Bland, Stoner Mess!

Another weekend, another day in the movies. My assignment this time is a sequel to a movie that brought joy to many and disgust to many others. I’m talking about Neighbors 2, a movie I never expected to be made this soon, if at all. What does this film have to offer? As always I’m happy to offer my opinions and guide your movie choices. Let’s get started.


The Good

  • The movie is what it is
  • For women Zac Effron has his shirt off a lot
  • For guys, a few shots of sorority babes



Neighbors 2 is exactly what you expect from the trailers and doesn’t even try to be something else. It’s a stoner comedy that plays on the simplistic, superficial jokes that seem to be in every comedy these days. Drug humor, sexual humor, and party humor are jammed into this film like the N word in Django and scarcely deviates from this path. Can’t say I was the most entertained by this, but if this is your cup of tea then you will surely enjoy it like my fellow audience members.

But if routine comedic gestures are not your cup of tea than the superficial qualities are sure to rope your attention in. Zac Effron leads the charge in this department, once more playing to his limited strengths of body acting. Girls will swoon over the six pack abs, firm butt, and tight shirts that hug him like leotard on a ballet dancer. They banked on this card enough to even give him his own dance scene to help give the females a little more of what they want. Don’t worry though guys, there are some scarce shots of gorgeous female characters in their lingerie to get your own salute on. Unfortunately, most of these cute girls are scarce in the film with one or two getting adequate screen time.


The Bad

  • Lazy writing
  • Incredibly Stupid
  • Annoying characters
  • Some disturbing moments
  • Little character growth
  • Stale


While Neighbors 2 doesn’t try to be something its not, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily good. For one thing the writing is a lazy piece of work with stripped down dialogue and banter that lacks cleverness, wit, and good delivery. Most of the time our characters are spewing expletives intertwined with aggressive sexual comments. Some lines do cross over into the funny zone, but a lot of the rambling is stupid, repetitive and goes nowhere for minutes on end. Maybe the delivery could have saved it, but even this failed as all the actors overacted to a horrible, horrible degree. It wasn’t fun for me and as they continued to beat the dead horse the tactic only grew more stale. The only thing that this movie managed to push the envelope on was the disgusting factor. A few moments were a bit too graphic for me, things that won’t be leaving my mind anytime soon. I won’t ruin the “surprise”, but let’s just say it has to do with female anatomy.   Also the censorship of the trailer was lost in this movie and dropped into curse laden rants that again were too much for me.


In terms of the story, I appreciate the continuation and attempt to have our characters grow in the short 90 minute run time. However, they failed to achieve their goals on multiple levels. Remember in the first one how the two main frat boys managed to evolve a little into semi adult guys? Well in this film nothing like that is seen. The girls are all annoying brats who try to talk tough, party hard, and whine about the same stuff repetitively. You would think that Rogan and Byrne’s characters would experience some maturing moments to make up the sorority’s failure. Wrong again! The “old” couple manages to make some slight strides, but they are rushed, underdeveloped messes that added nothing to the roles. Truth be told… only Zac’s character had any development at all and was the only story to semi latch onto.




The Verdict


Neighbors 2 is okay and certainly fills the role of lackluster summer comedy. Unfortunately the lazy writing, lack of originality, one-dimensional annoying characters, and stale comedy left me bored more than anything. Chances are that die hard fans of the series will flock to the theaters to see this, or maybe those who want someone good looking to fill your vision you might choose this film. However, this reviewer recommends skipping this film and waiting for it to spring into DVD collections.


My scores are:


Comedy: 6.0

Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0