Be a Scrooge for the Stooge


 The three stooges a trio who for many years have provided laughs to various audience members with their wacky antics and situations.  I can remember many fond memories of my cousin and I watching Larry, Curly, and Mo trying their luck at various tasks, only to winding up fighting with one another.  So when I so a movie coming out focusing on them I was skeptical about what they had to offer, the part with Snookie getting her eyes poked out being the only selling point of the trailer.  However, being a critic I figured I would give it a shot and review the latest comedy to storm the theaters.

            Stooges starts off just like the trailer with the bundles of joy being promptly abandoned on the front steps of an orphanage run by head nun Mother Superior (Jane Lynch) who is a polar opposite of her other famous counterpart Sue Sylvester.  After seeing a few youthful adventures, the movie turns to the adult stooges as they set off on their quest, which I shall not reveal as the trailers did not spoil it.  This quest though becomes the driving force for the stooge’s comedy scenes and soon their humorous antics drown the already shallow plot.  That is right folks, this movie is mostly about watching Larry (Sean Hayes),  Mo (Chris Diamantopoulos) and Curly (Will Sasso)  literally pound each other with various objects as they make those classic sound effects and noises that seemed to make the series popular.  The three actors did a nice job portraying the three characters, each providing their own attempt at the legendary role.  I though all of them had their characters somewhat down, but I think the originals left to high a hurdle to jump as all three fell short of delivering the role.   While I chuckled at some of the humor, the constant eye gouging and face smacking did get old for me and made me a little bored with the movie at points.  Mo, however seemed to be the character to keep me interested in the film typically having the one liners, ideas, and actions that had me laughing throughout most of the movie.  My favorite scenes as a matter of fact involved taking the irritable man and putting him on the Jersey Shore.  Yes, my friends this movie is for you if you want to see the cast of the MTV show get some justice dealt to them.  Various shots of Mo tor turing the cast were hilarious to me and made me feel pride in not watching the show.  Although the cast did get some movie screen time, it was nice to see their ego’s get slightly deflated. 

            What else to say about this movie?  It’s cute and simply a fun movie to go see with the family or a group of fellow stooge fans.  The kids at the theater couldn’t stop laughing at the slapstick routines, and even some older stooge fans were getting lost in the nostalgia.  For fans that are looking for something more however, well this isn’t the movie for you.  The thin storyline trying to drive the comedy has some heartwarming moments, but the stooges were never known for story and I didn’t see the reason for one now.   Other than the tired comedy and predictable story line, this movie did have a few catchy one-liners from the stooges, and a little bit of a plot twist near the end. 

            Stooges is family movie that is sure to make you chuckle a few times over the course of the film.  With its decent acting, modern day humor, and family oriented comedy it’s sure to be a film worth watching with the family.  However, I feel this movie is not worth a trip to the theater and would be just as enjoyable at home.  Therefore I recommend you wait until this movie comes out on Netflix before giving it a shot.  The scores for the film are the following:

Comedy:  7.0

Movie overall:  6.0


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