You Have To Focus To Catch The Twists In This Movie


            The might Will Smith has been a wide variety of movies, some great, some good, some we wish to forget, (like After Earth). Regardless the legendary actor and artist has come back with a new movie entitled Focus. For those who haven’t seen the surprisingly limited aired trailer, here is what you might expect in the film.

Expect: A romance of some sort with sex thrown in, a tale about pulling off the big con, Margot Robbie showing off her body, and Will Smith playing a relaxed, devil may care role.

What you get:

  1. Like any movie that has an elite team with both male and female members, you expect a relationship of some type. Focus does not disappoint you as a complex relationship forms that sets a key foundation for the film. Where good relationships take time to develop, this film’s on screen love is rather hasty, and unrealistically perfect. Despite the rushed relationship, it is not the simplistic mess that we frequently see in these movies, but instead one that has a lot of charisma, fun, and edge to it. Yet even better is the obstacles the love of these two brings, and the pressure for our characters to evolve. The forbidden taboo of finding love in the world of thieves helps build suspense, and kept me more in to the movie and our characters life. You can see the obvious trouble this will cause down the line, but despite the predictability the romance is entertaining and a bit steamy at times too. For this reviewer though, the strongest factor to this romance is the chemistry between the two leading roles. Smith and Robbie nail the emotional spectrum, from simplistic sex and bliss to dependence and desperation. It all makes for a relationship that many in TV land fall for, and holds so much more than meets the eye.
  2. Relationship aside though, what about the story in general? The plot of Focus is like any con adventure, that starts with a prospective member being introduced into the game and undergoing the tutelage of their mentor. Then comes the big con where so many obstacles obstruct their goal that the team begins to be pushed to the limits. Yet here are some things that helps give Focus some unique aspects. One training doesn’t take long in this film as Robbie’s character already has a set of skills that need quick refinement. During the few training gigs, the audience is introduced to a plethora of thievery plans, many coordinated ruses that are quite impressive despite their illegality. However, the really great aspect of this is the twists that are around every corner. I found my mind blown more than once at the big revelations, as the more complicated tricks began to unfold. Despite the cool and unexpected things you see in this movie though, the plot is overall the same and at times the movie is slow and boring. Attempts to tie the romance into the story sometimes resulted in prolonged, unnecessary scenes, that were just more fluff than pertinent to the story.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, Margot Robbie is the leading lady of this film and you might wonder what she has in store. I’m pleased to report that the intense, and constant sex, as well as the drug addictions have been put aside, though that doesn’t mean her looks have been downgraded. The sensational blonde is just as stunning in this picture, dazzling the audience with incredible hairstyles, cute stylish outfits, lavish jewelry, and for the gentleman an incredible portrayal of her physique. Guys will drool over the half dressed scenes as she flaunts her figure, and that gorgeous face still dazzles me. As for acting, she has improved since Wall Street, as her character actually has some respectable skills and characteristics that didn’t make me cringe. At times I felt sorry for her character, especially when she found herself tormented by the darker aspects of the game. Other times she was respectable, especially the control she held in many harsh situations. While still not the best, Margot brings some dynamic qualities to a stereotypical role.
  4. Will Smith on the other hand is back on the road of making respectable movies. In this film he plays his devil may care card, who has a hard edge and clever mind to get the goods. Yet this suave, egocentrically, shallow side is only one part of the equation. Smith plays the vulnerable side as well, showing that within the moot, monotone shell beats the gigantic heart of a real hero. No surprise there right? Oh well, Smith’s character is entertaining on some parts, especially in the dialog, but his acting still remains impressive when given the right part. Nevertheless he will most likely hook you into the story and the adventure in hopes of uncovering the truth behind his story.

Focus is not the best movie in the world, but it has some intricate mechanics that keep you on your toes. I admit it is not the most exciting adventure, but there is more than enough drama and romance to keep most engaged. The acting is good, the techniques are entertaining, and the movie is only 100 minutes long, all positives in my book. Worth a trip to the theater? Not really, but if you are looking for a movie to fill the void the last few weeks then consider this film. Smith still has got his spark though and I hope this movie is the start to some future hits.


Crime/Drama: 7.5

Movie Overall: 7.0


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