Young Adult should have be matured more in production.



Over the past two weeks I’ve heard a lot about the movie Young Adult and how it may be one of the best movies of the year.  When I read the plot synopsis of the movie though, I was a little skeptical about seeing the film.  However, I decided to give it a try and report it to you.  So read on if you wish to find out about Diablo Cody’s latest piece of work and find out if the creator of Juno still has her game going.


For those of you who don’t know, Young Adult is the tale of Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) a successful writer of a teen book series who is currently hitting a wall.  As a result, she has hit a slump in her life and is searching for motivation to write her next book.  An unexpected invitation conveniently arrives one day from an old flame and Mavis packs up her things and head back to her hometown.  The mission when she arrives is to rekindle the magic she had with her ex-boyfriend even if it means taking him from his wife and new daughter.


I know sounds horrible right?  Well I’m here to say that this movie is just as weak as the plot synopsis and may be one my least favorite movies I have seen in months.  The first problem I had with the movie was the horrible plot centering on breaking up a successful marriage just to rekindle an old high school relationship.  It was pathetic watching Mavis’ pathetic attempts fail over and over again and watching her fall further down the rabbit hole of denial.  The audience can clearly see what is going to happen a mile a way, yet it takes forever for the movie to get there.  This slow pace made it hard to keep paying attention and I found myself wondering when the film was going to end.  Their particular choice of filter they used on the camera also gave everything that grayish/sad tone which further sucked my energy away as the cast continued to just ramble on and on about the same things.  The dialog was just fine for the movie, but there was nothing spectacular about it and some of the “comedy” failed to impress me as I found it more insulting than funny.  I guess the final thing to mention that was a big weakness is that those looking for a romantic movie are going to be disappointed, as there was really no romance whatsoever between any of the main characters.  No this is not a rom com in disguise, or a romance drama, this is something different.


Was there anything that I liked about this movie?  Well amidst this sea of despair and depression there were some small glimpses of light to help lighten the mood.  For one thing the character Matt Freehauf (Patton Oswalt) managed to keep Mavis grounded to reality and keep the pace of the story moving.  Of all the characters, Freehauf seemed to be the only character with brains, as he was the only one able to see the situation for what it was.  Although Matt was also able to uncover many secrets, most of which were predictable, he was unable to uncover the big secret that I didn’t see coming, which ironically explained a lot of things.  When Matt wasn’t on screen, the other thing keeping my attention was Mavis’ developing book.  I found it very creative and fun to try and figure out which things she would use in her book and how she would transcribe her experiences into words. 

Perhaps the only other positive thing I have to say about this movie is despite the lousy plot line there were some morals built in to the movie.  I wish not to tell you these morals for fear of spoiling, but rest assured there are some deeper lessons buried within the story line.  By the end of the movie I was able to learn a few things that I challenge you to look for should you see this movie.  Perhaps that is the most brilliant thing Diablo Cody does in her work is find ways to teach people lessons in the subtlest ways.

Young Adult is indeed one of the most unique movies of the holiday season, but for me this movie was just not up to the par of what the hype promised.  The ridiculous plot, insulting comedy, and the ridiculously slow pace were too much for me to take.  Despite Oswalt’s best attempts to keep the story going and the valuable lessons, this movie really is best left to being watched in the comfort of your own home.  Save your money on this film and go see another movie coming out soon, unless you just really need to see a depressing movie for your holiday season.  Overall my scores are as follows:


Comedy Drama:  4.5

Overall Movie:  4.0


So until Wednesday this is Robbie K signing off and telling you to enjoy the movies.


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