Party Flick- Nothing More

What do you think of when you see Adam Sandler?  For me it is a funny actor who hit his prime early on with movies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore and has had a few cute movies from time to time.  Unfortunately his latest movie titled That’s My Boy, is not one of those movies and instead takes a turn down the more vulgar comedy route.  Was it good?  To save you some time, not really, but for more informative details read on about this latest addition to the “comedy” family.

As I’m sure you have all seen, That’s My Boy tells the story about Donny (Sandler) who at the hormone crazy age of thirteen decides to have sex with his teacher.  This act of statutory rape somehow boosts Donny’s reputation and makes him a child super star loved by millions.  Thirty years later, Donny is on the fringe of going to jail for back taxes and decides to use his soon to be rich son “Todd”( Andy Samberg) to bail him out.  After not seeing each other for almost ten years, Donny decides to visit his son days before his wedding to attempt to reconnect with his illegitimate offspring, while also keeping his eyes on the prize.

If you think the trailer looked good, then I’ll let you know now this movie is for once summed up in the trailer.  That’s My Boy is a party flick with lots of booze, boobs, and sexual innuendos that are sure to make the party hard fans laugh and cheer in delight.  From square one the movie shows many details I cared not to see, such as inappropriate sex scenes, various gestures of self-pleasure, and even a few scenes of disposed sexual tools that were more than I needed to see.  When Sandler and the bunch aren’t getting their freak on, they are filling their time with excessive alcohol consumption.  Yes, just like the song that promoted the movie, there is seldom a scene where Sandler is not holding a beer.  In fact, he actually has quite a soiree of tools to open the bottles, some of which are amusing, and some that are rather stupid.  You might think that this would lead to some humorous antics, but instead it’s filled with rather childish actions that are more annoying than fun.  A few of the scenes have their moments, such as a convenient store owner joining in a drunken rant and a few humorous catches during the baseball scene, but that’s it.

Now you might think that the dialog could help make up for the lack of situational comedy, well you would be mistaken.  Like the plot, the various jokes and lines are incredibly shallow that are mainly filled with sleazy innuendos and in some cases pretty racist humor.  I’m sure it’s no surprise as well to hear that the major word used in this movie is the F word that seems to be the key to humor these days.  Perhaps what weakens the dialog even more is the delivery of it.  Sandler uses that throaty/horse scream he has made famous, while Samberg brings that teenage whine that becomes rather annoying.  However, the writers did have a few well timed jokes and anecdotes that had me and the audience laughing, but they are few and far in between, most of which are not in the trailers.  Aside from that though, there is nothing really special or entertaining to report on.

Surely there must be something good to this movie I can report on.  Perhaps the biggest strength of the movie is the soundtrack.  Throughout the film there were some fitting tunes that had me tapping my toes, especially the two eighty hits that were very catchy for me.  When the audience isn’t being blasted with music, there are some rather heartfelt moments between father and son.  Although cliché, these reuniting scenes pulled at my heartstrings and helped bring back memories of times with my dad.  The last thing I can say was a positive was the camera work was pretty well done.  While this may not be what you are looking for in a movie, the camera team did a nice job picking the right angle to make the limited humor as funny as it could be.  Unfortunately it was not enough to save the movie.  On a final note, those looking to check out some beautiful ladies may want to give this movie a shot.  There are countless moments where one will see a very pretty blonde or brunette spinning, twirling, soaking in a hot tub, or just prancing around in tight shorts.

That’s My Boy is definitely one of the more vulgar movies I’ve seen this summer.  People who are fans of movies like The Hangover, Project X, or the latest Harold and Kumar should give this film a try.  However, if you are looking for a film with more balance, better humor, and less annoyance I urge you to avoid it.  If you’re a Sandler fan however, I understand if you have to go see this film, but I encourage you to wait until Netflix or Redbox has it available.

Here are my scores:

Comedy:  6.0

Movie Overall:  4.5-5.0


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