Suspense and Mystery that is quite exciting




Quote the Raven Nevermore, a line that has struck terror into the hearts of millions over the generations.  Edgar Allen Poe certainly was the master of maim, glory, and poetry lore.  So when I saw that a movie was to be made centering on his work, I’ll admit I was very excited for this film, especially since they put a suspense twist in his work.  That’s right my friends this review is on The Raven starring (John Cusack) and I’m here to give you the scoop on this latest murder mystery.

                For those who haven’t seen any of the trailers, I’ll shed a little light on the plot.  The Raven opens with a murder of a mother and her twelve year old daughter being found murdered in a gruesome fashion.  After some thorough investigation from Inspector Fields (Luke Evans), they realize that this crime is similar to one of Poe’s stories.  Soon the Baltimore police enlist Poe to help solve the crime of the mysterious murder.  However, Poe and discover that this one murder is just the opening move in a deadly game of wit that will challenge Poe’s mind and character to its limits.

Trailer paints a nice picture doesn’t it?  Yet as we all know the people who make movie trailers are artists who know how to ensnare the audience in well edited traps and make something bad look good.  In this movie though that’s not the case, because I felt the trailer finally justified what the movie actually was about.  The suspense the trailer promised is present throughout the movie, from one nail biting scene to the next.  How was this done?  Well there were two major things that kept my interest glued to the screen.  The first trick was what story was next going to be the next clue in the mystery and how they were going to solve it.  If you are a Poe fan like me, then you will be looking for the clues yourself, almost partaking in the case yourself, as you try to figure out where Poe and Fields will go to next.  Those who are not familiar with his work, no worries as the directors will have audiences wondering what next sick deed the murderer has.  This brings me to the second factor that kept my interest, which is who the killer is.  At first, I thought I had the killer solved at the beginning, but as the movie progressed, I had to change my mind and soon learned that this movie wasn’t as I expected.  Thus, this unpredictability gets some bonus points on my scale, and hopefully will be as enjoyable to you as it was to me.

What else was good about it?  Well the editing in this movie is well done.  All the camera work and sound work are combined to really bring out the movie’s potential.  You may not realize it, but the music adds extra emotion to the scene, helping to increase the suspense and tension of the chase, or bring out the eerie tone in the music.  The acting wasn’t too bad as well, but most of the camera time was reserved for Cusack and Evans.  Cusack captured the intensity of a detective, and did have some other qualities that gave Poe some life.  However, I don’t feel that the creepiness and insanity that made Poe a legend was portrayed instead being replaced for a more relatable character to the audience.  Also there were times where I felt Cusack overacted with the screaming, but again that is just me.  Evans on the other hand nailed the detective role down to the letter, using his intense and calm voice that the common detective seems to have in every modern media today.  However, when it came to showing other emotions, well he didn’t quite reach the bar like I thought he would.

Despite these acting flaws though the acting was pretty solid.  For once it is tough for me to really pick out any weaknesses, but I can think of just a few things to warn you about.  One thing is the graphicness of some of the kills.  There are some haunting images in this film and unlike the cheesy gory filled kills in modern slasher movies, this movie may make you cringe.  Those that don’t like narrow spaces may also feel a little confined in a few scenes, where you may get anxious and uncomfortable.  A few parts in the movie are a bit slow too, particularly at the end when everything is coming to a close.  Although it helps tie things up, in the back of your mind you are ready for the movie to show the last scene and cut the trailers, especially if you have to go to the bathroom like I did.

Overall The Raven is a solid suspense movie that should appeal to a variety of mystery fans.  The well edited scenes, decent acting, and clever use of Poe’s work pain an interesting tail, that I feel will keep you entertained for the entire 108 minutes.  Is it worth a trip to the theater?  I say yes, mainly because of the sound-video combination and the decent tale, but if not well then I strongly suggest a Netflix rent.  My scores for this movie are the following:

Suspense/Horror:  8.5

Movie overall:  8.5

I warn you again about the graphicness, and strongly urge you not to bring children to this film.  So tune in next time for my review on Pirates: Band of Misfits.  Until then enjoy the movies!

A Pirate’s Life For Kids


I can remember so long ago how popular clay animation was, especially for some of those Christmas movie involving Rudolph and his friends.  Although there have been a few attempts in the past to keep the trend alive, aka Wallace and Grommet and Chicken Run, most movies prefer the art of CGI.  Well this weekend Sony Pictures Animation attempted to revive the clay animation movement with the movie Pirates: Band of Misfits.  Now although they pulled in a couple of big names for the picture, Hugh Grant and Salma Hayek, I wondered just what this movie had in store for me.  To find out, please keep on reading as I review the latest in children animation movies.

As always I start with a synopsis of the trailer.  Pirates is about the Pirate Captain, no that’s really his name, a down on his luck pirate with a loyal crew.  Despite his accident filled adventures, The Captain has a dream of winning the upcoming Pirate of the Year award, which is given to the pirate who collects the most treasure or booty as they repeatedly call it.  After being challenged by a few of the pirate legends, The Captain and his crew decide to do anything it takes to be number one, even if it means crossing into the territory of Queen Victoria, who hates pirates.

Where to go to next?  I suppose I should start off with saying that this is one of the most kid friendly movies I’ve seen in a while.  Unlike some animated films, Pirates really has little adult humor and instead has ridiculous antics that involve more physical comedy and loud phrases than actual jokes.  While kids will be rolling on the floor, older audience members may chuckle at some of the wit this movie has to offer.  Some of the clueless moments the Captain has are humorous as well, but again it’s not enough to keep the audience laughing.  I also found myself a couple of times having difficulty in  understanding the dialog as a few of the voice actors mumbled or talked too quickly for me to catch every word. 

So if not for humor than what does this movie have to offer for entertainment?  Well for me the main thing to admire is the animation of this movie.  The Claymation, as they call it, is very smooth with little jerkiness to it at all.  It was nostalgic to see this animation again and maybe that added a little more enjoyment for me.  I feel though that this movie would be more entertaining in 3-D though as a good number of the scenes were made to come out at the audience and give them some laughs.  Also the movie took some unpredictable turns that I wasn’t expecting them to take, which was nice to see.  The map scenes as well were fun, sort of an Indiana Jones travel that goes wrong, which I also laughed at.

However, aside from that there really isn’t much more this movie has to offer.  There is very little character development in this movie.  I mean most of the characters don’t even have names they are just called the pirates with certain qualities.  While I think this was meant for humor reasons it was lost on me and I felt the rest of the crew was unnecessary.  Salma Hayek also didn’t have much of a role in this movie.  Her character was only in a couple of scenes and she barely had any dialog at all.   Maybe you’re thinking that the adventure aspect of the movie will make up for some of these weaknesses.  Unfortunately this is not the case at all, as the ad venture is really more talking than actual action.  Sure there are a few scenes here and there that are fun, but for the most part this movie is pretty boring.

Pirates: Band of Misfits is definitely worth taking your kids to see as they are sure to enjoy every moment of it.  However, for the rest of the world I would avoid it unless you want to see some good animation work or can’t think of another movie to see.  Grant’s smooth English voice may be charming, but it is not enough to keep this movie afloat.  I strongly urge you to Redbox this movie or wait for it to show up on TV two years down the road, unless you are trying to take your kids to the movies.  My scores for this film are as follows:

Comedy:  3.5-4.0

Kids:  7.0-7.5

Movie overall:  4.0

Tune in next time for my review on The Five Year Engagement and as always keep on enjoying the movies!

Definitely Not Bridesmaids


It seems every time I get on Facebook I notice someone is getting engaged or married.  I laugh at this because the focus of this review is about that very topic.  Now from what I understand most engagements last 1-2 years at most, but my film to review this time has it last 5.  That’s right my focus is on Jason Segal’s new movie The Five Year Engagement.  So sit back my friends and read my thoughts about this film.

The trailer for this movie starts with the first scene of the movie where Tom Solomon (Jason Segel) proposes to Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt).  Of course she accepts the proposal and soon they start planning their wedding.  However, life can never be so simple, at least not in modern day romance comedies, and soon things start getting in the way.  What was supposed to be a one year engagement quickly turns into five and this movie captures every detail of it.

Now if you are like me, you were probably excited to hear that the producers of Bridesmaids were involved in this movie.  Naturally I thought we would have diverse comedy in balanced proportions and little bit of scenes that crossed the line.  Unfortunately I got something completely different and not a good different mind you.  The Five Year Engagement for me was AWKWARD and not funny awkward mind you, just awkward.  Yes, the comedy style in this movie is meant for those who like awkward situations, awkward conversations, and some graphic sexual comedy will love this movie.  Although I laughed at a few of these moments at the beginning, the direction team repeated it too much for my tastes.   There were a few other comedy styles in this movie, but they were few and far in between and sadly I actually wanted more one-liners and slapstick than what I got.

Fans of Segel’s character from How I Met Your Mother will be happy to see him playing this character in this movie.  He is pretty much the same character being awkward at some parts, sensitive at others, and annoying the rest of the time.  Emily Blunt however kind of has the sassy and serious nature, with her comedy being more about timing then actual one liners.  The characters balanced each other out pretty well and the duo act pretty well almost seeming like they were actually engaged in real life.  However my favorite character is Tom’s best friend, Chris Pratt, who I thought was the funniest of the crew.  Pratt’s character is the one-liner king of the movie and delivers his lines at just the right moments that had the audience and me laughing hard.  Pratt’s character worked with all the rest of the gang and although he was comedic relief, he also was dynamic enough to move the story along.  There were other characters that helped add some diversity to the comedy and help relieve the tension.  I would have liked to see them more, but then again comedic relief has to be well timed or it too can get old.  Yet one thing I could definitely do less with was the number of F bombs dropped on this movie.  I don’t know why this word has become the number one curse word, but to use it as often as they did made it more annoying than funny.

Another thing I realized was this movie I felt was more serious and real than I expected it to be.  Instead of being another fantasy, everything is wonderful, and cheesy romance, the movie actually portrayed the hardships that a relationship can face.  Both Segel and Blunt did a nice job capturing the tension and I think the directors did a nice job revealing just how hard this stage of life can be.  Even the awkward moments felt real to me and while some people laughed at the situations, I just shook my head in embarrassment at what was happening.  This realism though also had another, less enjoyable edge to it, which was the depression.  Yes I know I do want the love to be real, and depression/sadness is definitely present in every relationship at some point.  Yet I didn’t need to see the depressing stuff for almost two hours that made the movie drag on and become boring.  It seemed like the more things got worse the slower the movie got and at some points I felt like I was watching the director’s cut version of the movie.  What got me through these parts?  To tell you the truth it was the anticipation that one of the secondary characters would soon say something to make me laugh, which sometimes happened and sometimes didn’t.

Overall the Five Year Engagement is a good double date/group movie.  You have to be a fan of the awkward humor and Jason Segal as these two styles are what make up about 75-80% of the movie.  Also make sure to take note of the R rating on this movie as there are plenty of scenes that no young teenager or pre-teenager should be exposed to.  My reviews for this movie are as follows:

Comedy/Romance:  5.5-6.0

Movie Overall:  5.0


So until next week my friends this is Robbie K signing off.  Tune in next week for my review on the Avengers and perhaps more.

Predictable, Yet Enjoyable

One of the few movies I have yet to make it through all the way is The Notebook, the movie that started the Nicholas Sparks trend.  This weekend his latest installment the Lucky One flooded into theaters.  Now ever since being bored to death by The Notebook I have avoided most of his book based movies like the plague.  However, this movie I decided to give a shot, mainly due to going to see it with friends.  How was it?  Read on to find out.

            In case you haven’t read the book or seen the trailers, I’ll recap the movie for you.  The film centers on Logan (Zac Efron) a marine who one day stumbles upon a picture during a tour of Iraq.  This picture is of a beautiful women named Beth (Taylor Schilling) and becomes the lucky charm for Logan.  After service, Logan finds his life is not what it used to be and decides to seek out his guardian angel as a start.  Soon after arriving, he begins to get to know Beth and her family and begins seeking out his place in life.

Yeah I know this story has been used endlessly over the last decade, but I assure you there are some things in this film that keep it entertaining.  For one thing the acting is decent for this romance drama.  Efron at first didn’t impress me because he mainly just walked around and said very little, but once he got on a role he did a pretty decent job.   I felt he captured the emotion pretty well a majority of the time, but there were parts where he acted the part too extreme.  His co actor Schilling was the same way, sometimes taking the crying or pouting a little too far, which got a bit annoying for me after a while.  However, she still brings pizazz to the role and her combination of beauty and grace keep the male audience members into the film.  The two actors I want to give the biggest props too though Riley Thomas Stewart_ and Blythe Danner.  Stewart being so young played his part of a child prodigy well and seemed to not be acting as well.  Yes there were times where there was some overacting, but hey he is young and has a lot of time to improve.  His delivery of the lines, his skill with instruments, and his ability to be awkward were all well integrated to make a fun character that helped drive the story.  Danner is just as witty and kind as she was in Meet The Parents, and for me had the best lines of the movie.  Countless times she broke the tension or cheesiness of the movie with a well-delivered phrase that made me laugh fairly hard.  I say that without her the humor in this movie would have been considerably limited, so I applaud the directors for picking her as the grandmother.

What else was good about this movie?  Okay let’s see well for one thing this movie wasn’t that slow, a big relief for me.  Although a few scenes dragged on, the movie as a whole had a good pace and kept me interested and awake.  Part of my interest came from how relatable the characters were to me.  Although many were incredibly cheesy extreme romance characters, Efron and the gang had qualities I could latch on to, such as brotherhood, creativity, and kindness all of which were shown well.  The camera work combined with the music was also well done, working together to bring out the emotion of the scene without you even realizing it.  The scenery as well was beautiful too, the area they chose to shoot in having a beautiful assortment of nature shots that many fans, myself included enjoyed seeing.  It was nice to finally see a movie that didn’t involve CGI or artificially painted settings.  Yet another factor I liked were the dogs in this film.  These well trained canines brought another factor of fun to the movie, and those impressed by dog training will be happy to see some of the tricks and commands they listen to you.

I found this movie still had some weaknesses though and I wish to comment on these as well.  For one thing, this movie is predictable out the wazoo with where it is going and what is going to happen. I know most romance movies are supposed to be predictable, but surely someone out there can put a twist in the movie I don’t see coming, like Crazy, Stupid, Love did last summer.  The second weakness for me was some of the crying scenes, although I could sympathize with some of the crying it did get a little old and annoying as the movie progressed.  A third thing was some of the romance was incredibly cheesy and overdone, which I know again is used to rope in the main demographic for this film.

Despite these weaknesses though The Lucky One was an okay film.  It’s definitely a date movie, but also can be seen with a group of friends as well that will enhance the enjoyment factor.  If you’re a Nicholas Sparks fan, like one of my friends is, then you may find this to be the best film of the bunch.  If you’re not, well hopefully the dogs, Blythe Tanner and Riley Thomas Stewart will entertain you as much as they entertained me.  Is it worth a trip to the theater?  In my opinion no, this film is more of a Netflix/movie rental film for couples to enjoy in their own homes.  My scores for the movie are as follows:

Romance/Drama:  7.0-7.5

Movie Overall:  5.5-6.0 as it is a generic drama that really didn’t add anything new

So until next week my friends enjoy the movies and tell your friends about my blog!

Do You Dare Go To The Cabin In The Woods

  For many years I have been watching horror/thriller movies, and every year I get a predictable mess.  Either the camera work reveals every scene that is meant to scare you, or you just get a blood bath that is filled with cheesy kills.  Thus I made a wish that a horror movie would finally be different that would keep me guessing at each step of the way.  I got my wish, and well it was perhaps the most interesting/strangest horror movie I have ever seen.  So let’s get started.

The trailer for Cabin in the Woods leads you to believe that it’s just another tale of five college age kids heading into the woods for a fun vacation only to somehow become the target of unknown murderer or creature.  However, five minutes into the movie we quickly learn that is not the case as there is something much deeper and in fact stranger than I could even imagine.  One of the things I can tell you is that the confusing opening at the movie will have you wondering what in the world you got yourself into, as my friends and I just looked at each other in confusion.  Soon though you learn just what these characters are involved in and how it will affect our future campers.

I can’t really say much more without ruining the movie so I’m going to move on to the positives of this movie.  Perhaps the biggest thumbs up is how unpredictable this horror, more thriller, has in store.  Throughout the movie there are numerous twists and surprises that keep you wondering what the directors have in store.  Despite my ability to predict movies, I was unable to predict the story, the turnout, and even the underlying motifs until they were revealed.  Now this gets a big plus in my book, but there is a downside to these surprises I’ll reveal later.  The second thing I really enjoyed about this movie is the character Marty (Fran Kranz) the stoned philosopher of the group.  Although I’m not the biggest fan of drug humor, this time it worked as they developed Marty to have a nice diverse and well-delivered comedic style.  At various points in the movie,  my friends and I laughed as his witty humor, funny delivery, and well-timed reactions had us rolling on the floor.  For a stoner character, he had quite a few surprises and is sure to be a fan favorite.  Perhaps the third thing I can comment on is the creativity of this movie.  At first the directors really just make this movie very random, but as the movie progresses one realizes just how much variety the directors had planned in this movie and how each choice could have lead to something entirely different.   My friends and I also found a few movie references in the film, and this movie pays homage to the various horrors you have seen in the past.  Sure there are a few other positives I could mention such as some justice being served in the movie, as well as both males and females in this cast will make the audience hoot and holler. However, their performances are only okay as many of them are just screaming, running, or acting drunk, the exception being  Kristen Connolly who seems one of the few characters they actually work on developing.

Despite this movie being unpredictable, the direction they chose to take the movie was interesting.  Did I like this twist?  I can only say kind of as it was definitely different, but weird at the same time and random.  Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I had some explanations for some of the questions this movie leaves unanswered.  The randomness does make it unpredictable, but at the same time left me a little confused or wondering how these scientis developed this situation.  Also there are some inconsistencies in the movie that my friends and I picked out, and if you catch it you may be asking how this challenge could have succeeded in the first place.  One of my friends also pointed out that this movie isn’t really so much a horror as it is a thriller, which means, you guessed it, a blood bath.  Various scenes throughout the movie are painted in a red mess, which for me isn’t what I go to see a horror for.  I can say though that the kills in this movie, with maybe the exception of one or two, are not cheesy or over exaggerated, as we have seen countless times in the past, aka the Final Destination series.

All right so what’s my overall thoughts on this movie.  To sum it up The Cabin in The Woods is perhaps one of the most unique horror/thriller movies I’ve seen in a long time.   The countless surprises, creative twist on a tired plot, and Frank Kanz’s comedic relief keep the audience entertained for the hour and a half.  However, the twist and theme may not be for everyone, and the unanswered questions may leave you feeling a little disappointed or confused about what you just saw.   Fans looking for a bloodbath filled with the F word will definitely enjoy this movie.  Would I recommend it for the theater?  I think if you go with a group of friends, this teenage slasher is definitely up for a theater visit,  but is definitely worth a Netflix rent.  I again applaud the staff for not making this movie a generic horror/thriller, but next time want them to tie up the loose ends a bit better.  My scores for this movie are the following:

Horror/Comedy/Thriller  8.0-8.5 (more thriller and comedy than anything)

Movie overall:  6.0-6.5

Be a Scrooge for the Stooge


 The three stooges a trio who for many years have provided laughs to various audience members with their wacky antics and situations.  I can remember many fond memories of my cousin and I watching Larry, Curly, and Mo trying their luck at various tasks, only to winding up fighting with one another.  So when I so a movie coming out focusing on them I was skeptical about what they had to offer, the part with Snookie getting her eyes poked out being the only selling point of the trailer.  However, being a critic I figured I would give it a shot and review the latest comedy to storm the theaters.

            Stooges starts off just like the trailer with the bundles of joy being promptly abandoned on the front steps of an orphanage run by head nun Mother Superior (Jane Lynch) who is a polar opposite of her other famous counterpart Sue Sylvester.  After seeing a few youthful adventures, the movie turns to the adult stooges as they set off on their quest, which I shall not reveal as the trailers did not spoil it.  This quest though becomes the driving force for the stooge’s comedy scenes and soon their humorous antics drown the already shallow plot.  That is right folks, this movie is mostly about watching Larry (Sean Hayes),  Mo (Chris Diamantopoulos) and Curly (Will Sasso)  literally pound each other with various objects as they make those classic sound effects and noises that seemed to make the series popular.  The three actors did a nice job portraying the three characters, each providing their own attempt at the legendary role.  I though all of them had their characters somewhat down, but I think the originals left to high a hurdle to jump as all three fell short of delivering the role.   While I chuckled at some of the humor, the constant eye gouging and face smacking did get old for me and made me a little bored with the movie at points.  Mo, however seemed to be the character to keep me interested in the film typically having the one liners, ideas, and actions that had me laughing throughout most of the movie.  My favorite scenes as a matter of fact involved taking the irritable man and putting him on the Jersey Shore.  Yes, my friends this movie is for you if you want to see the cast of the MTV show get some justice dealt to them.  Various shots of Mo tor turing the cast were hilarious to me and made me feel pride in not watching the show.  Although the cast did get some movie screen time, it was nice to see their ego’s get slightly deflated. 

            What else to say about this movie?  It’s cute and simply a fun movie to go see with the family or a group of fellow stooge fans.  The kids at the theater couldn’t stop laughing at the slapstick routines, and even some older stooge fans were getting lost in the nostalgia.  For fans that are looking for something more however, well this isn’t the movie for you.  The thin storyline trying to drive the comedy has some heartwarming moments, but the stooges were never known for story and I didn’t see the reason for one now.   Other than the tired comedy and predictable story line, this movie did have a few catchy one-liners from the stooges, and a little bit of a plot twist near the end. 

            Stooges is family movie that is sure to make you chuckle a few times over the course of the film.  With its decent acting, modern day humor, and family oriented comedy it’s sure to be a film worth watching with the family.  However, I feel this movie is not worth a trip to the theater and would be just as enjoyable at home.  Therefore I recommend you wait until this movie comes out on Netflix before giving it a shot.  The scores for the film are the following:

Comedy:  7.0

Movie overall:  6.0

Both Old and New Laughs Are Provided In This Reunion

It’s crude, it’s rude, it’s awkward, and it’s AMERICAN PIE.  Yes, as most of you know the latest installment to the American Pie franchise opened this weekend and fans of all ages flocked to the theater.  Now, if you are like me, you may have been rolling your eyes in shame, fear, or a combination of both at this modern day sequel.  However, I’m here to say that too my surprise this American Pie was perhaps my second favorite of the series, only falling behind American Pie 2 slightly.  Surprising right, well if you are interested to hear about this movie, then keep on reading as I review American Pie Reunion.

The title pretty much tells you what the trailers have been advertising, the gang from the previous series are now all grown up and starting the next chapters of their lives.  As fate would have it though, the reunion back in their hometown reunites the gang for a nostalgic adventure that will put their old skills to the test against the modern world, while dusting off the cobwebs of some memories that have been in the put in storage for a long time.

So what do I have to say to this movie?  Well for one thing, this is a movie whose humor you have to be a fan of as it is not one of the generic comedies that seem to plague the movie theaters these days.  Those who are fans of the series will be happy to hear the crude humor is back in full swing, with many of the gang retaining their personalities despite these past nine years.  The awkward humor is still well timed with the directors managing to develop the shots to make every scene as embarrassing as it can be.  Combine this with a dialog that is filled with cursing, innuendos, and of course Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) classic rowdy comedy and you have a recipe for an awkward teenage comedy.  It seems these last nine years have left Scott’s talent for playing the arrogant jock left untouched and much of the audience, myself included, couldn’t help but laugh at his presentation of classic one liners.  However, the master of awkward moments goes to Jason Biggs who plays Jim Levenstein.  Biggs seems to have a natural talent for not only falling into awkward situations, but also reacting to them, which made me chuckle at his bad luck.  His facial gestures and nervous way of speaking adds more to moment, which had a number of my friends cracking up at the scenes left and right.  The other three guys of the movie,  Oz (Chris Klein), Kevin Thomas Ian Nicholas), and Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) have their funny moments as well, but for the most part they are used as tools to teach the moral lessons this movie tries to offer. The actor who probably made me laugh the most however is Eugene Levy who plays Mr. Levenstein.  Levy’s seems to naturally be awkward as his talent to give uncomfortable talks, provide interesting advice, and be a geek experiencing new things is still one of the best I have seen.  I couldn’t stop laughing at his scenes due to the combination of his facial gestures and delivery of dialog, which provided me a break from Stifler comedy.  However, what surprised me was how little the women were involved with the comedy.  Unlike its predecessors, the girls didn’t have too many comedic lines in this film.  A majority of their role was again providing that moral compass that kept the guys on track and only providing a few laughs here and there..

A couple of other things to say about this film are the nostalgia it provides.  Countless scenes in the movie brought me back to the memories I had of the prequels and I was impressed how they used the past to influence the comedy of the present.  The directors also did a nice job providing tons of other movie references in this film, which for a critic like me had me in stitches because it was a nice break from the sexual comedyThe pace of the movie was good as well, not too slow and drawn out as I feared it would be.  Although the comedy did grow stale at some parts, I was relieved I wasn’t beaten over the head with innuendos, or annoying one-liners.

However, don’t think there weren’t a few negatives to go along with this movie.  There were various points in the movie where the production crew took the jokes too far.  My friends and I couldn’t help but cringe, and nearly gag on our food when they showed some of the more mature items and there were a few Stifler lines that kind of crossed the line as well.  A few of my friends were also a little disappointed with how diluted some of the roles were in this movie, again the girls and a few of the guys really didn’t provide that many laughs like we had seen in the past.  Fans also looking for big surprises may also be in for a bit of a shock, because guess what the movie is still predictable as ever, but I went in expecting this so that wasn’t as big of an issue.

So let’s wrap this up.  American Reunion is definitely a nice change from the modernized comedy.  The actors have retained their ability to play their characters, still know how to deliver dialog at the right times, and still can provide some new awkward humor.  Fans who want to relive the past of American Pie will also get a blast from the past, maybe even enough to help new fans catch up.  However, I strongly urge caution for younger audience members as again this film does step over the line in a few places, and does get a bit stale in the later stages of the movie.  I recommend seeing this film in a group, like I did, to share in the awkwardness together, but if you have to see it go for Eugene Levy as he will not fail you.  My scores for this movie are the following:

Comedy:  8.0-8.5

Movie overall:  6.5-7.0

Again it is all about preferred comedy humor, but I would say fans of the series will not be disappointed with this modern day sequel, something a lot of us haven’t experienced in a long time.  So until next time my friend continue to enjoy the movies.