War is Exciting, Action Packed, Hell

Civil War


This weekend Marvel Studio’s gravy train continues to ride strong as Captain America Civil War is dropped off into a sea of theaters. I find it ironic that the thirteenth installment is the one selected for our team to tear into each other, either that or extremely well planned. Regardless, of the timing, the film had big shoes to fill in terms of the comic universe. And once more I’m here to share my thoughts and hopefully help guide your movie experience. So let’s get started.


The Good:

  • High Velocity Action
  • Surprisingly Good Character Development
  • Most characters were highly involved


Civil war finally took a step back into the action territory and boy was it well needed. The battle between Captain America and Iron Man certainly doesn’t skimp on excitement packing the 2.5 hours with a number of diverse action scenes. An exciting opening operation gets the momentum going, but quickly evolves into chases, cataclysmic explosions and an exciting duke out between our heroes. All of the sequences are brilliant displays of cinematic magic that fully immerse you into the fight and painted a suspenseful picture.

Even better was that most of the characters were well-integrated into the movie. Old favorites like Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow get plenty of time on the big screen, newcomers like Black Panther, Spiderman and Bucky also have plenty of moments for all to enjoy. Each of the characters has their own story tied into the grand plot, with plenty of relationship and origins that further ensnares you into the tale. Unfortunately the Vision kind of got short handed in some of the bigger battles, but at his philosophical searches keep him relevant to the movie. Regardless, this reviewer has to admit that they did a good job with this film.


The Bad:

  • One disappointing plot point
  • Shaky Camera Angles and some hokey moments
  • The run time.


Despite the excellent character developments and plot points, there was one major plot point I was disappointed in. Near the 90 minute mark Civil War introduces a plot point that promises suspense and an epic conclusion. Unfortunately I misread the direction and felt cheated of a finale I was hoping to see. Yet the deviation from the expected provided a nice twist and the ending was much more character focused, which deserves two thumbs up. In addition, this ending offers the potential for some more edge in the remaining Marvel movies.

Yet one point that was really hard to swallow was the shaky/cheesy special effects at time. If you’ve read my reviews, you know I’m not a fan of chaotic camera work that shakes, rattles, and rolls to bring you into the moment. At the beginning, much of Civil War’s battles felt like they were on a rumble strip and robbing some of the stunts of their full glory. Perhaps these moves were to mask the stunts people, but that trick got old after a while. In addition, Disney’s big budget studios cut some corners on their animation and planning department. Now I know it is a movie about guys in colorful underwear wielding fictional powers and technology, but some stunts went a little overboard and looked a bit cheesy at points that aren’t Marvel’s normal quality.

As for the long run time, it comes mainly from me thinking most movies don’t need to be longer than two hours. Civil War does things right by keeping the plot moving and using the action to keep things exciting to liven things up. However, near the end of the movie the film dragged a bit could have been left for another time. Fortunately the extra half hour brings some emotional kick that makes up for the extra time. Yeah I’m probably committing blasphemy by saying that, but there were some edits to be made that could have shortened it a bit.



The Verdict:

       Civil War continues the Marvel magic and provides the action sustenance you have been craving for. The team did well balancing all their characters, integrating all the tales into a story that stands out strong in the superhero universe. Civil Wars ability to act as an origin, while setting the stage for future events only further strengthens this film. However, there were still some slight issues, mainly in the run time, special effects, and a few misbalances that take some points off the score. Oh well, things to improve on for next time right? I recommend that everyone give this one a try in the theater and enjoy the bang the theater brings.


My scores are:

Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi: 9.0

Movie Overall: 8.0



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