Pretty Lesson Wrapped In A Mundane Package

I Feel Pretty


Comedy takes on many forms and faces, sometimes absurdly clever and other times simplistic slapstick meant to be over the top.  It’s a genre that offers the most variety, bringing many people into the theaters to make the movie-going experience fun.  Given the volume of movies pumped out by the studios though, I find it hard to get stoked for movies that look questionable.  So, tonight’s review held much mystery as to what was in store.  Nevertheless, Robbie K is back in action to share his thoughts as he reviews:


Film: I Feel Pretty



Abby Kohn,  Marc Silverstein


Abby Kohn,  Marc Silverstein


Amy Schumer,  Michelle Williams,  Emily Ratajkowski





Cute, Not Crude:  Schumer’s quality is usually how much vulgarity one can cram into a 2-hour film in hopes of bringing nonstop laughs. I Feel Pretty washes that crude nature away, focusing instead on a cuter movie that’s more awkward than bluntly grotesque.  Such a change was refreshing to see, and for once not too distracting from the story/morals of the film.


One component of the Story:  I Feel Pretty’s story is very basic, but one component in particular stands out and that is the lesson of inner beauty and self-confidence.  Like a distorted version of Shallow Hal, the movie is designed to isolate the importance of believing in oneself and how one can succeed if done right.  Yet go too far, and one crosses the line to arrogance, becoming the very thing they hated being judged by.  These lessons were fun, structured, and in the final scene delivered well with writing that actually had fire, fury, and emotional punch to deliver the teachings they wanted to present.


Ethan:  This comedy had me chuckling at times, often due to a well-placed quip, or awkward scenario playing out.  Yet the most consistent source of laughs was Rory Scovel as Ethan.  The male lead had in both my friend and I’s opinions the best delivery of his lines, writing that was the least over the top, and reactions that were appropriate for the mess Schumer’s character landed in.  Even his nonverbal comedy hit the mark, the simplistic facial expressions enough to emphasize the shock factors this movie brings.  In addition, Ethan was a major adorable factor for the relationship, grounding the ridiculousness the relationship held.



Rather Bland:  Surprisingly, the lack of crude comedy resulted in the movie feeling rather bland at times, almost like a forced, water downed version of usual style.  The slower, lackadaisical parts were hard to keep my eyes open for, making the movie drag at parts that could have been left out.  In addition, the lack of gimmicks that she is known to bring were quite absent in this movie, making this movie feel quite off for both my friend and me.  So, don’t expect to be in stitches the whole time in this film.


Ruined by Trailers: It happened again, despite the few times I saw this trailer, I hadn’t expected practically all of the funny parts to be revealed in the movie.  I Feel Pretty was sorely ruined by the trailer, leaving little sustenance in the actual movie itself aside from some cute romance, a few chuckle worthy moments, and of course some attractive models.


Over the Top Comedy:  While not cruse, I Feel Pretty still suffers from overusing comedic ploys as the sole means of laughing.  The movie lacks much clever comedy, or even a dynamic array of comedy to mix things up, forcing one to sit through mindless banter, half-mumbled complaints, and dare I say boring dialogue for most of the movie.  Even her drunk moments lack that bite to shake things up, again resorting to whiney, bouts of crying that did little to make us laugh.


Messy Story:  A strong message brings about a solid foundation to build a story upon, but again the movie got lazy, failing to expand beyond what was shown in the trailer.  Character development is practically missing in this movie, lost to the mockery of inner beauty to outer beauty.  Ethan may be sweet, but his history is a mystery, with little evolution past the quirky, heart of gold man ready to sweep in and start a relationship with the protagonist.  As for the best friends, I can only laugh at the fact they were even introduced, for these women are practically absent during much of the film.  And in regards to the impasse of work, even that was rather anticlimactic and weirder than anything else.  The summary of this dislike, too many loose ends and lack of comedy to offset these weak story arcs.





I Feel Pretty held so much potential, but once more the comedy realm has failed to expand upon gimmicks.  The film holds an incredible moral lesson, and the final scene drops the hammer to shatter the glass of believing in oneself.  That’s it though, for the cute nature and the quirky relationship… this game just does nothing to help with the shortcoming of the film.  It’s bland, with over the top (stale) tactics doing little to correct the rather messy story.  Throw in the trailers containing the gold nuggets buried deep in the movie, and you realize there is not much to warrant a trip to theater with this one.  It’s target audience is a girls’ night out for a group looking to relate to a comedy. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.  My scores are:


Comedy:  5.0

Movie Overall: 3.0

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