Like The Title…This Film Was A Disappointment



Robbie K here, and I’m covering yet another horror movie to grace the summer season. My first film in this genre is a film that came out of left field entitled The Disappointment’s Room. With little advertising and a title with the word disappointing in it, I can’t say I had high hopes for this one. Yet, you never know what you are going to get from Hollywood. Let’s get started.



  • A plot that keeps you guessing
  • Decent acting
  • Short Run Time


When it comes to a horror movie plot, you never know what creepy nightmare our team a writer is going to come up with. The Disappointment’s Room is a psychological thriller about a small family moving to the stereotypical old manor home for a new start only to find something sinister within. In this case, it’s a room, nothing more, nothing less. Sounds stereotypical right? Well it is, but the strength of this plot is that it keeps you guessing as to what is really happening to the family and who is the cause of all the trouble. This is accomplished by having one of the characters having a history of psychosis. It’s difficult to fathom whether all the spooks are indeed spirits or nothing more than an episode of mental illness gone wrong, which kept me engaged in the plot to say the least. If this doesn’t engage you and you still get roped into seeing it, fear not the run time is only 90 minutes.

Of course it helps to have some decent acting to bring that madness to life, which is accomplished by the lead actress Kate Beckinsale. The woman certainly commits to her character, and the Underworld Star captures the psychological tension of mother struggling from depression and potentially schizophrenia. From the endless montages of low energy sulking to the intense bouts of yelling and crashing, Beckinsale displays all these emotions to the full level. Outside of that though, the rest of the cast plays their parts well, helping to drive the plot while giving Beckinsale something to act off of. Unfortunately due to limited roles…there isn’t much past that. 



  • Limited Roles
  • Not scary
  • Unimpressive story
  • Unnecessary (quite confusing) violence

   As I just stated, the roles were certainly limited in this film. While I appreciate seeing mental illness portrayed well, I can’t say it’s the only character I want to see unless it is like A Beautiful Mind. Beckinsale’s character annoyed me in the fact that she did primarily screamed and cried. I was hoping for more in the lead character. The supporting husband, the clichéd creepy son, and the potential new friend were much too simplistic for me, and did little to better the story for me.   Again good portrayals of an outside support system, but without any further development…well can’t give this component kudos.

Speaking of limited characters, let’s talk about the ghost of this movie. The Disappointments Room’s specter could certainly have been developed more not only in creep factor, but story as well. Without ruining anything, the proverbial Englishman only brings arrogance and a bad temper to the screen. Our writers tried to give him some edge in terms of intense scowling, but he lacks a backstory or even skills that you hope your malicious antagonist to have. In addition, there was little else in this movie that scared me, with the usual ploys, such as things rushing across the screen or a sudden blare in music, being executed poorly by our design team. The exception to this is a few moments where Beckinsale starts to fall deeper down the mental tunnel and a few creepy moments, but outside of that…it’s kind of tame.

Instead, our directors wanted to fill the time with pointless violence, mostly designed around harming animals and children. Part of this comes from the very shortsighted, and somewhat confusing, story that our team designed. Oh sure the madness keeps you guessing, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a straightforward wrap up and fulfilling conclusion to all the craziness. Sorry folks, that doesn’t really happen here. Yours truly could only shake his head as he bore witness to at least thirty minutes of anger fueled smashing and incidents that should have gotten a child services call. It certainly fits with the tale, but this kind of stuff does not impress me one bit and became somewhat corny near the end.   Sigh, such potential indeed only to be lost to the shock factor.



Hopefully from my review you can see that The Disappointments Room certainly is lacking in the horror genre department. While it has a strong actress leading the bunch, a plot that keeps you guessing, and a little throwback into history, there is not much this movie has going for it. While Kate Beckinsale has saved the vampire the occult world many times, she could not save this film from being, dare I say it…a disappointment. Therefore, I can’t promote this semi-boring film to be seen in theaters and would strongly encourage waiting until Netflix or cable picks up this option.


My scores for this review are:

Horror/Drama/Thriller: 5.5

Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0


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