How Much Sausage Can Be Stuffed? Hits Target Audiences

sausage party


The mission, write a review. The movie: Sausage Party. Robbie K here, and I’m back with another assignment to give you the 411 on the latest movies to hit the theater. Tonight the latest animated “masterpiece” is my subject, one crafted by the masters of raunchy comedy. Let’s get started.



  • Originality
  • Clever writing with wit
  • Killer Soundtrack
  • Short run time


If the trailers weren’t enough to convince you, then let me assure you that Sausage Party certainly is a more unique film than most. The idea of food coming to life and navigating a supermarket is not something we get these days. Add on the sexual characteristics and personify to add depth to their characters brings even more shine to the movie. I mean making an antagonist who is an actual douche is new to me.

And with originality often comes cleverness, which this movie manages to bring to the mix. There are plenty of movie references and stereotypical humor integrated into the movie, much of which is well times to have you laughing in your seats. I myself enjoyed seeing warzones unfold in Saving Private Ryan manners, or seeing science fiction movie plots breaking into the spot light. But most of you are probably looking for the sexual innuendos promised in the trailers and to your relief it delivers on its promise. The focus of the movie is certainly on promiscuous side with so many descriptions for sex jammed into the 90 minute run time. So many people lost it to the aggressive insults and descriptions for genitalia that it was sometimes hard to hear the movie. There were also plenty of cheesy puns thrown into the mix to relieve some of the dirtier comedy. And for the moments where they broke the fourth wall…that too was a very good choice.

While you certainly don’t care about soundtracks in a comedy movie, Sausage Party gets points for the songs they chose. Various classics over the last few decades grace the speakers such as Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World, Meatloaf’s song (sung by a meatloaf) and a few other tracks to fit into the deranged mood. It’s fun, flashy, and a nostalgic twist to only amplify the comedy of this film and well placed throughout the movie. And did I mention that it is only 90 minutes long. A perfect run time to get the message across before going into the overdone territory.



  • Disturbing
  • Jokes that cross the line
  • Some lazy dialogue
  • Some tactics that went stale


If you didn’t catch the trailers you might have missed some of the more graphic scenes of the movie. Seeing perishable characters be brutally dismembered while hearing screams of despair, anguish, and suffering drowning the theater certainly wasn’t the most enjoyable thing to see. Some might find the destruction of food laughable, but the presentation was a bit more disturbing to me than anything. But these fail in comparison to some of the violent fates other characters fall into. Despite the corny, comical theme, those who cringe or feint of heart might want to steel themselves for the chaos at hand. And as for the orgy scenes, well seeing food do it really isn’t my cup of tea.

But if death and violence aren’t enough to cross the line, then perhaps some of the more inappropriate jokes will do it for you. Our writers certainly set out to poke various snakes, making fun of various cultural references that had me sometimes laughing and other times wondering who it will set off. Surely many people will find this movie offensive, especially when customs and traditions are adulterated with sex and monogamy. I won’t lie I laughed at it sometimes, but some of the things certainly hit below the belt. Throw in some lazy dialogue moments and you add further insult. Why cursing must become the key ingredient in a comedy, I don’t know, but nevertheless Sausage Party doesn’t hesitate to haphazardly add swearing to the point of getting annoying.

As for jokes growing stale, surprisingly it doesn’t happen much in this movie, but there are some gags that lose their punch. Random food popping up at their mentioning is one example, arrogant bragging of the douche was another. To their benefit though, the jokes were pretty well spread out and the short time prevented them from going too overboard with some of the jokes.



            It’s hard to score this movie as it isn’t the comedy I might prefer. However, keeping in mind its intended audience and joke style, I have to say the movie certainly delivers on its promise to be sexually slanderous and mind numbingly stupid. The story certainly isn’t the greatest (or that strong to be honest), but this tale is certainly original in many ways and so creative. However, all the insults and disturbing moments, not too mention the cheaper, low key dialogue moments, take away things for me. So who do I recommend this movie for? Fans of Seth Rogen movies, those who can’t get enough raunchy humor, or those who want to see food do it. Worth a trip to the theater? I have to say it is for the audience it delivers for, but hold out until the RedBox if you can wait.


My scores:

Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 7.5

Movie Overall: 5


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