Wedding Crasher Fun In A New Box

The internship

            Hello all and once again it’s Robbie K reporting in with another movie.  This time I’m coming at you with the Internship, the latest comedy starring that dynamic duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who entertained us with Wedding Crashers.  Well it seems eight years later the team who helped make that fun comedy have returned to make what many are calling a remake/ knock off of the “romantic” comedy.  Is it true, or is there more to this movie than meets the eye?  Please read on to hear my opinions.

I’ll agree that there are many similarities to the plot of Wedding Crashers.  The two smooth talkers seem to be living the dream, until something happens to derail their train and send them on a new path that is for the better.  Instead of banging babes and finding true love though, this time it’s more about taking a chance and bridging a gap between generations all the while addressing the trials within.  This is where one of my strengths of this movie comes in, the relevance of the plot to me.  The Internship addresses big problems that faces many today, the security and safety of a job and the challenge that our culture has become. Being a student currently going through similar trials, I found the production team did a good job showing the various struggles that the younger generation faces, and their accompanying Impressing parents, cynical approaches to problems, the substitution of technology for life, and many more issues are all well integrated into this movie to drive the point across.  Lucky for the audience it’s not done in too cheesy a manner that it makes you think it’s an 80’s/90’s sitcomSomething else I liked was the fact that all of the characters in their intern group had a problem, which allowed for yes you guessed it BALANCE, which we all know I like.  Of course it’s not just solely a bunch of smart college kids pulling miracles out of the air, and complaining about their problems.  No Vaughn and Wilson’s characters have their own problems that they had to face as they get integrated into a new world that the younger generation seems to run.  Now we’ve seen these problems before I won’t lie, but there is some fresh chemistry between the older generation and newer generation that shows off a dual teacher-student relationship.

With limited space let’s move on to the comedy.  The Internship switches gears from odd/awkward sex scenarios that floods the dialog and bounces into the land of stereotypical nerds, generation gaps, and new experiences that go a different route.  For me this allowed for some balance in humor, with many of the “inspirational” speeches and geek events making me laugh at points through the movie.  Character references from star wars, insults using computer vernacular, and dressing up as literature with some pizazz await those who go to this movie, so be ready for this humor.  I like the diversity, and some of the creativity these guys did, but from the responses of the other audience members that wasn’t the same case.  Don’t worry though they still laughed, but more so on the sexual situations that still appear a good number of times.  As for the older generation, the team also digs up some references from the previous decades, which although were sometimes over my head, still entertained the audience and me at points. However, this could have been due to the delivery of the lines and acting that went with it.

This brings me to my next point, the acting.  Like Wedding Crashers Vaughn and Wilson are the same duo that entertained us years ago, delivering their lines in the same manner as they did back then.  Vaughn delivers his lines at a rapid pace in a jumbled, hyper mess that has random words flying through the air.  Wilson joins him in the stamped of words, but then brought sarcasm to the table to retaliate some of the quips thrown at him.  Not one to be backed down, Vaughn would come right back with his spin on sarcastic dialog and usually throw in his natural, goofy face that brought the finishing punch to the humor.  However, this is what these guys almost always do in their comedies, which means that if you are tired of this chemistry then you probably don’t want to see this movie, because you might get annoyed with the brotherhood these two share.  Yet there are other props due to some of the other cast members.  The lovely Rose Byrne is a combination of beauty and good acting as she adds an Australian accent into mix and plays more of the love story part, yet her character is a step down from her previous parts.  Josh Brener, the phone commercial guy, had a fun character as well, being the classic and hopeful nerd with a goal that seems impossible.  As for the “bad” guy of this movie, Max Minghella did a nice job adding some British edge to the villain, but for the most part it was the same character with more bite and computer skills, than political bark.  The rest of the group is fine, each doing a good job at the role they are playing and looking the part in every scene.

The Internship is a fun summer movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.  While it is definitely not the most original movie, there are plenty of jokes to keep you laughing and having fun, no matter what generation you are from.  However, there are a lot of similarities, primarily the acting, that this movie has and I will say is a somewhat knock off of Wedding Crashers.  If you are looking for a fun group movie or just some mindless fun, well consider this film; otherwise wait for Redbox for this film.


Comedy:  6-6.5

Movie Overall: 5.0-6.0




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