Diverse Comedy, Same Old Ferrell and Zach G.

 If action isn’t your cup of tea, then chances are you chose the comedy film that came out this weekend entitled The Campaign.  In case you haven’t heard about this film, it’s essentially two unlikely candidates Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) running for the North Carolina Delicate position.  With the ballads cast, the two Carolinians decide to go at each other’s throats until only one man is left standing.  Who will be the winner?  Is there any other plot to this already pathetic plot?  Should you care to see it in theaters?  Read on to find out.

So if you think the plot sounds familiar, you’d be right as this is essentially what every election is about in this modern age.  Warner Bros. decided to make fun of current day political campaigns by adding the two, for lack of a better word, eccentric actors to poke, prod, and utterly slap politicians in the face.  Ferrell in particular seemed to have been chosen for mirroring the corrupt, egotistical, self-involved side of the politicians, as he had his eyes on one thing winning.  To no surprise, he did a nice job playing the jackass once more, capturing every detail to the letter as if it were his natural self.  Fans of the former SNL star’s overacting will once again be laughing their heads in every scene with Ferrell as he talks like Ricky Bobby, gives his wide eye stare like Elf, and makes some pretty perverted jokes that cross the lines.  I’ll admit now I didn’t find him that funny, but that’s because his material has grown stale on me for some time now and I just don’t care for him.   Regardless, Ferrell will keep his devoted fans pleased with his naïve stupid character and his irrational, though sometimes funny, political strikes.

Instead the candidate I found to be more humorous was Galifianakis.  The Hangover star still has a natural tendency to make people laugh and this film is no different.  His character mimics the eager politician who goes in for the right reasons, but succumbs to the “outside” factors that supposedly have no influence on politics.  Regardless Zach’s ability to play awkward characters really shines in this movie, as Mr. Huggins is indeed awkward.  The innocence of Marty is childlike and seeing him approach more adult situations put him in some interesting situations that were rather funny to watch.  His reactions to his campaign manager’s constant demands involve many goofy faces, random catch phrases, and some well delivered cursing that had me in stitches.  What might be even more satisfying is the rivalry between Ferrell and Galifianakis has a lot of dreamed up antics come true.  I won’t reveal who gets the better of whom, but if you have distaste for any one of these actors, well you’ll see them take a few hits now and then.  Even Marty’s family opens up some ground for laughs, but it’s really only one scene that kind of does a rapid introduction to Marty.

However there is a shock factor to this movie that I did not see coming.  I’ll warn you now that a lot of scenes were edited in the trailer that was not as audience friendly in the theater.  Many simple insults and teenager terminology was replaced with more vulgar comments, some of which were not needed.  A few of the acts of violence were also more extreme in the actual movie and while they were funny at times, there were times where this kind of humor overstepped some boundaries.  There were even some intense romance scenes were also a little awkward to see as well, especially a rather dirty message to an unsuspecting family, which is funny on the situation, but not on the words.  Those with high boundaries though, will probably be unfazed on a lot of these things though, especially if you like movies like “The Change Up and Horrible Bosses. 

What else can I say about The Campaign?  Well surprisingly for a comedy, there were some good messages built into the movie.  Although the team was mainly humiliating many politicians, they also managed to open a lot of people’s eyes to the deals made in the background.  Seeing this corruption fuel the race may make one a little angry, but do not worry because in a comedy there are lots of good things that come from introducing this corruption.  The production team also did a nice job on portraying the two character’s families and how they can be a hindrance or a blessing depending on the character’s morals.  Again there are more laughs to be had, but it’s nice to see a comedy where the characters have some other character trait than extreme horniness.  Who knows, maybe the politicians who come and see this film will actually see the light and do something with their jobs.  Morals aside though, this comedy did a decent job integrating some media tools to help increase their joke variety.  I may have laughed more at some of the media jargon and lingo than I did at either character, but that’s just me.

Despite my initial doubts and judgments, the Campaign wasn’t that bad.  While Ferrell didn’t impress me, Galifianakis managed to get me laughing a lot.  Throw in the insults to the American politicians, the exaggerated stunts, intense rivalry, and characters with morals and you get a decent comedy.  Is it comedy of the year like people are saying?  Not really, and I think this movie is best saved for a rainy day and Netflix.  Again be warned that some of the scenes have been severely altered from the trailer, so if you are planning on taking your younger kids take that into consideration.  My scores for this movie are the following

Comedy: 7.0-7.5

Movie Overall:  6.0-6.5



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