Cute Comedy, Tired Story

How many times can Snow White be remade?  The answer to that question for directors seems to be an infinite number of times.  Today the latest remake Mirror Mirror released and so far has received negative reviews.  After seeing the countless trailers for this film, I had my doubts as to whether this movie would be entertaining or just another mediocre kids movie to collect dust on the shelves.  What was my verdict?  Read on to find out.

Mirror, Mirror, like all the Snow White remakes, starts out with a back-story about the white skinned maiden and the evil queen who is jealous of her looks.   The lovely Snow White (Lily Collins) is a prisoner in her own castle forced to obey arrogant queen’s (Julia Roberts) rules.  However as fate would have it, the prince (Armie Hammer

) of a very rich kingdom shows up at the palace after having a run in with the dwarves and soon the queen’s plans begin to unfold.  One of the major twists to this story is that the dwarves are no longer miners, but thieves and attempt to bring Snow White into their career.  I don’t want to say too much more though, as I fear I will ruin too much.

What do I have to say about this movie?  Well perhaps the biggest thing I want to say is how much I laughed in this movie.  I know a surprise right, but Mirror Mirror had a variety of comedy that was funny for both children and adults.  The dwarves in particular had such a wide range of personalities, which led to some very amusing dialog and actions that did not grow stale for me.  I was impressed with how well the production team developed their characters, and how well balanced the characters were, with not one dwarf hogging all the attention. The other characters themselves also had some clever one-liners, with Brighton (Nathan Lane) perhaps being my second favorite character of the bunch.  Lane’s natural sarcasm and ability to be spineless allowed for some well timed lines that had the audience and me laughing hard, and his character seemed to be a bridge to the other characters.  Roberts’ portrayal of the queen was fine, but this role made the queen more a royal snob, than an evil sorceress with a vengeance to destroy her rival.  Collins on the other hand nailed the fair maiden role and her quaint, politeness seemed to come naturally to her, plus she was very cute to look at.  However, she does have some work to do on the crying/sad role, as her acting for these kinds of scenes felt overacted and simplistic.

What else does this movie have that made it fun?  The pace for one thing is pretty good.  It doesn’t take long for the back-story to be told, and the humor pretty much starts ten minutes in the movie and doesn’t stop until the end of the movie.  To my surprise there was some action in the film, juvenile action mind you but still action, that was both humorous and well choreographed.  Some of these scenes even allowed for some character dialog that helped with the character development without being too slow.  Another factor is probably how cute this movie is.  Whether it is the positive humor, the beautiful maiden, or even the playful nature of the dwarves, this movie is one that is supposed to make you feel good.  I would also say there is a good balance in this movie, not just in pace, but in comedy and story as well.  It’s definitely not the best I’ve seen, but Mirror Mirror kept the story going without going overboard in humor.

There were some things in this movie that still needed some work though.  One thing would be that this story is still another Snow White remake and although there were some twists to classic tale, it still was the same tried and true story.  Those who go in here expecting it to not be predictable should turn around now, because you can pretty much see every major thing coming in this film.  Another thing is although there is humor for both adults and children; there is still a shift towards the younger audience in this film.  Many of the situational comedy scenes were of exaggerated punches, smacks on the butt, or even some over exaggerated running into trees.  Finally the romance that takes place in this movie is also more preteen fantasy like as well, which of course means a bit cheesy and over magical, though that wasn’t too big of a problem for me.

Overall Miror, Mirror wasn’t that bad of a movie and is definitely a good family film for those with younger children.  The comedy of the dwarves and Brighton were definitely the highlights of the movie, and the acting for the most part wasn’t bad.  However, the fact that this is a remake and more for the younger audience really makes it hard to recommend as a must see in the theaters, unless you want a cute date movie to go laugh at.  My scores for this movie are as follows:

Adventure/Comedy:  8.0-8.5

Movie overall:  7.0

So until next week my friends this is Robbie K. signing off and reminding you to enjoy the movies.


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