Put an X on the Sex Tape

sex tape

My second review diverges from the kid’s table and heads down a more mature route.  This review focuses on Jake Kasdan’s latest work entitled Sex Tape.  Already turned off by the title, yeah so was I, but still I went into this movie hoping it would be an improvement over his earlier film Bad Teacher. So was Kasdan able to redeem himself with his latest ensemble of comedic stars, two of who were the stars of his previous movies.  Read on to find out.


My review begins with the acting of Cameron Diaz a woman who seems to land herself in a wide variety of roles, many of which are comedy.  Now in the past I’ve felt she has put too much emphasis in her comedy, trying too hard to be funny.  Not the case for this movie though, while certainly not the best performance I’ve seen, Diaz does a nice job delivering her lines and acting stupid, as she and her husband try to correct their mistake.  Yet when she is not partaking in mind-altering substances, she is able to play the role of a loving mother whose caring side seems natural and well fitting for the situation.  As for Jason Segel, there hasn’t been much change in his style.  Throughout the movie I felt I was watching Marshall, over exaggerated lines and incredibly stupid looks filling his screen time as the adventure unfolded.  While some of his stunts were funny, Segel didn’t have enough diversity for me to give him any major props.  As for other characters, well the supporting cast really didn’t do much for me in this movie.  Many of the background characters provided little laughs here and there, or even rarer a plot element, leaving the movie dependent on the two aforementioned actors.  While their chemistry was very good, for I actually felt they were married, it wasn’t enough to make up for the other things lacking in this movie.


One such limitation was the incredibly stupid humor in this movie.  Now before a mob builds up or you stop reading this review hear me out.  Sex Tape’s comedy is not original, and pushes stupidity to the limits.  It’s stale not only because we’ve seen the antics in other films, but because we’ve seen all the jokes on the trailers as well.  That’s right, no shocker, if you have seen the trailers you’ve seen a majority of the humor before the movie has even started.  Lazy writing leads to very stale jokes, often drowned out by the lackadaisical use of the F bomb, and actually quite a few MF bombs as well.  You might think that I’m a bit too strict when it comes to humor, but that’s because I like stupidity mixed with cleverness and that is not the case for this movie.  However, I do admit there were a few jokes and gimmicks in this movie that made me laugh, especially some rather weird and funny paintings of one of the support characters.


Putting the stupid comedy aside, Sex Tape also falls into some graphic displays of sex.  It seems that rated R keeps pushing the limits, on what is appropriate, though for me I was not entertained seeing two naked bodies writhing around.  Yes, the camera shows a lot of scenes with some interesting techniques taking place between the two.  Some of the shots are rather awkward, some are just gross, and yet they don’t shy from showing the details, with surprisingly steady camerawork.  Thus, please don’t make the judgment call to bring younger kids to the movie, please hire a babysitter and spare the inappropriate situations.  Luckily if you can make it through the awkward, graphic displays and stupidity you will find some decent morals written into the tale as well.  You can probably guess they have to do with love and family, most likely making you want to gag, but having them taught to the family by a certain celebrity is quite funny to me, considering his previous works.  And while I know you aren’t really going for the story, there is a nice little twist to the film that you don’t see coming.


Sex tape is definitely the stupid tale you’ve come to expect from the trailers.  However the graphic, awkward displays of sex, combined with the stale trailer scenes does not make it worth a trip to the theater.  Sure Diaz still looks cute, even cuter with the makeup work and she does nice acting, but it isn’t enough to save this movie.  If you are dying for a comedy though, or a big fan of Bad Teacher, then take a trip to the theater and laugh your head off.  My recommendation is again wait a couple of weeks for the next round of movies and do something else. 


My scores for Sex Tape are:


Comedy: 4.5

Movie Overall: 4.0



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