Rogen and Efron Clash: Vulgar Humor Ensues




Did you think I was dead? No, my year or so off has been nothing more than a time of constant studying, assessments, and yes homework, but now I’m back to try and cover the latest movies. This Mother’s Day weekend we have an interesting movie to celebrate the holiday titled Neighbors starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Now you may have seen these two in various skits, and Comedy Central specials, but this reviewer was wondering if these two could make a stupid looking movie, fun and worth the seven dollar admission price. Did they succeed? Read on to find out.


            If you haven’t seen the trailer, Neighbors involves a couple (Rogen and Byrne) with a newborn baby who suddenly get a batch of new neighbors in the form of a college fraternity led by President Teddy (Zac). For fear of losing sleep and disturbing their daughter’s rest, they ask for the frat house to keep it down, but when they don’t (big surprise right) a rivalry ensues between the two households that is sure to bring some hilarious antics.


            Just like This is The End, the producers behind this comedy have brought raunchiness and stupidity into a blend that will have many laughing the whole movie. Fans of Rogen’s typical comedy style, i.e. exaggerated repeating of words and screaming, will be pleased to see his stale character return once more. Efron on the other hand, has stepped into a role that can only be described as High School Musical’s Troy joining a fraternity minus the singing. Ridiculous, overconfident, and yet somehow unsure, Efron brings all these qualities to his character quite well, when he isn’t acting like a drugged out idiot. The two alone were not that impressive to me, but the chemistry between them was not half bad. One can feel the rivalry grow between the two, feeling the emotion seething as the movie continues. Both became lost in their battle of wits, yet somehow have other emotions that make their characters real.


            Yet acting really isn’t the focus of a movie like this, but rather what antics the writers can think of to make the audience scream with laughter. Well this movie is jam packed with drug-induced stupidity that somehow tops the box office every other week. Parties and raves make up most of this movie that will bring many people back to the fun days where life was all about losing your self. Amidst the partying, there is a bit of Revenge of the Nerds mixed in, throwing strategic sabotage with modern culture, i.e. bros before hoes concept. It’s clever at parts, but mostly diluted by the vulgar scenes of sex and drinking, throwing in a few “unique” fundraisers to save the day, which had many crying in their seats.


The aspect I enjoyed the most had to be the writing. When they weren’t spouting out the F word, the writers put some zingers in the mix that were very funny. References to movies, puns, and some obscene cow tipping jokes had me rolling in my seat. The execution by Rogen in particular made the lines jump out, and perhaps answers the question as to why his character is so popular. Dave Franco as well does a nice job with the comedy, acting stupid just enough to be humorous, without overstepping into the annoying zone, and like Rogen, had great timing and diversity to remain fun. Efron on the other hand was an emotional mess, and forced his lines a little too much on me, unless he was with Rogen and then he wasn’t half bad. Yet many, especially ladies, won’t care as the man has his shirt off for a lot of the movie, and when clothed is usually in a tight shirt. Yet as Taylor Lautner proved in Twilight, this is all you have to do these days to get parts, yeah I went there.   Many will find the jokes relevant, especially with the numerous references to Seth Rogen movies and reality television to make the cows come home. Word of warning, there is a LOT OF VULGAR HUMOR TO THIS MOVIE with numerous references to the male genitalia, lots of swearing, and a few other things I don’t wish to mention, so take caution.


Overall Neighbors isn’t that bad of a movie, very dirty minded yes, but overall fun and relevant to the modern audience. The writing and the timing were the strong points to this film, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen in other comedies that have flooded the box office over the year. If you just want some stupid humor fun, or need a quick Zac Efron booty call then grab a group of friends and go enjoy the show. Otherwise save your money for some of the other films that are coming like Maleficent or X-Men.


My scores for this movie are:


Overall: 6.5

Comedy: 6.5


So until next weekend folks, this is Robbie K signing off and telling you to enjoy the movies.