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He’s big, he’s flashy, and he has locks of hair and a body that slays many.  Yes, he’s Marvel’s own Thor, and tonight is his third solo movie’s release date.  In hopes of smashing the box office, Disney has brought the God of Thunder back with a darker twist in hopes of reigniting the magic of Marvel.  Welcome to Robbie K’s movie reviews and tonight we analyze, observe, and share my opinions on yet another movie to hit the silver screen.  Let’s get started!




Special effects: Disney’s team is the master of money, which entitles them to deliver a dazzling display of cinematography magic. Thor Ragnarok is another example of how the Marvel universe can be brought to life.  Dazzling special effects fill the big screen in the form of nature’s wrath, flying projectiles, and monsters of various designs. While certainly not the most realistic of the graphics, Disney’s group crafted fluid animation, colorful spectacles, and of plenty of speaker blowing sound effects to go with it. If that’s not enough of a selling point, then how about the special effects of Chris Hemsworth’s body will be happy to please the eyes of many female fans, plenty of shots according to my friends tonight.


Action: Remember the first Thor where there wasn’t much battling, but more babysitting?  Yeah, well the Thor group managed to take the action of the avengers, and kind of cram it into this movie. Ragnarok, spares no time diving into the action, and keeps it spread throughout the entire 130-minute run time.  The darker themes of the story certainly allowed this, and thank goodness, the directors took hold of the opportunity.  While Thor certainly gets more of the seat gripping battle scenes, this movie provides the other cast some rather impressive scenes.  And finally, Marvel has broken the cycle of lame villains, giving Hela (Cate Blanchett) some bite instead of just barking. With all these contenders and the edginess of the movie, you can rest assured that the dullness of Thor has been broken.


Comedy: By far though, Thor Ragnarok’s biggest selling point is comedy the series is so famous for.  The third installment is perhaps the funniest of the bunch, trading whiny complaints of assistants and naked walks by old professors Instead, the writers decided to fill the movie with a lot of diverse comedic ploys to keep the chuckles coming.  Slapstick humor, well-delivered one-liners, wacky catchphrases, sarcasm, and banter to no limits. Ragnarok has all this in fantastic amounts to keep the movie as fun and entertaining as possible.  Even better, is how the comedy is also integrated into the action scenes, showing that the writers in Marvel haven’t lost their talent after all.  The music itself is also funny comedic relief, sounding like something out of an 80’s video game, in all its dazzling, electric keyboard glory.




Missing Character StoriesRagnarok has a lot of good with it, but one thing that was slightly annoying was how some of the characters lacked complete background information. Valkyrie in particular was a little rushed, leaving out some key things that could have made her an even deeper character.  Even Hela herself has a rather shallow story, glazing over what could have been some cool sequences for some overdramatic banter about how hurt she was.  Outside of Thor and Loki (who have had movies to weave their tale), the backup characters seemed slightly diluted in the grand scheme of the movie.

Overhyped Action:  Don’t get me wrong, Thor had plenty of excitement to amp up the pace and excitement of the movie.  Unfortunately, the sequences are rather short-lived, or more comedic than actually exciting.  With the bar set high for me, I was hoping that the scenes were going to be more intense, filled to the brim with fist punching, lightning throwing, and sword wielding incredibleness.  And just as the momentum was building, they dropped it for more comedy and banter between Thor and some other character.  This particular scenario was especially true for Hulk Vs. Thor, which while entertaining, was disappointing on the exciting action part. While the conclusion managed to build up my hope, it too didn’t have quite the zing I had hoped.  Despite all this though, I still enjoyed the action.




            Truth is, Thor Ragnarok, while being dark, is one of the more entertaining films of the bunch on so many levels.  It’s got a fast pace to keep things going, action to liven up the scenes, a villain who doesn’t entirely stink, and comedy to keep the dialogue fun as well.  If you’re like me you will be laughing almost the entire movie, but if you are ones preferring over the top slapstick and innuendos out the wazoo, then slow your roll for this movie.  While I would have loved to see more character development (and use) of the secondary characters and a little more excitement in battles, truth is this is one of the better Marvel films in a while.  And of course, with all the special effects, this reviewer can’t help, but recommend you see this movie in theaters.  Beware though…this movie is a little more inappropriate for younger audience members not only due to the more adult comedy, but also for the language used in this film.  Exercise caution please when choosing this film, and plan a babysitter if you don’t want little ears hearing course dialogue. 


My scores are:


Action/Adventure/Comedy:  8.5

Movie Overall:  7.5

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