Another McCarthy Movie, but a few new gimmicks


            My second review focuses on the comedy of the weekend named Tammy.  As I’m sure you have seen, Melissa McCarthy stars in this rambunctious tale where hilarious antics are sure to plague every second of this movie without any restraint from a censor bureau.  From her track record though, we know that her movies have been pretty much the same basic structure, with only slight changes to her character and a different setting.  Does Tammy fit into this mold, or is there something more in this film that makes it worthwhile.  Read on to find out.


Seeing as Tammy is a comedy, let’s start with the laughs this film has to offer.  Tammy has a variety of comedy present in this film, all ridiculously silly and overacted as we tend to see in McCarthy’s movies.  From the very beginning, McCarthy plays her traditional character, hitting a deer in the first five minutes and coaching it through its recovery.  You would think this set the stupid bar high, but it only gets stupider as one bad day starts an adventure full of cursing, insults, alcoholic stunts and awkward situations.  Many of these scenes you have seen in the trailer, with a comedic kick happening moments after, which you most likely will predict.  And through it all McCarthy does her same routine, screaming loudly and making over dramatic motions that take a long time to move on from. She is funny yes, but how much longer can I keep finding entertainment in the same character and laughs she provides.  Yet for audience members like me, there are some other characters to help take the comedy reigns.  Susan Sarandon playing a careless, alcoholic grandmother was very entertaining, her sarcasm and blunt delivery perfect to ground Tammy’s vibrant nature, and provide a bit of a moral dilemma.  Even better was Kathy Bates who was a blend of Tammy and Grandma Pearl, doing over the top stunts and yet very too the point with her lines.  Often Bates character helped drive the story, helping develop characters with just a few catty phrases before calling in laughs.


Speaking of the dialogue, the writers did a nice job packing the script with a lot of diverse comedic styles.  Screaming rants by Tammy are a mess of descriptions that lack any cohesive meaning, often just word vomiting all the thought in her head.  Like most rated R movies, witty humor is replaced with curse laden one liners, that sometimes hit the mark and sometimes go soaring over head.  Yet, there are some lines that had me laughing incredibly hard, in particular the description of Tammy to a bag of Cheetos and describing her life in a few comical means.  Though for many audience members, it didn’t matter what was said, for the generic comedy was gold in their eyes.


Story wise, it’s simple, escaping a town full of bitter memories to go to Niagara falls to fulfill an old dream.  Over the course of the movie, Tammy realizes the sources of her troubles come from within and instead of running she needs to face up to them.  While retired, stale, and rather predictable, it is always nice to get a refresher in these life changing lessons, that can kick you hard enough to motivate you to implement them.  Otherwise there are no twists, no real surprises, and really no dilemmas you haven’t seen before.  Such simplicity makes this a fun comedy, but again you can save yourself money and watch one of the other movies McCarthy has starred in.


There really isn’t much else I can say about this movie, other than the camera work or sound quality are nicely done.  The soundtrack is also filled with some rather good tunes, the opening song in particular made me bob in my seat.  Overall Tammy is the same comedy you’ve seen again.  Fans of this style will be rolling on the floor or screaming out loud, so these are the audience members I feel should see the movie.  Otherwise skip the film and wait for it to come out on RedBox, unless you are looking for a way to beat the heat.  Tammy is stupid, silly fun though, and certainly you will find some laughs and giggles in the writing.


Overall my scores for Tammy are:


Comedy: 5.5-6.0

Movie Overall:  5.0 


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