These Good Boys Make Adventure Cute And Fun, Though Crude, Comedy


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Middle school is a time that can be trying.  As hormones kick in and bodies change, a lot of social status updates, and of course the concept of major bullying kicking into high gear that leaves one feeling different.  Today’s movie decides to analyze that, but in a different light that hopes to be entertaining while touching at the same time.  From the minds of half the stoner comedies and off the wall humors, comes tonight’s review of a movie that did not quite rope my interest.  But like the times they portray, you never know what surprises you might find in the halls of school.  Robbie K coming at you with a look at:


Film:  Good Boys (2019)



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Good Pace


Surprisingly Deep

Good Acting

Some Great writing at times


Decent Use of Cast





Lazy writing

A Little Too Aggressive For Me


Some Forced Dialogue

Over Board On The Trailers Again



Looking back at the movie, this was a tall order to try to succeed in putting adult scenarios in the hands of kids.  Yet, Good Boys accomplished this at times for me in the art of representing life in such a young cast.  The film has the comedy pace, keeping things moving quickly, and managing to take time to flesh out the characters.  It’s surprisingly tasteful at times and wrapped in a cute atmosphere as the naivety of the three boys manages to dull the blow that comes with the adult themes in this movie, which worked for me in terms of adding a new spin to freshen things up. In addition, the film manages to accomplish a story telling element that does not involve just getting drunk or stoned, but instead adding that kid perspective to the mix to help keep things ground and allow the laughs to keep coming.  If you have read my reviews, you also know I’m big on character utilization and surprisingly the Good Boys writers again succeeded in using the three young musketeers evenly.  There is good development of each member, enough differences for them to stand out, but have that similarity that friends seem to have.  The kids manage to sell that relationship and their acting is great as they capture the spirit of the awkward middle school friends trying to find their way in a new setting, or settings in this case.  As such, I give them props for being able to make a relatable tale, managing to capture the nuances of life in this youthful setting, and in a way that helped grip me and some of the audience into the ridiculousness at hand.  But you are really asking is it funny, after all it’s a comedy and it needs to be funny. Well at times the writing is dead on with timing, design, and delivery to make me laugh hard.  A few of my fellow audience members were unable to stop laughing, enjoying the Seth Rogen like comedy spewing from a smaller frame at a higher decibel.  If you like the comedies of Superbad, Knocked Up, and This is the End, then I have a feeling you are going to love the formula they used in this movie once more.


That being said, there are a few things of this movie that did not quite impress me as some others in the audience.  For one thing, despite the story actually being in this film and grounding, there is a little predictability thrown in that did not impress me.  Relevant as it was, the typical plot falls left me a little bored, waiting for either unique comedy or a deep scene to save me from the chaotic adventure.  And while I got some magic moments that were golden in terms of timing, character development and delivery, there are other times where the comedy genre writing took over.  Good Boys still suffers from excessive cursing, which although funny out of the lips of a child, is still not my favorite thing to watch and not the most unique writing component.  At times I felt the comedy forced, or the lines pushed a little too much on me, in an attempt to squeeze that last bit of crude and crass out for shock factor or a simple laugh.  Other times, I felt some of the comedy was a little too aggressive or over the line for me, mainly in the form of drug or sex humor that skirted under the trailer radar. This brings me to probably the sour note in the film, the over abundant advertising that really gave many of the big scenes away. I agree with others there is a treasure lying in wait for the adventurer to go to the theater, but some major elements have already been effectively beaten to death if you watch the trailers enough.  The convenient store scene, the swing scene, and the teenage girl scenes I knew were coming and left me feeling bored after how much I had already seen them.




Good boys turned out to be better than I anticipated, managing to ground a relatable story as the foundation and building the comedy around.  It’s pace, charm, and cuteness from the sensational actors is that factor the R rated comedy needed and those aspects will bring much of the laughs.  Throw in the deeper elements to help tone the aggressive edge down and my fellow audience members are correct in saying it’s a nice, versatile picture.  However, it still suffers from over aggressive cursing, lazier writing to fill in moments between the more aggressive styles, and worst of all, big scenes already presented frame by frame in the commercials.  Still all in all, this film is fun, though I’m not quite certain this one is the most theater worthy film, and may remain a better home viewing picture.


My scores are:


Adventure/Comedy:  8.0

Movie Overall: 6.5