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Valentine’s day weekend, one that brings many emotions in one built up day. Naturally the holiday would bring movies about love, joy, and dating right? Well this year Marvel and Fox decide to bring a wild card into the mix to defy the usual trend. Today’s review is on Deadpool, a movie that certainly looks as interesting as the comic book character it is based on. Does this movie live up to the potential we’ve been waiting years for, or does it fail like many of Fox’s hero movies. I’m Robbie K and I’m here to share some thoughts.


As many comic book fans know, Deadpool’s stories involve a lot of crude antics and comedy. This movie continues that trend as Deadpool’s rebellious attitude comes out in full force. From the start, the writers poke at plenty of stereotypical comic movie aspects such as CGI characters, cameos and the exalted sense of justice these movies love to preach. Amidst the chaos that is Deadpool’s origin story, our directing team made sure to add ridiculous (and graphic) deaths to the mix that are quite comical when our “hero” adds his sarcastic touch and snide comments to the scene.

This brings me to perhaps the greatest part of this movie, the writing. Deadpool’s team certainly did their homework for this film, bringing a variety of lines and dialog that were fitting of our crew. Deadpool’s obsessions such as bashing opponents, vengeance, violence, and oh yeah sex are all brought to their fullest potential in his words. Snide comments, innuendos, and more direct descriptions fill the two hours of this movie, and nothing is sacred in the white eyes of this mercenary. And the moments where he breaks the fourth wall and speak to the audience are incredible, packed with many reference filled verses that had me cracking up (especially the after credits scene).

Of course lines are nothing without an actor to bring them to life and Ryan Reynolds does the part justice. Reynolds brings the right amount of snippiness to the role, adding just the right touch of sarcasm and elation to bring out the full humor. I’m surprised to be saying this, but T.J. Miller works well in a movie…for once. Miller’s blunt delivery and stoner facial expressions are perfect for the… sidekick of Deadpool. His bouts with Deadpool are some of the funnier exchanges I’ve seen in the movies in a long time. The avocado line may be a little old thanks to the trailers, but there are some treasures hidden outside of the trailers that were very entertaining.

Comedy isn’t the only aspect of this film though. Deadpool has plenty of violence to go around and in the many forms the crazy man brings. The opening sequence alone is adrenaline packed, using the slow motion combat that Snyder’s films always seem to have. Fortunately the slow motion isn’t abused and we get some well-choreographed sequences that we’ve been thirsting for.   However, I wanted a little more of that rush and was disappointed at the lack of full on sword fights and martial arts action. In addition some of the torturous scenes, while humorous, didn’t have the action I always pictured when I read the comics.

Still they certainly captured the R rated nature that this series is known for. There is lots of blood to say the least and you will not find it an odd site to watch the screen turn red as some poor extra is stabbed or shot. In addition the use of those ever so lovely swear words are also present, though not overdone like other R rated movies. As for the sex scenes everyone is talking about, if you made it through movies like fifty shade of grey then you have nothing to worry about, unless you can’t stand the site of a bare butt. Even the soundtrack speaks strongly in this movie, taking a lesson from the boys of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack with just a little more rap involved. Despite how fitting it is though, some of these get a little annoying at times and some editing could have been done to provide more room for action.

Deadpool certainly is one of the better movies out of Fox’s workshop in a while and sets the bar high for the next Marvel movies. It’s crude, it’s rude, and it’s violent, but most of it is hilariously entertaining. While I was looking for a little more action, it certainly gave me my thrill fix for the month, and I look forward to more clever works from this team. Deadpool is definitely worth a trip to the theater, but make sure you exercise caution before rushing your preteen to the theater as it may be a bit more mature than you expect.


My scores for this movie are:


Action/Adventure/Comedy: 9.0


Movie Overall: 8.0


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