Pitt and Cotillard are an Emotionally Fulfilling Allied Pair


            Robbie K back again to bring you another movie review.  This morning we discuss the latest “Thriller” called Allied starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.  Based on the trailers, this movie was supposed to be the best Thriller of the year, but we know advertisements can hype things up every once in a while.  As always, I’m here to share my thoughts and help guide your movie watching preferences.  Let’s get started.



  • The recreation of World War 2 era
  • Acting Chemistry
  • Emotionally powerful

I always love when Hollywood use their budgets to design a breathtaking setting. Allied’s production team accomplishes the goal of recreating a World War 2 era European theater that drops you back in time to the culture of the 1940s. For historical buffs, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere the various settings the cast has selected for you, many of which establish the romantic atmosphere and amp up the emotion. Watching how spies worked without our modern technology was kind of cool, especially the intelligence involved in uncovering enemy secrets.  It’s beautiful, it’s intelligent, and it’s kind of cool.

However, not everyone goes to a movie for a good setting, but perhaps you go to ogle/appreciate your favorite actor/actress. Well Allied has you covered on this movie as well. Brad Pitt, despite all the media, portrays the spy quite well bringing elegance, distraught and romance to his role. Marion Cotillard has a little more diversity in her character having to play suave, sophistication, love, and suspicion all in one package. While alone these two are solid, the true magic is in their chemistry. These two sold it to me that they were in real love, not that fake, overacted bologna you see in most films.  There tears, the way they presented the dialogue, and even the physical act was convincing that these two had the hots for each other.  Fans looking for a powerful film about love and testing the borders of trust are going to love the emotionally packed climaxes. I can’t say much more without ruining the twists so let’s move on, shall we?



  • Not that exciting/thrilling
  • Slow

The biggest dislike for me is that for a Thriller this movie wasn’t that thrilling to this reviewer.  When seeing the trailers, the editors portrayed deep mystery, involving Pitt trying to uncover his wife’s secrets without leading her on.  I expected scenes of intense snooping where he is nearly discovered, or a convoluted plan to help catch the rat in the line of work. Hate to ruin this for you, but it wasn’t anything like that for me.  The plan is very simple (though realistic) and takes little effort from Pitt to execute.  This boring approach sets up a three-day time limit in an effort add a little more flare to the heated emotion.  While this is good in terms of character development, it is disappointing to not see the potential of the trailers unleashed in this movie, especially as we have lacked a good spy film in quite some time. And as for the action component of this film, this too is realistic, but also simplified into a few heated bouts that you have seen in the trailers.

As you can guess, the lack of suspense  makes this movie a bit slow. This was especially true in the scenes where everyone was talking in technical jargon to sound like a spy, which sometimes came off corny rather than inspiring. On a minor tangent, the use of subtitles was a little inconsistent, so brush up on your French if you want to understand the entire dialogue of the film.  I found myself fighting sleep in a few of these drier moments, actually hoping for more romance and family scenes to relieve me of these sometimes-unnecessary moments. Of course, if I’m really wishing for something, I wished that there was more action integrated into the mix as well, but no surprise from me right.



Allied certainly is one of the better romantic movies I’ve seen in a while.  It’s plot and great acting supports the portrayal of true love, and the extremes you’ll go to protect it.  Our directors certainly hit the mark in portraying the madness involved with deciding loyalty to your country over your wife.  Unfortunately, they misunderstood the word “thrill” in Thriller and took out the suspense and edge the trailers painted. So, is it worth a trip to the theater?  For the acting and romantic crowd, yes I think it is, but as a whole this movie is better left to RedBox rentals in my opinion.  My scores are:


Action/Drama/Romance:  7.5

Movie Overall: 6.5