Same Guys, Different Crime… Sort Of

Horrible Bosses 2

            You remember a few years ago, when a team of disgruntled employees attempted to live out the ultimate fantasy of killing their jerk bosses? Yeah so do I, and unfortunately the memories of that movie are still burned into my mind. The stupid adventure of Dale, Nick, and Kurt was not one I thoroughly enjoyed, with the over acted slur of sexual rants and F-word filled dialogue. Yet the public seemed to greatly enjoy it and as a result we get the sequel for our holiday weekend. What in the world do you have in store?


Likes: This category is hard for me to fill, because there was unfortunately not a lot in this movie for me. The biggest like for me is Jamie Foxx the mad man of the big screen. Foxx reprieves role of the man with the unfortunate first name, and packs just as much attitude as a rabid dog. Foxx brings a much needed random element to the film with edge, flare, and comedic timing. This time we get a little more insight into his character’s goals, and just how ridiculously shady this character is. Integrated at key moments of the tale, Foxx’s role is brought out to the max and not overdone like half the other things in this movie. Another like is the lovely Jennifer Aniston, who jumps back into the bridled skankiness of Dr. Julia Harris. The aggressively horny doctor comes back hungrier than ever, openly admitted to her sex addiction and manipulating the scene to get what she wants. Aniston’s sass is back with her, bringing back nostalgic memories of Rachel Green with it. Despite her limited involvement in the film, she still gets her money’s worth, and looks good doing her job, enough to bring out some hoots, hollers, and other things from the male audience.

In addition to these two, the story of Horrible Bosses 2 is a decent fit for the comedy keeping the trend and feel of the first film, but still adding a little fresh twist. The plot this time goes from murder to kidnaping, or should I say kidnapping as the trailers have already hit us with. The simple expedition to kidnap the blue eyed wonder Chris Pine quickly transverses into a chaotic adventure, filled with a few predictable twists to make it interesting. You know that the trio are going to screw up, you just don’t know how they will botch up their plan. With two idiots and Jason Bateman leading the plan though, one can be certain that the adventure will be stupid. Outside of that the other thing I like is that the film is less than two hours, scrapping time for catch up and getting straight to the laughs.


Dislikes: The first thing that was not to my liking was how stupid the comedy was. Oh sure, I love a good stupid character now and then, one whose antics are often clumsy and well timed with a corny pun. In this film though, just about everyone is a giant idiot that seems to fit into the general mainstream of Hollywood. Why am I complaining? Simple, because I just spent almost two hours watching not one, but four people act as if their brains were the size of peanuts. Charlie Day in particular was the most idiotic of the bunch, merely a panicking, whining mess who did nothing but scream. It was like watching a Caucasian version of Kevin Hart only without the actual funny lines. Sure Day had some good moments, but they were diluted by the mindless rants of screaming.

Adding more fuel to the redundant fire is Jason Sudeikis who plays the perverted Kurt. Sudelkis seems to have a knack for playing shallow jerks, who half the time is moronic mess. In this film, he is kind of the side kick to Dale’s clumsiness, making just as costly mistakes that are different for me. It’s funny at times, particular when it comes to his big ideas that are “surely going to work”, but of course fail. Yet his character, like everything in this film, is thrown at your face and became boring to me, as well as most of the audience, by the end of the film. It could also be that everyone could have also been tired by the bludgeoning of F-bombs, annoying crazy laughing by Chris Pine, or the countless references to male genitalia as well.


Conclusions: To wrap this up Horrible Bosses 2 is more about quantity than quality when it comes to comedy. Fans of the first movie are going to rejoice in the fact that everything is still the same, in terms of jokes, chemistry, and plot. For this reviewer, I was hoping for a little more dynamic in terms of the comedy, with a little more of the jokes tied to the story instead of the sexual nature. Most R rated movies these days seem to have thrown out storytelling out the window, replacing it with one or two aspects that are only half as good as they could have been. Why the writing has gone out the window for cheap tricks and thrills I don’t know, but Horrible Bosses 2 is another example of this.

You can guess it’s not worth a trip to the theater, but if you are looking for some mindless theatrics with maximum stupidity, this is the film for you. My suggestion though is to skip this film and go see something else this holiday weekend. Factoring in the theme and general purpose of this movie I give it the following scores:


Comedy: 6.5

Movie Overall: 5.5













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