Think Like A Man… Again


            Romantic comedies, they come so fast that they always seem to blur together in one tangled mess.  This past weekend, we got yet another one, in the form of Steve Harvey’s latest creation and sequel: Think Like a Man Too.  No shock, the predecessor to this movie didn’t have much in terms of originality, but still it was an entertaining movie that many found to be enjoyable.  So what in the world did this sequel have in store, and was it worth a trip to the theaters?  Read on to find out


Let’s state the obvious; this flick is a repeat of what we saw a few years ago, though this time with a little more uniformity in the story.  Taking the prequels concepts of multiple relationship issues, this tale added a baseline plot element that helped keep the stories tied together, something Vegas seems to have a strong ability of doing.  Although the couples start out separated in that classic bachelor/bachelorette party vintage, their stories intertwine in a mess of gossip sessions, where both parties reveal their insecurities.  Though amidst these talks is a plethora of scenes that bring you back in to the world of Vegas partying… again.    And surprise, surprise, the plot is predictable with everything ending the way you expect it to be, albeit with a little twist thrown in.  Now cool your jets, because I know the plot isn’t the main thing you come to see, but as a reviewer I have to state not the most original story I’ve seen.


Let’s push past the story and go into the humor next.  Once again the comedy focuses on one man to make us laugh, and that is Kevin Hart.  Hart still doesn’t waver from his style of screaming like a buffoon, trying to steal all the attention with interrupting insults, and over elaborate actions.  Fans of his comedy will love Cedric, as his accident prone, bad luck nature gets the gang into some fun gags. It’s old; it’s beaten into your head, but still funny at times, often due to the response from the other actors.  Speaking of the other actors, well they are Kevin’s support group, throwing in occasional jokes to give us a break from Hart’s idiotic tendencies.  Some of the jokes are funny, and others are just sad, but they’ve attempted to throw in some balance that I look for in these movies.  A majority of the time though, the cast is merely eye candy, with half naked men and women filling the screen and getting responses from both sexes alike. Again something we tend to see in Vegas movies.


When not looking sexy on the screen though, the rest of the cast is playing the drama role.  The same issues that hooked many last time remains, but introduces a few new dilemmas to the mix to keep things “interesting.”  Mother in law issues, wanting kids, parenting, or perhaps putting love before all else, are some of the issues Harvey addresses in the film.  Surely one of these stories will grab hold of your interests, my guess between either the marrying couple’s issues, or the job over relationship tale, as these were the two tales I was interested in.  Despite predictability, it’s done well and the drama is enough to keep the plot going, but not take away from the good, fun, attitude the comedy provides.  The morals and lessons Harvey preaches will touch your hearts, if you have one for love that is.


Overall Think Like a Man Too was not that bad of a sequel.  It’s a nice balance of comedy and drama, and does a decent job of developing some of the characters to help keep you into the story.  Yes, Hart steals most of the show, but it still doesn’t bother me too much with how much the cast gets to act in, as opposed to movies like Valentine’s Day that fail so much in spreading out their stars.  I had a good time with this movie, but I say again it’s no academy award winner, which is perfectly fine.  One thing I will admit about Harvey’s work it’s a movie that can be seen as a group or a date night movie, so if looking for one consider this film.


My scores are:


Comedy/Drama:  7.0

Overall:  6.5


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