It’s Miller Time!!!!



Robbie K is back with another movie review and boy what a fun movie it is.  This time I share my thoughts on the latest comedy, We’re The Millers, a movie that seems to have fans raving.  With a cast of NBC veterans like Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis, the funny factor for this movie seems potentially high, well that and the ridiculous plot the trailer hints at.  Yet many comedies prove to be rather stupid or so vulgar that they become garbage polluting the movie pool, yet still seem to be so popular.  What’s my verdict on this film?  Find out below.


In case you haven’t seen the trailers, We’re The Millers centers on dysfunctional family situations, which have been beaten to death in various media.  Yet the creative minds behind this movie managed to salvage this overused concept and instead give it a modern twist to make it enjoyable for the masses, while at the same time crossing into uncomfortable territory for some.  What is this twist?  Essentially a ridiculous adventure of a drug dealer named David Clark (Sudeikis) being sent to Mexico to pick up an obscene amount of drugs for his supplier (Ed Helms).  To achieve this rather risky operation, he decides to make a fake family consisting of a stripper (Anniston), an abandoned virgin (Will Poulter), and a runaway (Emma Roberts) to assist him crossing the border.  Sounds hilarious doesn’t it?


Well in truth I indeed laughed my head off at this movie that had a bit of comedy for all to enjoy and relish in.  While most comedies I prefer to watch are kiddier, involve bathroom humor, or clever uses of geekiness, We’re the Millers somehow had me laughing at the more mature and drug centered themes.  The sexual innuendos, awkward situations, and crossing into uncomfortable territory were gradually increased in intensity as the journey continued, instead of cranking the awkward level up to max at the very beginning.  Perhaps what I liked even more was the fact that all these situations were cleverly integrated into the façade of the dysfunctional family, instead of just having idiotic characters mouth of and randomly spouting out disgusting and awkward phrases.  Unlike many modern stoner/alcoholic comedies, this movie also broadens its humor to not just focus on sex and masturbation, but again cross into uncomfortable subjects without turning into an R rated light porno.  Was I the only one who enjoyed this?  Not even close, the entire audience laughed the night away at the constant insults, references, and reactions of the faux family and their surrounding cast.  Of course what also helps bring laughs is the stupidity of just about every cast member on set that allows the insanity to occur.  I’ll admit many of these things are jabs to humanity and the government, but it’s still fun and one hast to let go of how ridiculous the concept is.  Those who can’t, well take a break and look for another movie, as well as those who hate sexual and drug based comedy.


Of course no good comedy can be done without a good dialog and acting.  We’re the Millers definitely isn’t the best when it comes to these things, but it’s certainly built for the fun adventure to be had.  Sudeikis for once isn’t a complete pervert or idiot as I’ve found him to play in previous roles, and somehow curses his way past my low tolerance level to be funny, yet sometimes annoying.  I guess it’s the time limit David has keeping him grounded, as well as the predictable “story” forcing him to be a little more balanced and less stupid.  Roberts is enjoyable as well, not only very beautiful, but brings some edge to her insults that remind me of my roommate’s quips.  Yet for me, it has to be Poulter and Aniston who got me to laugh the hardest.  Poulter’s character Kenny is like a white Urkel, geeky, innocent, and big hearted, whose qualities counter the selfishness of the other three.  While some will find this annoying, this good Samaritan attitude keeps the comedy balanced and adapting as Kenny’s experiences, and in some cases inexperience, leads to the family having to shove their morals aside and do something funny to save the day.  Kenny also has a few embarrassing moments that will speak to geeks and 90’s pop junkies to have tears rolling down their eyes.  Aniston is just as good as she always does, using her beauty and talents to create a believable, and often-loveable character.  The actress uses her body, words, and reactions to drive every scene, often stealing the show and causing the most laughs for me.  Her ability to use sarcasm is fantastic; the way she slings her curses sparingly and well timed to get the most laughs and not be annoying.  The awkward moments I have mentioned often involve her in some way, and her character (Rose) does a great job adapting to the situation, while still requiring assistance to help her out.  Of course alone these characters are good, but together they really shine, and when combined with the extras, makes for a fun, albeit crude adventure.  As for the cursing, well this summer must have helped me develop a tolerance, but We’re the Millers dialog is full of many F bombs and other words I try not to say, though the dialog is not solely the foul mouthed slang.


            While definitely not a masterpiece in terms of story, character development, or really fantastic editing, We’re the Millers is very fun and enjoyable.  Many will love the ridiculous adventure, the stupid laughs, and the cheap blows Hollywood has prepared for us.  Go see it if you are looking for something fun, but avoid if you have lower tolerances for any of the things I’ve mentioned.  My scores for this movie are:


Comedy/Crime:  8.0

Movie Overall:  6.0




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