Great Acting Brings Light Between Lots of Crying

Light Between

            The Light Between Oceans, one of the more artistic movie titles we’ve had in a long time. This weekend we get to see the visual representation of this novel that looks to join the ranks of emotional tear jerker films such as the Notebook or Up.  Robbie K is back again to give you some insight into another film. So relax, grab a drink and get read up on my thoughts.



  • The acting
  • The portrayal of love
  • Well written


If you’ve read the book, you know this tale doesn’t have much in terms of excitement, action, or special effects.  So a story like this requires top notch acting to even begin to be engaging to the masses.  Fortunately, they succeeded in gathering quite a crew starting with the incredibly talented Michael Fassbender to lead the way. As always Fassbender’s acting skills are incredible, managing to take an monotone role and breathe life into it. It helps he had a likeable character, but Fassbender’s ability to make you feel his character’s torment is something I always appreciate to see.  Alicia Vikander is also on her A game, managing to portray her suffering as if she were actually experiencing the trouble at hand. Together the two are even stronger, crafting a relationship that is believable and further pushing their acting to the next level. As for Rachel Weisz, she does a good job too, her role is more limited than I expected though and therefore was disappointing for me.

A second like is how the love was portrayed in this story. Unlike the fictional relationships in romantic comedies, dramas, and Nicholas Sparks films, this love is believable. It forgoes the cheesy dialogues, overdramatic antics, and fake superficial features and decides to actually dive into the deeper qualities. You see the relationship grow, helping the characters to mature and develop as life handles them the challenges at hand. It’s a relationship that is very dynamic and constantly teetering on falling as the secret of their daughter’s origins becomes deeper.  Therefore this reviewer gives kudos to the writers for designing a plot that held an engaging romance and a little tension to keep you suckered in.  You’ve done the world a favor by speaking the truth about love.



  • Alicia Vikander’s character
  • Rachel Weisz’s limited role
  • A bit overdramatic at times
  • Boring at parts


I know I’m going to get a lot of guff for this, but my biggest dislike starts with Vikander’s character Isabelle.  Her character’s going through a lot, this I get, but the way they took her was more overbearing with each passing second.  In addition to the whole thing being her idea, her desperation to keep the lie going grows to epic proportions and drops her in the realm of soap opera theatrics. Yes, probably makes me seem like an unemotional robot or a jerk, but when you take such a strong character and turn her into a mess. Oh well, I guess it’s part of the character growing process.

And perhaps all of this could have been balanced if the other part of the conflict had a more engaging role in the picture. Rachel Weisz is one of my favorite actresses and I was hoping that the “ocean” she represented would have had more bite to her.  Despite the trailers painting the picture she would be ferociously hunting for her child, her character Hannah is much more passive and relies on short sequences of reporting to the police to do her workWhile she certainly packed some emotional punch in her fleeting moments and brought the more soul fulfilling morals to the screen, the lack of conflict made much of this ordeal less exciting a.k.a boring.

But why bring more of Rachel’s character into the mix when we can instead put in more montages of character’s crying and looking upset.  As I stated before, the Light Between Two Oceans packs a lot of emotional punch, and much of this involves depressing you with watching human suffering unfold on screen.  I guess this is to build up to the light guiding you back to happiness, but still the overdramatic moments got annoying for me. Again I apologize if I am perceived as an emotionless robot.



Despite some of the annoying tendencies, the overuse of crying shots, and boring components of the film, this film actually was pretty good for me.  Any movie that can make a realistic love story, provide strong character development, and deliver the feeling filled punch gets props in my book.  This reviewer certainly thinks this film will have nominations in the best actor, actress, and adapted screenplay, as the quality of these components is that good.  However, it certainly isn’t the ideal movie for many audience groups in this modern time.  The target audience, based on my showing, seems to be older audience members and couples who like parental stories.  Is it worth a trip to the theater?  In terms of new movies this weekend, yes it is (from the two movies I was able to see). However, I suggest you hold out on this one and enjoy it in your own home. 

My scores are:

Drama/Romance: 7.5-8.0

Movie Overall: 6.5


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