Assemble for the Avengers

Ever since the first Iron Man released back in 2008, Marvel Studios has been teasing us with the promise of The Avengers.  Throughout the next four years and five movies we have seen those final scenes clueing us in on Marvel combination projects.  Finally the movie has arrived and once again I am here to give my input on the latest movie this weekend.  So let’s not dawdle and jump right into the review on Marvel’s the Avengers.

The Avengers movie starts out with bang, literally, as the evil Loki (Tom Hiddleston) obtains a new power from a new alien army.  After kicking some butt and stealing the shiny blue cube we saw in Thor, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson

) decides to play his trump card project code named the Avengers.  Soon the iconic Marvel heroes team up hoping to unite their skills and powers to stop the mad God from destroying the world.

Well I know you are asking, “Robbie was it worth all the wait?”  My friends I’m here to tell you that for the most part, The Avengers is definitely worth wait and will not disappoint you.  Where to start with this review?  I guess let’s start with how balanced this movie.  Throughout the entire film there is a decent blend of action, comedy, and story that combines to form an adventure most fans are sure to be amazed with.  At various points where tension builds up, one of the many actors delivers a well written line that cracks you up and keeps you asking, “Where are they going next?”  Each actor was able to deliver his or her lines at just the right time and with just the right emotion, never really overacting at all in the movie, which is a nice surprise.

This brings me to my next point about the movie, the actors.  I’m happy to say that for once a movie that incorporates a lot of famous actors finally doesn’t stink, unlike some recent comedies.  I was impressed with how well the actors worked together and the natural chemistry that was there as each person complimented the flaws of the other.  I can’t really give you examples without ruining the movie, so I’ll leave this review with saying the casting crew really picked a great assortment of actors to play the cast.  My favorite of the bunch has to be Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) who seemed to take the most screen time of the superheroes.  As we saw in Iron Man, Downey can play a wide array of emotions and deliver his lines flawlessly.  Perhaps it’s his natural charisma that gives his characters an edge, but there is always something about him that helps him stand out.  Another welcome addition to the cast is Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk.  Although I enjoyed Edward Norton’s acting in the last installment Ruffalo took the role to another level and really filled in the shoes left behind.  Like Downey, he too seems to have a quality that makes him a good scientist that can be serious at one moment, friendly the next, and sarcastic later.  He and Downey had some of the best character interactions balancing morals and ethics, with aggression and progress.   As for the other actors and actresses, well they did a great job too, but I don’t have enough time to really elaborate on their skills and cover some other aspects of the movie.  However, I do applaud their performances and hope they will return for a sequel should they decide to pursue one.

What else does this movie have to offer in terms of strengths?  Well let’s talk about the action since those of you who have seen the trailer must want to hear about it.  For the most part it rocks, starting with an epic chase scene that gets the adrenaline pumping early and continues throughout the movie.  Now some of the fight scenes I warn you are just a few punches and kicks, just enough to keep your interest in the movie, but not so much that it feels like the movie is dragging on forever.  Although a few of the battles seem pointless at times, for the most part there was purpose behind each battle that added some extra pizazz to it.  The animation for these scenes was incredible, only occasionally looking fake, and the camera work for the most part kept up with the action.  You do know how much I like my action scenes and I’m happy to say that this movie did hit that level I wanted, though I always want more action.  The only scenes I was really disappointed with were Captain America’s.  I felt of all the Marvel heroes we saw, he had the least epic actions resulting to more awkward jumping and dives than actual fighting.  Fans of him may be a bit disappointed with his fights, but impressed with his acting.  Any other weaknesses for me on the action?  Well again I always want more, but perhaps the biggest thing I want is more balance between the characters next time.  A few of the scenes show promise that will happen next time and I hope the Marvel studios will pick up some more combination scenes for the next movie.

I’m reaching my limit so I’ll wrap up this review by saying Avengers rocks.  There is so much packed into this movie, that one review is not enough to capture every detail.  With fantastic sound editing, phenomenal acting, high-speed action, and some balanced comedy, The Avengers may in fact be one of the best movies of the year so far.  I definitely recommend a trip to the theater for this one and will most likely be seeing it again in the near future.  My scores for the following are down below:

Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi:  9.0-9.5

Movie Overall:  9.0

So until next time my friends this is Robbie K signing off.  If you want more discussion, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Peace!


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