Is MIB 3 Worth The Time?

It’s been a few years since I saw a Will Smith movie that didn’t involve him being bitter or depressed.  However, this weekend Mr. Smith stepped back into his role as Agent J, the Man In Black with an attitude.  Now although I love the first Men In Black and I was okay with it’s sequel, I had my doubts about this third movie.  After all not many sequels have proven their worth.  Does Men In Black fall into the same category, or is it one of the few sequels that actually worth seeing in the theaters?  Read on to find out.

                  What could the world’s best alien busting team possibly have left to do?  Time travel of course, and Men In Black is full of time jumping goodness.  In case you haven’t seen the trailer, MIB 3 has J (Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) once again teaming up to investigate the extraterrestrial crime ring, while also ironing out their own personal issues.  However, K gets taken for a little time trip and disappears from the world with only J having any recollection.  J refuses to let his partner fade into the abyss, and instead decides to do a little time jumping himself eventually meeting the younger version of his partner (Josh Brolin).

Call me a sucker for science fiction, but MIB 3 was perhaps one of the better sequels I have seen in a long time.  Smith and Brolin did a fantastic job in this movie, both still recapturing the classic teamwork of the original MIB.  When they aren’t working together though both actors play their characters well.  Smith still has the same sarcasm and one-liners to make you laugh, while Brolin captures that stonewall dry humor that is both funny and driving at the same time.  Jones on the other hand has a more limited role in the film than I anticipated.  Although he plays a key part in the story, Jones actually doesn’t get that much screen time in the film, which is quite a shame as I really enjoy his role as the monotone agent who shows little emotion.

Regardless of the acting though, the story was much better than the one we saw in MIB 2.  Amidst the constant comedy of J’s clumsiness and spunk, lies a tale that is heartwarming, sentimental, and quite fun.  Now don’t get me wrong this movie didn’t have the most original plot, and it was fairly predictable with only the slightest twist here and there.  Still this movie had a little bit of something for everyone.  A few exciting fight scenes, some fast paced chases, and some witty use of technology are all in this movie, and should be quite entertaining to the audience.  The team did a nice job bringing the extraterrestrial world to life, with all the gadgets, lasers, and alien goo looking fairly real.  Yet one can definitely tell they designed their camera work to bring out the most with 3-D technology.  However, another thing that helped keep this film interesting was the villain Boris (Jemaine Clement).  Unlike MIB2’s main villain, Boris had an edge that made him feel more of a threat.  His personal vendetta with MIB was also a tad more exciting and better integrated that made a more exciting story.  Boris though had a voice that was more humorous than threatening, which was probably exactly what they were going for.  Though for this reviewer there will be no villain that can replace Edgar the bug from the first MIB.

There are some things I was missing in this installment of the series though.  For one thing some of the classic characters were missing in this film, or only had a few seconds in the movie.  Although new characters like Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg) and Agent O (Emma Thompson) are welcome additions, there are some characters that shouldn’t have been removed.  A second weakness is the 3-D shots, which were a little overdramatic at some points.  I really don’t like this new 3-D obsession as too many movie focus on shooting in that style and sacrifice other areas of the movie.  I guess those are really the only two weaknesses I could pick up in the movie.

MIB 3 is definitely a fun adventure that many veteran fans will enjoy.  The directing team went back to the roots of the original to correct the mistakes of the second installment.  I definitely give this movie a recommendation for a trip to the theater, but I haven’t figured out if it is worth the 3-D showing.  For this sequel, I give the following scores:

Action/Comedy/Sci Fi:   8.0

Movie overall:  7.0-7.5

Until my next review my friends, this is Robbie K signing off.

Nuclear Disappointment


Another horror movie has donned upon us this holiday weekend and it is called the Chernobyl Diaries.  The first trailer I saw for this movie about a month and half ago showed some potential for a true horror fest.  However, I’ll tell you now that this was not the case, and instead the movie I saw today was nothing more than a hastily produced horror movie that was rather lame.  I know it’s disappointing, but the truth is Chernobyl diaries like most horror movies are losing their edge.  Read on to find out more about this movie.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailers for this movie, Chernobyl diaries is about a group of seven college kids taking a trip to the Chernobyl reactors.  What starts out as a peaceful trip full of picture taking and jokes soon takes a turn for the worst.  It seems that Chernobyl is not as abandoned as they think and soon the nightmare within decides to hunt the kids through the destroyed city.

Sound familiar?  It should since this is the story for a plethora of horror movie it’s just taking place at a new location.  So what suckered me into seeing it?  Aside from being assigned this movie, I admit the traps seen in the trailer held potential for a decent and entertaining horror flick.  Unfortunately the trailers are once again misleading as Chernobyl Diaries fails to live up to the publicized suspense.  Instead the movie is essentially a nonstop cascade of scenes and sequences of the incredibly shallow characters running around from some unseen threat.  The camera work of the movie is chaotic, Blair Witch and Cloverfield style that is unsteady and jumpy, which took away from the detail.  I think they mainly did this to help keep the monsters true from in the dark and allow the audience’s imagination to fill into the details.  While the attempt is worthy of recognition, Parker dropped the ball on the delivery making it too fast and shallow.  Although the fast pace got us to the ending faster, it still made the movie boring as the story progressed.

One thought I had after watching this film was maybe Parker was planning on the movie being humorous, like the Cabin in The Woods.  Unfortunately the comedy aspect of this film was lost on me as well.  The stupidity of the college kids and the predictable path they take only made me laugh at how pathetic they were.  Unfortunately the dialog was unable to humor me as well and mainly consisted of the kids saying “Oh my God!” or dropping an F bomb, further adding to the disappointment.  This dialog combined with the shallow characters also meant the acting didn’t have to be that good as well.  Although the actors played the college kid roll well, the acting was nothing extraordinary and isn’t enough to convince me to suggest this movie.  As for the ending of the film, well to put it nicely it stunk.  Once again I was left with questions and a bit cheated out of my money.  While I feel some will like the ending or find it funny, I can’t say I enjoyed it all.

Were there any positives to this movie?  For me there were only some minor positives I could find.  Although I normally don’t like the ashy grey and desolate camera colors, I felt for this movie they were needed.  This camera filter brought the desolate and hopeless city to life, which added some emotional chill to the film.  A few of the shots also managed to capture the isolation and terror they wanted, though they were few and far in between.  Despite the simple acting, the actresses in the movie were very nice to look at and was the only thing really keeping me in the movie.  Finally the short time limit of the movie was for once a good thing as I got out of this movie faster than I expected.

To sum up this movie, it’s one best left to the Redbox.  Although I applaud their use of letting the imagination paint the horror, the delivery still failed to impress me.  Again there are no characters to latch on to in this film, and unless you just want to see lots of shadows and hear countless cursing, you will want to avoid this.  My scores below are the following:

Horror:  3.0-3.5

Movie Overall:  2.5

So check back soon my friends and again keep on enjoying the movies.  Or at least try to.

Don’t Expect Much From This Comedy

I don’t understand why there is such a big wave for multi-star movies.  Apparently the movies New Years Eve and Valentines Day didn’t fail enough to convince people that lots of stars equals fragmented plots and poor entertainment quality.  So why in the world are we getting another compilation movie based on a pregnancy advice book?  I can’t answer that question, but I can give you my review of the latest Dramedy Romance movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting.

As the numerous trailers have shown, this movie is about five couples that face different challenge of becoming parents.  Jules (Cameron Diaz) and Evan (Matthew Morrison) are celebrities who have to balance their careers with pregnancy.  Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) is an adopting couple with Alex needing some advice from the Dudes Group.  Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) a struggling children’s book writer and her husband Gary (Ben Falcone) are experiencing their first pregnancy, while competing with Gary’s dad (Dennis Quaid) and his wife Skyler (Brooklyn Decker) who seem to  be having a wonderful time.  Finally Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and her one night stand Marco (Chace Crawford) have to deal with issues of their own when their night of fun results in conception.

Already you can see the copious amount of drama and issues this movie is filled with and surely you must be wondering how they tied all of these stories together.  The answer is that they essentially tied them together in a similar manner seen in Valentines Day, where each character would have snippets of screen time to quickly push along the story.  Although this movie has made slight improvements from the holiday themed comedies, the movie is still essentially the same cut and paste presentation.  Only a few of the main characters actually know each other, and their interaction with the other protagonists are sometimes creative, yet mostly weak.   Instead they decided to sacrifice the story and replace it with lots of silly situations and cheesy one-liners that were shown repeatedly in the trailers.  Some of the comedy was a little raunchy and awkward, while other comedic lines were overacted attempts to make you laugh.  Thus, you can guess that the most of the “funny” dialog in this movie had already grown stale for me by the time I got to the movie.  A few lines of the movie made me laugh, mainly from Vic (Chris Rock

) who led the Dudes group and spurred on the jokes.  However, the cast member who had the most laughs from the audience was Rebel Wilson who played the idiot assistant that delivered the Baby Mama like lines.  While I laughed at the first few lines, Wilson eventually got old and I looked for something else to focus on.  Although the secondary characters entertained me the most, I have to say I was impressed with Diaz and Kendrick in this film.  Both of them surprised me with how complex a role they played, being funny at one part and serious in the other.  The actresses also had some character development roles in the film as well, and perhaps the most interesting and meaningful stories of the bunch.

This brings me to my next things to talk about.  Although this movie does have a large amount of comedy, it also has some serious moments as well.  Each character faces their own ups and downs of pregnancy, and I felt the movie did a decent job of introducing the problems and the appropriate response to the situation.  However, since this movie was meant to be lighthearted and it was fragmented, they didn’t really take the time to properly develop the situation.  Most of the problems were sad for about two minutes, but quickly settled the problem a few seconds later.  While this kept the movie going, I still felt a little cheated in the drama category.  Despite the rushed pace though, this movie also does a good job pulling the heartstrings and portraying the emotions for starting a family.  The countless oohs and aahs from the female audience members today indicated that this movie definitely appeals to the women, while the men will enjoy seeing the beautiful women in this movie.  I do warn you though there is a very sad part in this movie that may leave some in tears.

Overall What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a movie that is targeted for two audience types.  The first is for anyone that has started a family, or wants to start a family will be attracted to this movie.  The second are those looking for a date movie and some cheap laughs.  If you are in any of these categories, you will probably enjoy the movie more than I did.  However, if you are looking for more a comedy like Knocked Up or Bridesmaids, you’re out of luck.  Again the trailers really ruined this one for me, and not even the good looks of the women could save it from being still a predictable and fragmented mess.  My scores for this movie are the following:

Comedy/Drama/Romance:  6.0-6.5

Movie Overall:  4.0-4.5

My opinion is to Netflix or pay per view it, as it will save you time and money.  However, if you really want a Baby Mama like comedy movie, well this is the film for you.  Tune in next week my friends for more reviews and as always keep enjoying the movies.

Battleship or Baddleship?

       Honestly Hollywood must be reaching the bottom of the barrel if they are making movies based on board games.  Although Battleship may be fun to play, the idea of making it a movie was a little bit of a stretch for me.  Regardless I decided to give it a go and I’m here to give you my opinion on this action/sci fi film.  Is it worth the eight dollars to see the film, or have the trailers once again fooled you into seeing something a lot less exciting.  Read on to find out.

The plot of this movie is like any Science Fiction Naval movie a group of aliens have arrived on our planet and are plotting to do something.  Standing in the way of their plans is Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) a young navy officer who joined the navy at the insistence of his brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgård) after his lazy attitude annoys Stone to the breaking point.  However, Alex’s rogue nature still remains to die as he tests the patience of Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson) the father of Alex’s love interest Samantha (Brooklyn Decker).  Can he get his act together to save the world, or will his insolence cause more harm than good?

I know the plot has been seen over and over again, but there is only so much leeway you can get from a board game.  However, the story wasn’t as bad as many people thought it would be.  Although predictable for the most part, Battleship had some entertaining aspects that kept me into the film.  For one thing the graphics for the movie were gorgeous.  If there is one thing the Transformers studio can do right, it’s make robots and aliens come to life.  Each ship or shock trooper was incredibly detailed and blended into the movie to make things as real as they could be.  The only challenges to this were the fight scenes, which were so jam-packed with explosions and fires you would think Michael Bay was still directing.  As for the action, well it was alright, nothing really exciting or fast paced.  Instead it was more of a strategic battle that was a good representation of navy action.  To my disappointment, the aliens’ attacks were actually pretty limited, though effective, which made the battles a little stale at times. 

Was that all this movie was though?  Was it really just a movie about large boats firing at space ships?  For the most part yes, but there were a couple of side stories that were there to allow for a break from the shooting.  One story involved developing Alex’s character, while the other centered on Sam and a retired naval officer named Mick (Gregory D. Gadson).  Throughout all the stories though, the acting was okay.  Kitsch pretty much plays that sad mopey role he made famous in Friday Night lights, while Rihanna to my surprise took on her role pretty well, though there wasn’t much character development on her part.  Liam Neeson fans will be a little disappointed to hear that he doesn’t show up much in this film.  His occasional appearances are usually short, and he still plays his typical role.  The rest of the acting is fine as well, but there are no star stealing performances to get excited about.

However, there are some other things in this movie that will appeal to a certain audience.  This movie is definitely an homage to American veterans and is sure to stimulate some pride.  Fans of Brooklyn Decker will enjoy watching her as not only is she beautiful, but also actually plays a new role that is new for her instead of just being a ditsy blonde.  I can safely say that she was probably my favorite character, next to the Japanese captain.  The soundtrack as well is very fitting for the various scenes, as the orchestra work helps add more edge to the movie, while still stimulating some American pride.

There are some weaknesses though which were a little confusing or annoying for me.  For one thing there are a few scenes in the movie that seemed either pointless or hinted at something else.  Unfortunately, these scenes remained unanswered, which annoys me a little bit.  As you probably expected, the dialog is also a little cheesy and shallow, mainly involving the word fire more than anything else.  There was also really no comedy relief in the movie, only at the beginning really, which is okay for this kind of movie, but still would have been nice to see.  Dare I say it, but the action was also a little stale at points too, and there is only so many times I can see the same cannons fire over and over again.


Despite what some critics have been giving this movie, I don’t think this movie is horrible.  Again the strategic warfare seems accurate and is somewhat exciting, and the graphics are still outstanding.  However, the shallow and somewhat confusing story, the stale canon firing, and the predictability of the story really make this movie monotone and mediocre.  Military men will again enjoy and have respect for the movie, but the casual audience member may have a hard time being entertained.  Though if you were like most of the audience members in the theater today, you’ll find entertainment in watching either Kitsch or Decker, as their looks are eye candy for all.  My scores for this movie are below.

Action/Sci Fi/Thriller:  7.0

Movie Overall:  6.5

I recommend you wait for Netflix on this one, but the action scenes are definitely worthy of the cinema magic.  If you decide to go though, take a date or a group of friends, this movie is definitely worth a guy’s night out.   So check back soon for my review on What To Expect When You’re Expecting and as always continue to enjoy the movies.

Cohen Brings Both Humor and Offensiveness

Sacha Baron Cohen always makes quite a show when he produces a film.  Borat and Bruno clearly showed us that he wasn’t afraid to test the boundaries of appropriateness and comfort.  So naturally you can guess that I was a little skeptical when he decided to venture into the Arabic world and the jokes to follow.  What’s my verdict on this movie you may ask?  Was it good like Borat or crap like Bruno?  Read on to find out.

For those of you who have missed the countless trailer commercials, the plot of this movie is about a dictator named Aladeen (Cohen) who enjoy a life of luxury and misuse of power.  He is eventually called to the U.S to address the United Nations, but is interrupted when he is abducted.  Stripped of his beard, and as a result his power, Aladeen must now adapt to being a common, oppressed citizen, with only a hand full of people willing to help the tyrant.  What adventures are to come?

As I’m sure you all guessed, it wouldn’t be a Cohen movie without stepping over the line at least once and The Dictator is no exception.  Throughout the movie Cohen continues to make fun of the Arabic culture that is both insulting and funny at the same time.  However, his jokes don’t just limit themselves to Middle Eastern stereotypes, they expand into just about every ethnicity in the world.  Unlike most comedies however, Cohen doesn’t hold back on insulting traditions, values, and color and more than once says some pretty harsh things.  Those easily offended by racial dialogs should definitely avoid this movie.  You may seem surprised that I actually found most of the dialogue funny, but what I found humorous was the delivery ore than the content.  Cohen’s accent in this movie made his vocabulary very funny and entertaining, especially the use of his name for various words.  Dialog wasn’t the only funny thing this movie had to offer.  No my friends Cohen also had some funny situational comedy occurring as well.  There were various moments where he was lurking the streets, interacting with customers, or hanging out with his fellow countryman Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) that had me in stitches, and other parts that had me wonder what Cohen was thinking.  Mantzoukas brought the best out of Cohen’s character and set him up for so many jokes that kept the movie entertaining.  Like Cohen, he too has mastered the English-Arabic accent and manages to say his lines, many of which I found funnier than Cohen’s, with an emotion that makes it very funny.  Both of them had a natural chemistry that made it feel real and not over acted, which just made it funnier.  Anna Faris on the other hand kind of plays the same character she always plays, and while she plays the part well it really adds nothing special to the movie.  The other thing I liked about this movie was the catchy and funny soundtrack that Cohen and company put together.  Many of the songs you hear are Arabic versions of popular songs and I had some fun trying to figure out what tracks were being sung.

But there are some negatives to this movie that I wanted to warn audience members about before they spend their money on a ticket.  For one thing, although there were some funny surprises in the movie, the trailers did ruin a lot of the good jokes.  Many of the scenes seen in the trailers are again present in this movie, and were already stale by the time I got to the film.  If you didn’t catch it before, there is severe racist and sexist humor in this movie.  Sure it is supposed to be in good humor, but Cohen really oversteps his boundaries for some of the jokes, making them more offensive than anything else.  Another thing I wish to warn you about is there are a few scenes that are very uncomfortable/awkward to watch.   I can’t really tell you too much, but let’s just say that some of the sexual humor makes the American Pie series seem like child’s play.  The plot is also predictable, but that is to be expected in a comedy series and so I can’t really dock it too much.

            The Dictator is definitely one of the funnier comedies I have seen in a long time, but it still isn’t the best comedy of the year.  Cohen does a great job making fun of many cultures, but for me he still needs to dial it down to continue to make it fun.  Despite a predictable story, and some awkward scenarios though, I had fun watching this movie.  However, I recommend you hold out on this movie until Netflix offers it, and only go if you have a group of friends wanting to laugh their heads off.  The scores for this movie are as followed:

Comedy:  7.0-7.5

Movie Overall:  5.5-6.0

Again it’s fun, but you can save your money for something else.  If you decide to see this film though, make sure to stay for about half of the credits to see a few more funny scenes.  So check back tomorrow for not one, but two reviews.  Until then, this is Robbie K signing off and telling you to enjoy the movies.

Depp makes Dark Shadows Worth A Watch

I have no idea why there is such a big obsession with vampire movies these days.   Regardless Tim Burton’s latest creation Dark Shadows has joined the ranks of the vampire films and it has big shoes to fill from the popular ABC soap opera from 50 years ago.   To fill these shoes, Burton brought in the legendary Johnny Depp to play the main protagonist, which is sure to bring millions of fans flocking into the film.  However, an actor can only do so much for a film, and so I’m here to give you some insight into the film.  So sit back and enjoy my review on Dark Shadows and see if this movie is worth the hype.

The plot for this movie focuses on the aristocrat Barnabis Collins (Depp) who is part of a successful fishing family in Maine.  After having an affair with a maid named Angelique (Eva Green) who turns out to be a witch, Collins’ life is changed from on of luxury to one of horror as he is transformed into a vampire and buried alive.  Two centuries later, he is awakened and unleashed into the modern world and returns to his manor now run by Elizabeth Collins (Michelle Pfeiffer) one of his few remaining heirs.  The family has landed on some rough times and the proud family is nothing but a former shell of its glory.  However, Barnabis has some other things in mind that will restore the honor to his family name, even if it means facing the one woman who cursed him so long ago.

I’m sure you can guess my biggest positive for this movie, which is none other than Mr. Depp himself.  Once again he has managed to use his talents to develop a character that is incredibly complicated and entertaining to watch.  Depp’s natural charm, wit, and properness were well combined to make Barnabis the polite and proud aristocrat he was famous for so long ago.  However, his proper nature definitely doesn’t make him boring, as Depp is able to add humor to the normally stiff role.  Similar to his role as Jack Sparrow, he manages to deliver well-written lines with just the right emotion at just the right times to maximize humor.  Even his awkward walk makes a return appearance that somehow made me chuckle throughout the movie.  Despite the humor though, Depp surprised me and further proved just how much a chameleon he is, as he managed to capture Barnabis’ wide variety of qualities and morals.  Was Depp the only thing carrying this movie?

No there were a variety of characters and themes that made this movie entertaining, though Barnabis was the connector between them all.  Burton did a nice job picking his cast to portray the odd family that the Collins is.  Pfeiffer did a decent job being the head of the household, but didn’t really add too much humor to the movie.  Chloë Grace Moretz to my surprise was also in this movie, though her role was completely different from her one in Hugo.  She did a great job playing the hippie teenager, but can’t say it was my favorite role.  Naturally a Tim Burton movie wouldn’t be complete without Helena Bonham Carter making an appearance right?  Well fans won’t be disappointed as she once again shines in her role.  Like Depp, Carter has a natural ability to play a variety of roles and this movie is no exception.  She plays the role of a psychologist hired to help out the youngest member of the Collins’ family, but she has an interesting side to her.  Like Depp, Carter adds some humor to the role, yet still plays a role in driving the story.  However, the character that may drive the story the most would be Angelique.  Green plays this role fantastically, acting cruel as if it was in her blood.  Yet Green also has the tragic hero qualities as well that helped bring her character the emotional depth to help you appreciate true love.

Aside from the acting what else did this movie have to offer?  Well again there is a good bit of humor in this movie, but don’t think it’s a bonefied comedy.  Despite Depp’s jokes, Dark Shadows also had some good morals built into it such as family, honor, friendship, loyalty, and a plethora of other qualities that are good lessons to teach.  If you don’t care about morals, well there is a good amount of drama in this film as well full of scandals, affairs, and yes secrets.  Those who like this kind of entertainment are sure to enjoy this movie, but guys have no fear there is plenty of stuff for you.  Perhaps the biggest strength to comment on though is the soundtrack.  Fans of the music from the 70’s will be in for a treat as some of the bigger classics were integrated into various scenes, sequences, and montages. However if you don’t like this music, well you are kind out of luck as this is the only music in the film.

What were some weaknesses for me in the movie?  Well for the most part it’s predictable with only a few big twists present in the movie.  The pace of the movie was a little slow at first as well, and made me a bit sleepy and bored until the pace picked up.  What surprised me the most though was how graphic the sex and blood scenes were.  Now I’ve definitely seen worse, but I definitely didn’t think it would be as dark as it was despite the title.  I strongly encourage you to exercise caution before taking any younger audience member to see the film.  Other than that this movie was pretty good overall.

To wrap this up, Dark Shadows is a fun movie that is sure to entertain any fan of a comedy drama.  Depp fans will be happy with his performance, and the humor in this movie is sure to tickle a few people pink.  However, the movie definitely has a few flaws that need to be tweaked if a sequel is to come.  My scores for this movie are the following:

Comedy Fantasy:  7.5-8.0

Movie Overall:  6.5-7.0

For this movie I would say it is worth a group outing to the theater, but it is definitely worth a Netflix viewing.  Again I encourage caution for taking younger audience members to see.  So until Wednesday, this is Robbie K signing off.

Assemble for the Avengers

Ever since the first Iron Man released back in 2008, Marvel Studios has been teasing us with the promise of The Avengers.  Throughout the next four years and five movies we have seen those final scenes clueing us in on Marvel combination projects.  Finally the movie has arrived and once again I am here to give my input on the latest movie this weekend.  So let’s not dawdle and jump right into the review on Marvel’s the Avengers.

The Avengers movie starts out with bang, literally, as the evil Loki (Tom Hiddleston) obtains a new power from a new alien army.  After kicking some butt and stealing the shiny blue cube we saw in Thor, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson

) decides to play his trump card project code named the Avengers.  Soon the iconic Marvel heroes team up hoping to unite their skills and powers to stop the mad God from destroying the world.

Well I know you are asking, “Robbie was it worth all the wait?”  My friends I’m here to tell you that for the most part, The Avengers is definitely worth wait and will not disappoint you.  Where to start with this review?  I guess let’s start with how balanced this movie.  Throughout the entire film there is a decent blend of action, comedy, and story that combines to form an adventure most fans are sure to be amazed with.  At various points where tension builds up, one of the many actors delivers a well written line that cracks you up and keeps you asking, “Where are they going next?”  Each actor was able to deliver his or her lines at just the right time and with just the right emotion, never really overacting at all in the movie, which is a nice surprise.

This brings me to my next point about the movie, the actors.  I’m happy to say that for once a movie that incorporates a lot of famous actors finally doesn’t stink, unlike some recent comedies.  I was impressed with how well the actors worked together and the natural chemistry that was there as each person complimented the flaws of the other.  I can’t really give you examples without ruining the movie, so I’ll leave this review with saying the casting crew really picked a great assortment of actors to play the cast.  My favorite of the bunch has to be Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) who seemed to take the most screen time of the superheroes.  As we saw in Iron Man, Downey can play a wide array of emotions and deliver his lines flawlessly.  Perhaps it’s his natural charisma that gives his characters an edge, but there is always something about him that helps him stand out.  Another welcome addition to the cast is Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk.  Although I enjoyed Edward Norton’s acting in the last installment Ruffalo took the role to another level and really filled in the shoes left behind.  Like Downey, he too seems to have a quality that makes him a good scientist that can be serious at one moment, friendly the next, and sarcastic later.  He and Downey had some of the best character interactions balancing morals and ethics, with aggression and progress.   As for the other actors and actresses, well they did a great job too, but I don’t have enough time to really elaborate on their skills and cover some other aspects of the movie.  However, I do applaud their performances and hope they will return for a sequel should they decide to pursue one.

What else does this movie have to offer in terms of strengths?  Well let’s talk about the action since those of you who have seen the trailer must want to hear about it.  For the most part it rocks, starting with an epic chase scene that gets the adrenaline pumping early and continues throughout the movie.  Now some of the fight scenes I warn you are just a few punches and kicks, just enough to keep your interest in the movie, but not so much that it feels like the movie is dragging on forever.  Although a few of the battles seem pointless at times, for the most part there was purpose behind each battle that added some extra pizazz to it.  The animation for these scenes was incredible, only occasionally looking fake, and the camera work for the most part kept up with the action.  You do know how much I like my action scenes and I’m happy to say that this movie did hit that level I wanted, though I always want more action.  The only scenes I was really disappointed with were Captain America’s.  I felt of all the Marvel heroes we saw, he had the least epic actions resulting to more awkward jumping and dives than actual fighting.  Fans of him may be a bit disappointed with his fights, but impressed with his acting.  Any other weaknesses for me on the action?  Well again I always want more, but perhaps the biggest thing I want is more balance between the characters next time.  A few of the scenes show promise that will happen next time and I hope the Marvel studios will pick up some more combination scenes for the next movie.

I’m reaching my limit so I’ll wrap up this review by saying Avengers rocks.  There is so much packed into this movie, that one review is not enough to capture every detail.  With fantastic sound editing, phenomenal acting, high-speed action, and some balanced comedy, The Avengers may in fact be one of the best movies of the year so far.  I definitely recommend a trip to the theater for this one and will most likely be seeing it again in the near future.  My scores for the following are down below:

Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi:  9.0-9.5

Movie Overall:  9.0

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