Big Hero Sick!!!!! Action, Emotion, and Comedy For All

Big Hero 6

            The beginning of November usually means a few things, the beginning of Christmas season, lots of food, and of course at least one kids animated movie. This weekend opens up the season with another work by Disney Animation Studios, or Pixar’s rival to some. With the gold mine that was their last movie, Frozen, the cavalcade of animators have once again churned out another animated feature that looks to be fun. Yet can it match the success of their last film? As always read on.


The tale of Big Hero 6 is about a boy named Hiro (Ryan Potter), a kid with a knack for robotics. Through the encouragement of his brother, Hiro is inspired to pursue higher education of robotic design and change the modern world. Unfortunately, an accident though, turns Hiro’s world upside down, with only memories and his brother’s creation Bay Max (Scott Adsit) to help him carry on. However, a new threat surrounding one of Hiro’s projects rises from the shadows, and only the dynamic duo can uncover the secrets at hand.


So what did I think of the film? I’ll start by saying this reviewer loved the film more than Frozen. Yes I know I’m probably shouting blasphemy, but let me explain why. It starts with the story. Big Hero 6 has many of the familiar elements that we love in a Disney film. Hiro’s story starts out exciting from the get go, throwing pizazz and excitement into the mix early to grab your attention. But it doesn’t stop there, as this story, like any good story, changes up things when you start getting comfortable. Audiences will get to see Hiro’s world change as one event happens that completely changes the dynamic of the movie, yet keeps things grounded. Mystery, drama, character development, and more are all built into this tale, intricately weaved to help bring the characters to life without going into too much detail. You might be saying Frozen had that too? Yes, but what’s different between these two movies is that Frozen built it’s story around a soundtrack and sped through some valuable qualities. Big Hero 6 doesn’t do this, and focuses more on the story, with the soundtrack supporting the film during its montage moments. What I liked even more is that Big Hero 6 had a great character development as well, which remained throughout the whole movie and wasn’t lost.


Let’s get off the plot though and talk about some other things this movie has to offer. For one thing the film has plenty of excitement. Hiro and the gang get into some thrilling situations that are packed with high adrenaline. Car chases, fights against technological baddies, and infiltration into quarantined zones are just some examples of what you get to see. Now just because there is action doesn’t mean you get ninja warriors beheading their foes, or guns lighting up the city. No, Big Hero 6 has more family friendly action that has some impressive moves that will thrill all ages. What’s even better is the creativity in their technology, cleverly designed to integrate science, fun, and technology into one package. Kids will get a little education, albeit a little stretched,, in science that shows how cool physics and chemistry can be. Geeks like me will appreciate each characters design, and the masses will appreciate the animation this movie has to offer. I just wished these scenes were longer and had a little more diversity to them instead of the repetitive moves.


However, the big thing kids will remember is the comedy of the movie. Big Hero 6 is full of moments that the younger audience members and I found hysterical. Juvenile actions like letting out air, klutzy stumbles into buildings, and well timed screams had me laughing. Of course being Disney, you can expect some clever dialogue and a few antics that will surely be repeated a thousand times by the population. In particular the fist bump joke and low battery comedy were my favorites, the latter being a cute way to integrate some adult drunk humor into the mix with some good voice work to boot. Yes some of the jokes are repetitive and simplistic, but the timing and delivery are well enough that it makes up for the limitations. To tell you the truth, it’s actually the voice work that really makes most of the humor and emotions come to life in this movie.


Okay let’s wrap this up. Big Hero 6 was a great adventure that is entertaining for all ages. The story is balanced, with an ever-changing story, emotional character development, and action to keep things exciting for you. Yes it lacks the original songs that Frozen did, but the story and creativity in this film more than make up for the lack of top of the chart tunes. Is it worth a trip to the theater? You better believe it as this movie has all the bells and whistles for the silver screen, and has a story to support it as well. So if you are looking for a movie that all can enjoy, get on down and catch this treasure before it leaves.


My scores are:


Animation/Action/Comedy: 9-9.5

Movie Overall: 8.5-9.0


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