This Means War is a Must see

                In a world where the romantic movies and romantic dramas are increasing in number, I look for one movie of this genre that stands out.  Time and time again my quest has failed, and I get stuck in a film that is predictable, boring, and quite silly that it makes me nearly give up on the genre.  However, there are a select few of comedies that actually stand out and restore hope that even a modern romantic comedy can still be fun.  My friends “This Means War” is one of those films that actually impressed me and so I ask you to read on to find out more.

The plot of this film centers on two CIA special agents  named FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy)  who are quite skilled at taking targets out.  However, both men soon find a mission that they can no longer work together on,; that mission is to who the heart of one Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) a product-testing manager who is looking for someone special.  What starts out as a friendly competition for a girl’s heart, soon turns into an all out war as both men try to claim their prize.

The  plot of this movie may not sound that original, and in truth it pretty much is a typical romantic comedy plot.  However, what makes this movie stand out from the rest is the presentation of said plot and the balance they have managed to achieve.  Guys will be happy to hear that the movie starts out with an action scene that is exciting and somewhat flashy.  Despite the action label on this movie though, the exciting action scenes are few and far in between and usually don’t last too long.  Does that mean this is a bad movie though?   Not at all, it just means action lovers should not get the hopes up for a lot of CIA action.  Instead try to focus more on the variety of comedy this movie has to offer to the audience.  This movie has a comedy style for everyone from situational comedy to cheesy one-liners that people will be quoting left and right.  The clever integration of CIA gadgetry into modern dating life is entertaining and fans will surely applaud the abuse of such delicate resources.   

Pine and Hardy make a good duo in this movie and their natures complement one another to provide dynamic dialog, constantly evolving characters/situations, and of course plenty of unique comedic laughs, while still providing eye candy for the ladies.  Witherspoon on the other hand still acts well, but is not as funny as you might think.  The beautiful blonde has more a character development role, and is used as a tool to continue to reveal the characters background nature.  Witherspoon looks good however, and she flaunts her body in many ways that are sure to keep the male audience members interested.  Instead the role of stupid comedic catch phrases comes from supporting actress Chelsea Handler who plays Witherspoon’s best friend.  Handler captures the shallow blonde comedy well and delivers her lines in perfect time to add another layer of fun to the movie.  Perhaps the other things to complement on about this movie are the secondary stories of this movie.  One story keeps the movie tense and opens up the action scenes.  The second story is more of a cute, tug at your heartstrings, story that will appeal to the ladies’ family side.

The weaknesses for this movie were hard to find for me and so I can only provide a few things that brought this movie down for me.  Number one is the predictability of the story.  If you pay attention to the dialog and situations, you can pretty much predict the winner of Witherspoon’s heart in probably twenty minutes of the story, but those who don’t pay attention will be surprised up until about five minutes of the revelation.  A second weakness is that although Trish is funny, I grew tired of her lines about halfway through the movie because they were the same thing.  Perhaps my final weakness is again just how simple the action is.  I know this is too keep the female audience happier so that is doesn’t become a guy flick, but surely they could have done a little more detail to make these scenes a little more exciting.

All in all This Means War is perhaps one of the best romantic comedy movies I have seen in a while.  The dynamic characters and comedy styles are a welcome touch, and the clever use of CIA technology is again worthy of applause.  However, this movie is definitely one that is good to see with a girlfriend/boyfriend and  should not be misconstrued as an action movie in any way.  This film was definitely fun though and dare I say it worth a second trip to the theater to see if I had the time.  My scores for this movie are as followed:

Romance Comedy:  8.5

Movie overall:  7.5-8.0

So tune in next time my friends for another exciting movie review.  Until then, as always, keep on enjoying the movies.


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