the plethora of weaknesses in this movie really makes it difficult to watch in theaters.  However, the cute and family friendly theme in this movie will surely entertain the kids in your family with ease.  I suggest you wait for the movie to come to Netflix or Redbox though and have them watch this film in the comfort of your home.  After reviewing this movie, I will give this movie the following score:


Kids movie scale: 7.5-8.0

Movie overall:  4.5-5.0


So until then my friends keep enjoying the movies and let me know how I can improve.


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