Definitely Not Bridesmaids


It seems every time I get on Facebook I notice someone is getting engaged or married.  I laugh at this because the focus of this review is about that very topic.  Now from what I understand most engagements last 1-2 years at most, but my film to review this time has it last 5.  That’s right my focus is on Jason Segal’s new movie The Five Year Engagement.  So sit back my friends and read my thoughts about this film.

The trailer for this movie starts with the first scene of the movie where Tom Solomon (Jason Segel) proposes to Violet Barnes (Emily Blunt).  Of course she accepts the proposal and soon they start planning their wedding.  However, life can never be so simple, at least not in modern day romance comedies, and soon things start getting in the way.  What was supposed to be a one year engagement quickly turns into five and this movie captures every detail of it.

Now if you are like me, you were probably excited to hear that the producers of Bridesmaids were involved in this movie.  Naturally I thought we would have diverse comedy in balanced proportions and little bit of scenes that crossed the line.  Unfortunately I got something completely different and not a good different mind you.  The Five Year Engagement for me was AWKWARD and not funny awkward mind you, just awkward.  Yes, the comedy style in this movie is meant for those who like awkward situations, awkward conversations, and some graphic sexual comedy will love this movie.  Although I laughed at a few of these moments at the beginning, the direction team repeated it too much for my tastes.   There were a few other comedy styles in this movie, but they were few and far in between and sadly I actually wanted more one-liners and slapstick than what I got.

Fans of Segel’s character from How I Met Your Mother will be happy to see him playing this character in this movie.  He is pretty much the same character being awkward at some parts, sensitive at others, and annoying the rest of the time.  Emily Blunt however kind of has the sassy and serious nature, with her comedy being more about timing then actual one liners.  The characters balanced each other out pretty well and the duo act pretty well almost seeming like they were actually engaged in real life.  However my favorite character is Tom’s best friend, Chris Pratt, who I thought was the funniest of the crew.  Pratt’s character is the one-liner king of the movie and delivers his lines at just the right moments that had the audience and me laughing hard.  Pratt’s character worked with all the rest of the gang and although he was comedic relief, he also was dynamic enough to move the story along.  There were other characters that helped add some diversity to the comedy and help relieve the tension.  I would have liked to see them more, but then again comedic relief has to be well timed or it too can get old.  Yet one thing I could definitely do less with was the number of F bombs dropped on this movie.  I don’t know why this word has become the number one curse word, but to use it as often as they did made it more annoying than funny.

Another thing I realized was this movie I felt was more serious and real than I expected it to be.  Instead of being another fantasy, everything is wonderful, and cheesy romance, the movie actually portrayed the hardships that a relationship can face.  Both Segel and Blunt did a nice job capturing the tension and I think the directors did a nice job revealing just how hard this stage of life can be.  Even the awkward moments felt real to me and while some people laughed at the situations, I just shook my head in embarrassment at what was happening.  This realism though also had another, less enjoyable edge to it, which was the depression.  Yes I know I do want the love to be real, and depression/sadness is definitely present in every relationship at some point.  Yet I didn’t need to see the depressing stuff for almost two hours that made the movie drag on and become boring.  It seemed like the more things got worse the slower the movie got and at some points I felt like I was watching the director’s cut version of the movie.  What got me through these parts?  To tell you the truth it was the anticipation that one of the secondary characters would soon say something to make me laugh, which sometimes happened and sometimes didn’t.

Overall the Five Year Engagement is a good double date/group movie.  You have to be a fan of the awkward humor and Jason Segal as these two styles are what make up about 75-80% of the movie.  Also make sure to take note of the R rating on this movie as there are plenty of scenes that no young teenager or pre-teenager should be exposed to.  My reviews for this movie are as follows:

Comedy/Romance:  5.5-6.0

Movie Overall:  5.0


So until next week my friends this is Robbie K signing off.  Tune in next week for my review on the Avengers and perhaps more.


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