A Ride To Skip




The rider returns this weekend in all his fiery madness.  After watching the first journey of the skull biker, I never thought that I would see a movie starring him again.  Guess I was wrong huh?  When I saw the trailer for this movie over the winter break, I thought maybe they would redeem the comic series and bring me an action flick worth watching.  However, the trailers fooled me again and thus I now share my reports on this latest Marvel movie.


If you haven’t seen the trailers, Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) a.k.a. the Ghost Rider has been in hiding with his curse.  Despite his desire to be alone, he is pulled into a quest to save a boy named Danny (Fergus Riordan) and his mother Nadya (Violante Placido) from a cult worshipping the Devil (Ciarán Hinds).  The devil has plans to use Danny as a medium to channel the powers of hell and use the boy to plunge the world into darkness.


Does that sound cliché to you?  Well it should because its pretty much the same plot in any movie involving a demon from hell.  Those looking for connections to the first movie will be disappointed as there are only some slight references to the previous events.  Instead they tried to explain the rider’s origins in this movie to develop the character a little more, while also attempting to develop a story about the villain as well.  Unfortunately both of these new plots are very thin and one dimensional, and not even Cage, whose acting is just like you’ve in every other movie starring him, can make it come to life.   The supporting dialog also can’t save this one-dimensional plot as most of the cheesy phrasing and one liners are more laughable than anything else.    In fact Cage’s delivery of some of the more intense dialog, had me laughing hysterically at how cheesy it was delivered.  Some of the sarcastic humor though managed to get a laugh from my buddy and I.


Now maybe you are wondering if the action can save this shallow plot.  Well it can, but only if your action involves seeing people disintegrate into an ashen mess.  You heard me correctly, the action in this movie mainly involves the rider whipping his red-hot chain whip around and turning his victims to dust.  Many of the scenes are incredibly short and even the longer ones fail to live up to the building hype, the exception being a scene where he transforms a rock quarry machine into a wheel of doom.  When the rider isn’t whipping his chain, he is blazing a fiery trail down the road, often transforming into the demon in the process.  It’s here I’ll say that a good portion of the transformation scenes are filmed like someone was on acid.  Exaggerated facial gestures, crazy eccentric laughing, and spastic camera work make the mutation into the rider an even stranger experience than expected.


Despite the lists of flaws mentioned, there are a few rays of hope embedded in this movie.  Perhaps the strongest point of this movie is the character Moreau (Idris Elba) who seems to drive a large part of the story.  Elba manages to deliver his lines to a natural extent, and his character is very dynamic, which helps breathe some life into this movie.  Heck even some of his action scenes are better than the one’s involving the rider.  The second positive is that the graphics for this movie are pretty well done, though the need for 3-D was really not necessary.  Many of the biker scenes were edited and put together well without any glitches and for the most part the camera kept up with the limited action.  Finally those who like more of a metal soundtrack will be happy with the music they selected.  The electric guitars and roaring amps add some extra power to the scenes that can help get your adrenaline rushing during the scenes.  I guess I could also comment that the rest of the cast did an okay job acting, though it was nothing really special. 


To wrap this up Ghost Rider 2 does not deliver what the fans were hoping it would.  A shallow, predictable storyline, limited action, and poor character development are just too large to b enjoyed.  It’s definitely not the worse movie I have seen, but it certainly needs some tweaking.  My suggestion is to avoid seeing it in 3-D if you can and save yourself some money.  However, an even better suggestion is to wait for this movie to come out on red box/regular T.V. to watch it and save yourself considerable time and money.  The Robbie’s ratings for this movie are as follows:


Action/Thriller:  5.5

Movie Overall:  4.5-5.0


So that’s my review for now.  Tune in next time for my review on “This Means War” and as always keep enjoying the movies.


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