The Good, The Bad, and The Lazy Writing

The Boss


Another beautiful day another reason to head back into the theater. Hi I’m Robbie Karim and that despicable display of comedy is my attempt at a funny opening for my latest review. Today we look at the latest production starring Melissa McCarthy called the Boss, a film that looks promising for a quick laugh. However, does this movie shine in terms of quality or is it another mediocre media designed to net our money? Let’s get this review started then and see if we can answer that question.



  • Very funny moments
  • Cute moral built into the movie
  • Fairly Fast pace
  • McCarthy’s acting


The Boss is certainly a humorous film that uses a lot of McCarthy’s old tricks that we’ve become accustomed to. McCarthy herself bears most of the comedic weight using her delivery as the main punch to get you laughing. She’s loud, drawn out, and she has the sass that I can’t help but chuckle at every now and then. Kristen Bell and Ella Anderson assisted with keeping the film fun in two ways. The first, and major contribution was being the medium for McCarthy to bounce her jokes off, where they acted as props to react and keep the rants going. And the second contribution was bringing the cute, life lessons that every comedy film seems to need. In the Boss’ case, that moral is family and these three actresses do make a fun, interesting family to watch. This dynamic keeps the plot going and thanks to some decent editing helps avoid some longwinded and slow plots that Hollywood likes to waste our time with.



  • A lot of scenes already shown in the trailers
  • Some comedic scene went on too long
  • Not the most unique or original film
  • Too much obsession with genitalia and sex


No surprise that the trailers give a lot of comedy away and the Boss is another victim of this trend.   You will catch a lot of the more unique moments on the commercials, which depending on how much TV you watch, can dilute the comedic punch it was intended to bring. Fortunately there were still golden nuggets still buried in the movie, but even these weren’t as funny as some of the other things that have come out of McCarthy’s films. The problem was these jokes weren’t that original, easily blending in with the sea of Melissa McCarthy jokes that we’ve seen. In addition, the scenes not shown in the commercials centered very heavily on sex, which seems to be the only medium they think audiences like. The Boss doesn’t even try to put cleverness behind their dialogue, instead relying on the delivery and a low comedy threshold to carry their writing. If relentless vulgarity is your bread and butter, this is the movie for you, but for me well it got old after a while, especially when you see as many films as I do. I can’t deny I laughed at a few dirty moments, but some scenes where they bantered on and on crossed over the stupid line.



The Final Verdict:

The Boss is a fun film that takes its place in the mediocre works meant to kill time. However it certainly isn’t the greatest of Melissa McCarthy’s works and the lack of originality, wit, or even balance are the components that weaken this film. But it still feels like a Melissa McCarthy film and those who are extreme fans of this movie will laugh their heads off regardless of the stale tactics and lazier writing. Regardless I can’t recommend this one for a trip to the theater, but then again I’m just a reviewer and can only share my opinions. Again this is a fun Melissa McCarthy movie and will most likely crack everyone up, I’m just not the biggest fan of sexual humor and I see more movies and trailers that really dilute humor for me.


My scores are:


Comedy: 6.5

Movie Overall: 6.0