Chowdown on The Wolf Pack’s “Final” Adventure

                Hangover Part III


The wolf pack returned to my town tonight, and thus comes another opportunity to adventure with the heroes of wild, crazy, and drunken stupor comedy.  That’s right folks; The Hangover Part III is the movie up for review this weekend.  I don’t know about you guys, but for this reviewer I wasn’t a big fan of the second movie, Alan of course being an exception.  For me seeing the first movie rehashed in a different country just didn’t amount to the first one or as a movie on its own.  That and the fact of seeing half and half people is enough to end chills down my spine.  So when the third movie reared its bearded face, I didn’t know what to think.  What was my verdict?  Please read on to find out.

Unlike its predecessors, the third installment starts off with a bit more spice to it, as the infamous Mr. Chow escapes his imprisonment from Bangkok’s maximum security prison in a manner mirroring the Fugitive only with more course language.  Oblivious to his escape is our favorite fat man himself Alan, who is still as childish as ever buying things with his dad’s money without care of the consequences.  After an unfortunate accident with a giraffe and a highway, the adventure starts and a “new” tale begins.  This brings me to my first thumbs up of the movie, the different approach to wolf pack’s adventure.  While I enjoyed putting the puzzle together of what happened to the trio in their drug induced night, it was getting stale.  Part III moved forward in time though, and we got to watch the antics unfold as they attempt to stop Mr. Chows drug induced journey.   Does this mean the ridiculous of the movies have gone down?  Not at all, we just get to see the ridiculous unfold in present time instead of through a series of flashbacks.  Instead we got to see a little more of the trio’s inner characters come to fruit and in a sense mature from what we saw a few years back.  The new pace also allowed some old faces to reappear to not only drive the plot forward, but also tie up some loose ends that I didn’t think existed.  Overall I found the crew for this movie did a nice job breaking their traditional style and applaud their cleverness in this film.

Just because we aren’t uncovering the events of the drunken night before though doesn’t mean this film doesn’t have comedy.  All the characters are still the same in this movie, just a little older, a little gutsier and surprisingly a little more mature.  Mr. Chow is still as annoying as ever with his voice, taking any opportunity to drop an F bomb or call someone a bitch.  Yet the feisty man now has a bigger part in the film instead of just making well-timed appearances to provide some information.  Alan is still as childlike and stupid, delivering his classic, one liner filled lines with the same emotion to make you laugh your head off.  Combine that with Galifianakis’s face and you get a combo that has continued to make the man entertaining to watch.  As for Phil and Stu, well they have their moments, but the new pace didn’t give them as many opportunities to be their classic selves.  Stu is still pathetic, but there was no horrific event that happened the night before for us to laugh at, well at least through most of the movie.  Phil on the other hand just curses a lot, and remains the pillar of the group while also being eye candy for the ladies in the audience.  Even though the characters are getting old, the combination of these three is still entertaining.  The way they bounce insults off of each other, work to screw up things, and react to one of the others stupidity is so well done I feel as if they are actually this group.

Despite the cleverness and new approach, this movie is still another comedy that falls within the mass sea that has flooded the market.  While I liked this movie better than 2, this film is still just a rehash of the first movie with the same tired plot elements.  Some of the jokes are either the same as those of the predecessors, or so similar that they are not as funny, minus a few lines that shine that shine through.  The movie also relies a little too much on Alan and Chow, focusing not only the comedy but the story on these two.  While entertaining, there is only so much of chow I can take in the course of two hours before I’m ready for someone to take the arrogant fool out.  Finally, I didn’t enjoy some of the animal cruelty the movie showed.  A decapitated Giraffe is one thing, but some of the other references I didn’t enjoy with my soft spot for animals.

The Hangover Part III was a step in the right direction for the series, but I hope they will end it here, though with the ending that doesn’t look to be the case.  It is still fun, crude, and a wild ride that many will enjoy.  I encourage fans of the series, especially Chow and Alan, to go see it in theaters and enjoy the cleverness this movie has.  Those who are just casual fans of the series though, I would say hold off for some of the other comedies down the line.  However, you looking to get out of the house and just have a casual laugh, then please go and see this movie.

My scores for this film are:


Comedy: 7.0

Movie:  6.0


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