The Fall Of A Nation: Crazy Visuals and Extremes Of Violence, Instead of Good Stories

Assassination Nation Poster

            Robbie K back with an abbreviated movie review as we cover a movie with a lot more bite, slander, and just about any sort of graphic violence you can think of.  Tonight, we review:


Movie: Assassination Nation (2018)



Sam Levinson


Sam Levinson


Odessa YoungHari NefSuki Waterhouse






Has Guts To Tackle Issues

Fast Pace

Special Effects/Costumes/Make Up

Solid Political Points



Too Dark/Graphic

Too Forceful

Little Story

No Good Characters (everyone rotten)

Ridiculous Hyperbole

Lacking Action





Assassination Nation, gets points for its brazen, fearless addressing of the political hot topics that are hitting the media.  The girls are portrayed well, subjugated to a lot of hard-hitting scenarios that will leave many uncomfortable.  In addition to solid acting, the movie works well with special effects and a fast pace to stoke the chaotic fires that light up from the start of this movie.  It is going to speak deeply to people who like extreme, political stand points, with each character holding some outlying personality quirk to jump on board with.

Yet, the movie fails to impress me because of how in your face, political warfare it is, making sure to be extremely liberal in its approaches to address all the wrong in the world.  If that’s not enough, for me I had issues with getting behind the characters who had little that was good about them, and seeing the dark, intense montages of stupid antics, sexual promiscuity, and drug abuse did not make for the most engaging material.  As all of these aspects were blown to large proportions, the darker, gore filled edge they injected brought the shock value, but failed to add to the story.  And finally, when the moment came to use that ridiculousness to make our “heroines” fight the good fight, the action turned into short lived, anti-climactic skirmishes that mostly looked to blood instead of moves.

Overall, the movie succeeds in its mission to shock you into engaging with the political qualms that this film is loaded with.  If you are ready to put yourself into that setting and test your patience and character with the extreme ideas and scenes in this film, then this is the movie for you.  Otherwise, skip this shallow plot film and revisit a classic, because there is better use of time then the gore fest this movie is.


My scores are:


Action/Comedy/Crime: 5.5

Movie Overall:  4.0

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