Fifth Time’s The Charm For this Finale

 Hello, Hello all, I’m here with another movie review.  This time I’m covering the latest in the Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn Part 2, and I hope to shed some light on the final episode of the series.  Now you’ve seen plenty of debate in this series with many hating everything about this series, while others think it’s the best vampire series to ever exist.  With all the bias towards this series, it may be hard to determine whether this movie is worth spending time in the theater or should just be blown off.  Let’s see if I can shed some light on the subject.

With last year’s rather overhyped prequel, I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to the second installment of Breaking Dawn.  Although the trailers showed some interesting direction, I had my doubts that they could actually do something to extend the last few pages of the book.  However, the directing team was able to accomplish their goal, in what may be the most impressive movie yet to hit the series.  Just what makes this movie so great though.  My first strength was the dialog.  While most of the movies lines are overemotional, lovey dovey, one dimensional quotes from the book that made me roll my eyes, this one was a little different.  I found this installment to have more balance still sticking to some of the classic lines, but throwing in some well-timed comedy.  The insults and banter between Jacob and the vampires were quite entertaining to the audience and me, and I thought some of the extra characters even had some funny moments with the parts they played. Charlie (Billy Burke) in particular had me laughing the most, with his awkward comedy and real facial gestures combining to be very funny.  Aside from the comedy, the movie did have some good dialog play on other parts, particularly when it involved making plans involving the Cullen’s battle against all odds.  Of course being Twilight, this movie also had its share of romantic dialog, many being lines quote from the book, which should comfort die-hard fans of the series.  While some of the romance was captured in these mooshy quotes, some of it still made me laugh or roll my eyes at the cheesiness that still remains.

Aside from the dialog what else was good about this movie?  I guess my next biggest thing is the balance this movie has.  While this Twilight still has that romantic feel that will have fans crying awe, this film had other things to keep the movie going.  For one thing there was some suspense to the movie, as all the behind the scenes of the book were brought to life on screen.  The Vultori’s movements, the attempt to control hunger, and even the training scenes were all well shot to keep the suspense building.  Between these scenes, fans are certain to enjoy the love dynamic not only between Edward and Bella (which includes a seven minute love scene), but spread amongst the other members of the family, especially Renessmee.  I felt that there was actually a family dynamic between the Cullen’s this time instead of them all just being in the same room and just hugging each other’s mate and giving that Abercrombie and Fitch smolder.  Throw in the extra vampire’s backstory and loyalty, and well you have quite a story builder that keeps the movie going forward much faster than the other films.  Yet there was still another dynamic thrown into the mix that helped bring this movie to a full circle, the action.  Now many reviews and commercials are going to say it’s the most action packed, which is true, however don’t think this means its Cullen slam fest 2012.  Most of the 105 minutes stays true to the romantic soup I previously mentioned, but there are a few scenes of fast running and fighting thrown in to pick up the pace.  However, the action to mention is the battle at the end, which takes up ten minutes of the film and has plenty of impressive moves that impressed me, and some simple punches that didn’t.  While the fight is impressive, there are some things that needed some work to make it better, the biggest being some rather spastic camera work during the fight.

Still not impressed with the movie?  I have a few other points to cover that might change your mind.  The soundtrack for this movie was rather good, with many of the musical scores fitting the scenes’ emotions perfectly.  As for the acting, well it has somewhat improved, but still remains the same model poster, cardboard acting that has made the series famous.  Kristen Stewart continues showing her unemotional acting skills off delivering most of her lines in that awkward monotone way, and fails in her attempts to be angry, which is rather funny.  However, most people going in know the acting isn’t the best, but go for the looks of the characters.  Yes, my fans there are still plenty of hot body scenes to go around, as both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are still present.  Unfortunately for you girls, Lautner keeps his tight shirts on for most of the movie so you might be disappointed in that aspect.   Guys , you’re not out of the loop on this one though, as the new vampires not only bring guys, but a few beautiful girls as well, especially the blonde cousins.

Breaking Dawn 2 finally has the balance the series has needed and wrapped up the series impressively.  Although the acting, editing, and dialog still need some tightening up, most of the mistakes from the previous films have been corrected or improved upon.  My opinion is to catch this movie in theaters as it is worth a second trip for me, but definitely hit it up on Netflix.

My scores are:

Adventure/Drama/Fantasy: 8.5

Movie Overall:  7.0-7.5

Series:  9.5

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