Fun, Funny, and Fierce. This adventure is as crazy as the characters.

suicide squad

           It’s here, it’s here, the long awaited antihero movie has finally reared its rather odd looking head into theaters tonight. With all the justice filled men and women in sparkling underwear, Hollywood’s superhero sea needed a little color added to it. Suicide Squad looks to be just the ticket to provide that color and the trailers only fueled my excitement. But one always wonders if the movie will be as good as the trailers, or if it will bite the big one. Hi, Robbie K here, and I’m here to share my opinions on the latest movie. Let’s get started.



  • Comedy is spot on
  • Decent action/antihero theme
  • Margot Robbie is awesome


There is so much to say about this movie, and I wish to start with the comedy. If there is one thing superhero movies deliver on (outside of flashy outfits) it is usually a good comedic kick. Suicide Squad ups that factor as the band of rogues provide their views on life, often in a pessimistic jab. The lines are well written filled with a combination of whit and pizazz that are blended into a potpourri of themes that are very entertaining to hear. Our writers were also able to balance these lines throughout the movie, and mix in some additional comedic styles to further blend in the mix. And the delivery, alongside the timing, maximized the punch and  intended relief in this rather somber tale.

But you didn’t come for comedy alone (this isn’t Bad Moms). No…you came for action with an antihero twist. Once again, the movie delivers as our assorted criminals tear through the CGI generated villains with their various gadgets and styles. These moments are exciting, giving a decent balance of everyone’s abilities from Quinn’s use of a baseball bat or Diablo’s computer animated fire. The first battle in particular was my favorite of the bunch, but the other fights weren’t bad and provided some exciting (often explosive) fun. And it’s all nicely packaged with that living on the edge, careless joy that bad guys seem to enjoy and we expected. It’s dark, it’s vicious, and it certainly is fun…at parts (more on that later).

Yet one of the biggest positives of this movie both my friend and I agree on is Margot Robbie. The beautiful actress certainly brings the sex appeal, which is highlighted by the trailers, and she certainly got a response by the audience members in the stage. Outside of looks though, she nails the role of the psychotic Harley Quinn. Her high pitched screams, the ecstatic enjoyment of danger, and the devoted passion for violence were all captured by her and she certainly brought the edge we longed for. In addition, the movies performed by Quinn matched her personality and completed the deadliness of Mr. J’s assistant. She was a major carrier of the film and certainly a well-casted member of the crew.



  • Story was kind of lacking
  • Action crosses into cheesy and unbalanced territory
  • Emphasis on only a few characters

One thing that a lot of movies can’t seem to get is the balance of story with action. Suicide Squad’s tale doesn’t feel much like a comic book tale, and fell short on some levels for me. A random opening that drops into a long winded origin tale whose pace became very erratic. From their the tale rushed at parts and then dragged at others and prolonged dialogue prior to the fight didn’t help things along. The “twists” behind their missions were kind of lame (and somewhat random) and was not impressive despite the buildup of the trailer (I was hoping more Joker and less gargantuan beast). It wasn’t the worst story of a hero flick, but this reviewer thinks it needed some tightening up.

Something else that didn’t stay consistent was the action. Remember I said the first battle was exciting, fast, and truly rocked. Well that momentum gradually gets lost as the movie progresses. Exciting romps become quick skirmishes where overdramatic theatrics are the weapon of choice instead of choreographed numbers. The exciting conclusion at the end is probably the least engaging of the fights, and dropped into the uber theatrical, symphony driven sequences that Hollywood loves. In addition some of the comedic irony in the film made the battle almost pointless and only further took away from the action.

And finally the balance on the characters was a little skewed considering the trailers announcing the line up. Deadshot and Harley Quinn took center stage in both story and action, and although they portrayed it well kind of robbed the involvement of the other characters. Pyro and Sorceress had their own contributions to tale, but even those were a cheesy subplot that fit awkwardly in this tale. As for Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and other members of the team, they fell into comedic relief positions that either started a laugh riot or fell on deaf ears. Again, everyone played their parts well, but the disproportionate representation of the characters and the unorganized tale robbed us of potential magic. So much for teamwork I guess.


The Verdict

            Despite the cheesiness, uncouth, and disproportionate aspects of the movie, Suicide Squad is certainly a fun movie to kick August off with. I feel you many will certainly enjoy the laughs that the gang will provide and the action sequences are sure to get some applause until they fall into corny territory. Again it doesn’t seem like they could decide on the route to go, but DC studios is getting closer to getting the formula right. Is this movie worth a trip to the theater? I think it certainly is, but not in 3-D if I do say so myself.


My scores:

Action/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0-8.5

Movie Overall: 7.0


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