Wasn’t Board With This One, But Not The Original



Another weekend, another remake, and this one is a doozy as Hollywood goes back to the 80s in the terms of its inspiration.  The movie to be copied this time is that classic starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, involving amnesia, backwater families, and of course a lot of stereotypical humor.  And surely from that (or reading the title) you can guess what I’m reviewing.  So let us cut the chit chat and get started as yours truly reviews:


Title: Overboard (2018)



Rob Greenberg


Leslie Dixon (story),  Bob Fisher (screenplay)


Anna Faris,  Eugenio Derbez,  John Hannah





Chemistry:  Let’s face it, this isn’t going to be the next award winning performance, and you aren’t going to see realistic portrayals of emotional turmoil, so don’t expect that.  While the comedy acting is forced, the thing I enjoyed of this movie is the chemistry between the whole cast.  Fans of Overboard know about the plot of a character getting amnesia and being made to believe they live in a drastic change to their world.  The convoluted lie requires coordination and the cast I felt did a nice job selling as if they too believed in this lie.  Each actor/actress felt like they knew each other well, and made this bizarre, extended family/community that was involved in the adventure.  As for the leads, well they played the ridiculous characters quite well, but there is only so much you can do with a ridiculous script.


The Pace:  Remakes can sometimes feel like a drag depending on the direction they take, but surprisingly Overboard makes a nice go at keeping things entertaining.  There is enough energy in the film to help make the adventure fun, and I myself was surprised when I looked down and realized an hour had passed.  So despite how rushed and out of sorts things may be, the movie at least doesn’t feel like a slug in molasses in terms of pacing.


Cute and Fun:  Perhaps the biggest selling point for the movie is just how family friendly this movie is.  My showing alone spanned all ages and ethnicities, each enjoying the fun the film brought and the lessons it can of course teach us.  Numerous coos and awwwws of adornment filled the theaters, and I admit I found myself loving the charming nature of the movie.  This is definitely one for a group or family outing, because it’s just a fun movie to watch if you’re open to ridiculous antics that don’t involve too much vulgarity or over the top stupidity.


Comedy:  Again, Overboard is a bit forced, but a major strength of the writing is the blending of comedic genres to help get things going. While the slapstick and forced meme worthy comments are a bit much, the writing actually has its clever moments in regards to comedic delivery, movie references (and not just the first overboard) and poking fun at cultural/ethnic trends that are actually respectable and classy. Making fun of over the top telenovelas, or about the inability for people to work are just some of the pokes in store for this movie, and it’s quite entertaining to watch.   Overboard has a little something for most in is execution and that dignified comedy gets an A+ in my book.


The Music:  Finally, the energy of the movie is also attributed to the music that is pumped through the max amplitude speakers of the theater. It’s not that diverse, primarily international electronic music, with a little Latin salsa flair thrown in as well. Still, the infectious beat and high energy nature of the tracks adds a little pizazz to the movie and may have you dancing in your seat.




The Over Top Moments: The over the top comedy is cool at points and entertaining to most, but it gets a tad old after a while. Overboard’s antics got a bit stale, and the forced moments, primarily the delivery, soon become appealing only to the extreme kids at heart and kids.  They start to back off near the end when the morals and story develop, but at the beginning it is a little difficult to stomach the torrent of grossly delivered lines.  Sorry, if you are a fan of this comedy, no means to insult.


Story Not Quite As Put Together:  In the original, the story was still ridiculous, but they were able to flesh out and develop the characters and relationships to an astounding degree to tightly wrap things up in a nice bow.  While this telling is complete, the integration of everyone into the story is just not quite as complete as the original, nor was there as much as resistance to the integration into the new life.  I missed that gradual development and felt while this one was more fun, it wasn’t quite as complete as the other movie.


Not unique:  The only other thing I can say is that movie is still missing that unique theater experience.  It’s a comedy that tries to hit a little bit of everyone’s needs, but the result is a broad, generic comedy that doesn’t quite live up to what it aspired to be.  While fun and entertaining at times, the comedy didn’t have all that bite it wanted, so that toio loses points, but hey it is a remake.




            Overboard is not a movie that is worth the extreme hate it is getting, which is mostly due to the comparison with the original. True… it’s not as well put together as its predecessor, but within this remake is a fun, entertaining moral filled fest for the whole family.  It’s a great family movie that will hit the funny bones for a lot of people, and it has that energy to keep you engaged for the nearly 2 hour run time.  Still, this movie isn’t the most unique film in the whole arsenal of comedy, which makes recommending it in theaters difficult.  I suggest going for a fun family night out, and a definite rent in the future, but definitely don’t hate on it without giving it a try.


My scores:


Comedy/Romance:  7.0 (more family than romance)

Movie Overall:  5.5

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