Sheldon Cooper In Alien Form: Adorable Adventure


            When you think of Jim Parsons what comes to mind? Most likely it is Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang theory, as this character become one with the young actor. This weekend, Mr. Parsons has lent his voice talents to the latest animated movie entitled Home that is sure to be a delight for your young ones. This tale is about an alien named Oh (Jim Parsons), who is united with a human girl named Tip (Rihanna) while running from his people. What adventures will ensue in this latest computer generated quest? Read on to find out.

If I had to sum up this movie in one word it would be adorable. Names like Oh, Tip, and Pig are just the surface of the theme of this movie. In what is sure to be the next wave of plush animals, Home contains colorful, cute characters with big eyes, adorable smiles, and cherubic designs. Little kids will love the explosion of rather bright colors in a world that looks very similar to something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Many in my audience loved the Boovs, the aliens essentially walking mood rings that changed from purple to various colors depending on their emotion at the time. Others loved the fat cat named Pig, whose curly tail and rotund form had little girls pining to own a “Pig” of their own, poor parents.

Yet despite the adorable presentation, Home surprisingly has a good emotional spectrum spread in the short 94 minute run time. A majority of the movie is indeed silly fun, where Oh’s childish antics and experimentation with Earth objects had both young and young at heart laughing. Eating urinal cakes, potty humor, and slapstick stumbles had everyone, including myself, laughing at the fun this movie was. For the more adult humor group, there aren’t too many hidden jokes in this film (i.e. Shrek), but there are some clever puns and references in the tale that I think will get a chuckle out of you.

Fun aside, Home also has a combination of happiness, sadness and love. Happiness is the dominant emotion of the movie, and the cast promotes a positive message of hope, kindness, and fun that kept me smiling. Those feelings were occasionally extinguished when the sadder moments hit. In particular when Oh was shunned by his society, despite his good intentions, I could feel my heart breaking at the relatable situations Oh and I share. Fortunately an awkward guy like m loved seeing he and Tip promoting friendship, and promoting the concepts of truth, loyalty, and kindness to have a successful friendship. Sure there were moments this tale got preachy, but the theatrical magic helped taper the cheesiness down, while still keeping the lesson.

All of these great qualities would be nothing though without the voice acting to bring these digital characters to life. Parsons in particular steals the show, integrating Sheldon in both mannerisms and vocal context into Oh. The little alien has all the qualities of our physics genius, and brings plenty of the familiar laughs we fell in love with years ago. Rihanna on the other hand was… okay. The songstress’s voice sounded too out of place on a young girl. She didn’t have Parsons’ finesse and thus didn’t bring the edge others brought to the movie. Oh well, they got some plot elements and a soundtrack from her involvement, the latter adding a little extra to the film.. As for Steve Martin, his voice fit well for an egotistical leader, and had a nice delivery to make me laugh, though his character’s creative use of mundane objects was funnier.

The final things to report are the animation and story. Home’s design team did a great job with their work. Characters flowed, lights flashed in a sea of color, and the world was a beautiful, albeit cartoony, piece of work. The story though is very formulaic though, lacking little twist or surprise that I was hoping to see. The tale is definitely designed with kids in mind, and what little suspense that exists is not that thrilling, but more humorous.

Home is a great family movie that I feel most audiences will enjoy. The cute characters, colorful world, and fun adventure are all elements I feel will rope your little ones in and the great animation will keep them locked on the screen. While the story is not the most engaging, and they rely heavily on Parsons to make the movie, Home is just a movie to have a good time with. I recommend catching this movie in theaters in the near future, especially for a family night out.

My scores are:


Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0

Movie Overall: 7.5


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